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  1. Yes. My previous company was in process for its IPO on KSE. My existing company is already listed.
  2. Keep living in some delusion land. I don't deny Pakistan's involvements eg. mujahideen etc. But Indians go over the top more often than not. To say India is "doodh ka dhulaa is insane"
  3. Yes, India is very innocent. It never plays dirty. What delusions.
  4. And by the way @sandeep So much for 26/11. Do you know how many died in: -Peshawar APS -Lahore Data Darbar -Islamabad Marriott Bombing -Lahore, Gulshan Iqbal Park Bombing -Lahore, Anarkali Bombing And many such events. It is very naive ro think that india and thise bastard afghanis had nothing to do with it. Its a bloody game.
  5. Don't need an argument when indians support the likes of Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir.
  6. Its naive to think that there is no indian involvement.
  7. India is no innocent by the way, it has supported elements like BLA, look at KSE attack today. On the west we have lunatic afghans, bastards who came as migrants and now rob pakistanis at ATMs.
  8. It doesn't work like this. Awaam kiya kare? Sarak par ajaye? Aise nahin chalta bhai until and unless you have "foreign-funded-dharnas" Imagine life of an individual like myself. We wake up at 9am and sleep at 3, work ass off the whole day. Do you know the challenges? -15% + Inflation -5M+ Unemployed since PTI -Large scale manufacturing in decline since PTI And much more that is to be bothered about. Aur ab pandemic bhi agya. Much like those *ers overseas pakistanis, its easy to sit out for you and talk but very difficult to face the music yourseld.
  9. We have to accept that military are the key stakeholder here. Do we really have a choice? Is there a messiah who can curtail power of the military or any other organization/institution in the country for us? I don't think so. Why do you think Nawaz was "disqualified"? A) Pacifist policies wrt to India B) Wanted full control over CPEC/contracts & financial matters You can't do much here.
  10. I think projects like hazara motorway were much needed and credit goes to MNS. Anyways, aise nahin chalega. Yeh model sustainable nahin hai, its not even in the interests of military. Kaunsa mulk chalta hai with 15% inflation alongside mass unemployment? You are going overboard with it tbh, military will bring back N-League most probably and give them a go ahead to govern except for the foreign policy and certainly the defence share.
  11. Remittances can not drive economy. LSM and SMEs if continue to decline, will be bad for establishment.
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