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  1. First thing I support this government on. Officially making gilgit baltistan as 5th province.
  2. About time for civil supremacy, enough is enough
  3. @sandeep You should watch Nawaz Shareef's speach today.
  4. Debt servicing bohat hai. Kanjar nai akar aur barhadi
  5. Jab umer ke iss hissay main hamara wazeeer e azam pehlay reham aur phir pinky ke sath honeymoon par jasakta hai to you still have a chance. Buckle up bro and look around for yourself.
  6. Kuj naa puch Bas tattay chuk tattay chuk Our PM is busy licking balls of his masters and selectors while awaam cries.
  7. Ur lejundary IK today said that dehli is rape capital of the world. Is this chootia really pm of pakistan or india??
  8. Kuj vi nai. Awain hola lalala payi aye bus.
  9. Not yet. I haven't been to lahore since earlier this year anyways, why?
  10. Ye telecom companies se bhi pessay legaya corona fund ke naam par
  11. Im talking about SSR's death here. And how Rhea has been shown as maha culprit I also understand problems that are here and condemn rubbish police appointments by IK. But that's offtopic
  12. Bhai par jo billions liye hain unka hisab to de
  13. You don't have to go by nationality to evaluate someone's comment. This is just masala that rhea has some role in sushant's death/murder.
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