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  1. Still? Are you sure? Only following on cricinfo since im busy
  2. 130 done,,., enough for a captain well read on leadership and the Art of War
  3. incredible how easy sharma ji made this pitch look with his 44 (30)
  4. Mumbai when rohit gets out is like sachin getting out in the 90s
  5. turning the TV off doesn't matter how many we get now Hitman's Chanakya captaincy will win us the game thanks to his 70 run contribution (40 + 30 captaincy bonus)
  6. Rozilla going at 165 in the first 50 overs DC must be trembling knowing he typically doubles his SR
  7. email KKR and captain morgan and show them this. he is a 10 ball last overs specialist. even if the team is 7 down in the 10th over he shouldn't be sent ahead
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