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  1. Even in this forum, the racism is rife and biggest example of it is there that if you write p.o.r.k.i it changes into Pakistani
  2. So am I wrong that Indian fans call all Pakistanis Pakistani and terrorists? It's there to see on this forum as well. Even after the "racist" incident at SCG, A lot of Indians were back to calling Pakistani players Pakistani dogs, terrorists etc
  3. Dont forget about Warner, just bc he makes a few tiktoks doesn't mean hes a saint
  4. LMAO this guy is more hyper than Indians
  5. The guy who posted it is a 15 year old. He admitted that when Pak won CT17, he was 12
  6. The national shame of Australia. Every chance of the Australian PM getting involved and throwing Paine out of the team
  7. http://www.pakpassion.net/ppforum/showthread.php?298599-India-receiving-a-humbling-in-Sydney-in-the-3rd-Test-vs-Australia
  8. This match doesn't hurt Australia in anyway. They have already qualified for the WTC final
  9. Generous from Ashwin. He wouldn't even last for next series
  10. What a lodu bowling for Australia tbh. Imagine not being able to get injured Vihari
  11. What would be India's lineup for next game?
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