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  1. What about SA? They defeated WI and SL too not out of it yet if they can pull an upset against England
  2. Why would they need to up the NRR when they already defeated WI in 9 overs
  3. Give a good bowler to Asif and he won’t do ****. He’s just lucky
  4. With this bowling lineup, Afghanistan needs to score 200 against big teams to win matches
  5. With this attack, Rashid needs to bowl single digit spells to win for Afghanistan
  6. Match is already lost. Even if Rashid goes for 10 in his 4 they RR will be still under 10
  7. I don’t remember Afghanistan being so hopeless except when they started back in 2010.
  8. Pakistan is peaking too early. Hardly any team won T20 WC after peaking too early
  9. They have trumpelmann who was bowling at 140 but you are right I don’t think they can handle Rashid and Mujeeb
  10. I thought Afghanistan improved their batting but looking at this team, I doubt their chances against Namibia
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