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  1. Same guy used to praise Indian team and used to do live shows on his YT channel when IPL was going on last year with fans. Hes a loose cannon
  2. It’s the cricketers. Ask normal people in Pakistan and they are already over it and they don’t care about it anyways
  3. A lot of Pakistanis I know don’t like when an international team is traveling Pakistan Bc it means the whole city has to go on a lockdown while the team is there
  4. Tbh it’s only the overseas Pakistanis on Sm saying shiz like that. People in Pakistan have their own issues to worry about
  5. Seems like the "threat" was made to make a point and I wont be surprised if its a british pak
  6. They have deleted the posts from the main thread lol but unfortunately for them I still have the screenshot
  7. I want to post a screenshot of cornered tigers poster telling another one to commit suicide but I can’t Bc the file is too big
  8. Pakistan should move it’s cricket operations to SL
  9. Unfortunately the number of that is too low. Pakistan is the only country where saying Taliban is bad is considered a hot take
  10. What is the point of having bio bubble when there is gonna be so many security personnel in close contaact with them
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