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  1. Pakistani media already putting Arshad under pressure
  2. I’m just saying what the commentators were saying and they said they are surprised that the American was still in the game
  3. People talking about biased umpiring/refereeing. Well I was talking about that a few days ago where I saw that an American and Nigerian athlete had two false starts but only the Nigerian one was removed. In Olympics, it’s not about racism but bias against smaller countries
  4. Did India do well at the last WC? This run could just be one of the underdog stories, I remember even Pakistan got bronze in some major tournament in 2010s but they have been crap other than that
  5. Emergence of cricket is one off the reasons for that and perhaps the prime reason
  6. the * is this? Why is India without a goalkeeper?
  7. Penalties in hockey should be easier to save. GK has got a baggage of attire and the goals are smaller too
  8. Just did some digging, India hosted last WC and is hosting the next one too, i dont get the reason why refs would be biased against them?
  9. I haven't watched a game in ages, it is better in playing. A lot of people here play it but dont watch it
  10. so there is no offside rule in hockey, why dont the attackers stand next to the opposition keeper and wait for the pass?
  11. Look at Belgium throwing away possession. India should win this one
  12. Badalte hai rang kaise kaise. Same forum used to like me years ago and now the same one hates me
  13. There are far more goals scored in Hockey than in Football and with frequent PC the matches are much more likely to be high scoring
  14. LOL Pakistan is not even my country. I have never lived there and only my parents are pakistani
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