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  1. Zimbabwe bowling attack is better than SA D bowling attack. Muzarabani like 1000 times the bowler Magala
  2. Bumrah usually bowls yorkers in death. Why was he bowling slower ones today? Was he tired?
  3. Bumrah was lucky that he didn't get hit for many. Probably the worst Ive seen him bowl in IPL.
  4. 40 year old buddha Hafeez was smashing Boult to pieces in NZ and here he is unplayable.
  5. I remember when Afghanistan defeated Bangladesh in Bangladesh for the first time and celebrated as if nothing happened and here we look at this sorry bunch
  6. Have some sharam. Celebrating as if they won the WC. All bc of Magala's no balls.
  7. South Africa has the worst depth. Even WI with their lalloos was able to defeat Bangladesh in Bangladesh in Tests 2-0.
  8. You are heavily overestimating this attack, they would even concede 100 against India, WI, Eng in powerplay.
  9. It's not just about Kolpak. End of Kolpak means that they can now easily migrate to Australia, NZ, Ireland etc. SA is going downhill at a faster pace than WI. This is what happens when you select players on the basis of skin color and not talent or skill.
  10. No it doesn't even if you win one game it wouldn't matter if you lose to other teams by a big margin
  11. Ae lovdu. T20 is right around the corner so teams should give a chance to their bench strength to see if they are good enough. Playing in these matches would injure SSA and otherr bowlers
  12. No. they can only give a few hiccups to big teams. Most of the time they will be overwhelmed.
  13. What a loveda team this SA. Their tail starts at number 6. Can't believe they dont have a decent batsmen in the whole domestic
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