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  1. https://www.news18.com//india/part-of-rs-264-crore-bihar-bridge-collapses-into-river-29-days-after-inauguration-by-nitish-kumar-2718281.html
  2. What cattle thieves have to do with cow slaughter ban ? If something have negative value ( bull ) in legal society but have value of lakhs of rupees in international market then you are giving this trade to thieves , outlaws and smugglers. Anyway cost of desi cow is 1000-20k , cost of crossbreed exotic cows 10k to 100k . Cost of Buffaloes 40k-300 k. If thieves are the reason then why not ban buffalo slaughter as well. It's like saying punish the thieves that are stealing Maruti 800 . But spare the one that is stealing Fortuner.
  3. Not cheering for Corona but laughing at Indian media and Government which was extremely boastful in April that how India is setting benchmark in fighting against Corona. When the reality was our response was below average.
  4. Amitabh is 77 Chetan chauhan is 72. No amount of richness can make your body work like Young.
  5. If you want your co religionists be in respected and have full rights in Countries where they are in minority then you have to respect minorities as well. Majority of Muslims always want sharia and islamic laws when in majority but want full rights when in minority . You can't have both.
  6. And how comes BJP allow those incompetent thugs in their party. So many ex congress MLA's are in BJP . If they were corrupt in Congress how come they become honest in BJP.
  7. And How do you know that every penny collected by Government is 100% going to poor. It's not like we are living in 100% corruption free india. All this is just based on fantasy thinking of BJP supporters who first support every move of Government and later on declare it huge success.
  8. Sau baat ki ek baat . Congress was corrupt so even 10% tas was not justified. BJP is honest so even 100% tax is fair. Everything else was jumla.
  9. Coronavirus: How 'overreaction' made Vietnam a virus success While Vietnam never had a total national lockdown, it swooped in on emerging clusters. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-52628283 The type of extremely strict Lockdown which india had for first 60 days was Hardly in any other nation.
  10. So but Deaths are in control. I didn't hear any news that people are dying at large scale.
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