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  1. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/people-earning-rs-25000-per-month-fall-in-top-10-of-wage-earners-in-india-report/articleshow/91694940.cms And then there are people who believe that large number of Indians evade tax
  2. If you want to do serious politics then things don't go always in your way. When He was in BJP it was small party and doing what Badal wants . He was against Badals so left BJP. Moreover BJP hardly has support in his Jatt Sikh community. Then he came in conflict with Amarinder. He may has bad time now but he raised important issues of Punjab like drugs and beadbi. Punjab people at moment trusted Bhagwant Mann on main issue of drugs but if he fail they will search another leader as they are are fed up with 4 familes of Punjab who ruled Punjab from last 50-60 years. BTW he is 58 and
  3. Not for killing but voluntarily causing hurt like punching. He is just unlucky that the victim died of cardiac arrest. If Brawls would start resulting in prison then almost every other guy would be serving prison term
  4. https://www.hindustantimes.com/business/indias-900-million-workforce-especially-women-stop-looking-for-jobs-report-101650853902519.html
  5. ICFers wake up with Pakistan news and sleep with imran news. What's so strange about so many threads on imran
  6. He is not a few people. He is head of most powerful organization whose political arm is ruling india. There is debate now going on about this on AAJ tak and Sudhanshu Trivedi is defending his statement and even saying " Akhand Bharat Sankalp hai "
  7. https://www.zoomnews.in/en/news-detail/in-15-years-the-country-will-be-rebuilt-akhand-bharat-those-who-come-in-the-way-will-be-erased-1.html Why are Hindutva forces so obsessed with Akhand Bharat. Even a powerful nation like Russia is unable to invade Ukraine so how can India invade Pakistan and Bangladesh? And if somehow Akhand bharat becomes reality then that will mean 35% Muslim population which means bjp will loose power.
  8. They spent 15.25 crore on Ishan 16 crore on Rohit , 8.25 crore on Tim david and 8 crore on Jofra Archer. 47 crore and hardly any return.
  9. Those 86% must be from Pakistan as Imran's government is in danger. Southern parties welcomed the move to repeal farm laws . Mamta welcomed , Shiv sena welcomed. Even Adityanath welcomed the move . Hardly any BJP CM opposed the move to repeal the laws. In Karnataka farmers want state to repeal two passed in their state land. ------- Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision to repeal the three central laws, Chandrashekar, who spearheaded the farmers' agitation in the State, said the amendment to the APMC Act and the Land Reforms Act passed by the State is anti-farmer
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