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  1. Khaps, not Khalistan: Inside the intensifying farmer protests of Haryana https://scroll.in/article/984621/khaps-not-khalistan-inside-the-intensifying-farmer-protests-of-haryana
  2. In 2009 It was Advani and Subramanian Swamy who were against EVM.
  3. Punjab do not have absolute majority of Sikhs 44-45% of punjab population is non sikhs. In punjab any party that can gain votes of Jatt sikhs, Mazhabi sikhs Hindu's, Dalits , Adharmi etc is going to rule over Punjab.
  4. Covid is an extremely mysterious disease . From close to 10000 cases in November in Delhi to barely 350 cases now in chilling winter, despite no lockdown Farmers protest.
  5. Sikhs , parsis , Jains all have living standards better than majority population. Peaceful minorities in India are hardly suppressed. The only minority which most don't like are muslims and honestly you cannot blame only hindu's for that. Muslims themselves have not amalgamated in secular india and still very much yearn for shariat , worship Aurangzeb , Timur etc
  6. https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2021/jan/06/50-year-old-woman-gang-raped-murdered-in-ups-badaun-priest-among-three-booked-2246243.html
  7. All demands of PH farmers are not legitimate. May be they are saying this just for bargaining to maintain status quo.
  8. I think KCR has answered your question Government not a rice or dal miller’: KCR’s sharp U-turn on farm laws The government cannot do it anymore. It is not a business organisation or trader. It is not a rice miller or a dal miller. Sale and purchase are not the responsibility of the government. It is not possible to set up a purchase centre in the village from next year onwards,” read an official statement from the chief minister’s office. https://m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/government-not-a-rice-or-dal-miller-kcr-s-sharp-u-turn-on-farm-laws/story-5YhXPdWSi0YUoUBF0200bO_amp.ht
  9. https://m.timesofindia.com/india/hathras-case-cbi-files-charge-sheet-against-four-accused/amp_articleshow/79795382.cms Hathras case: CBI files chargesheet against four accused
  10. Please also include Haryanavi Hindu's in list of bhikhari's. They grow same quality and has same mandi system in which they also get msp as much as punjab farmers get .
  11. Maharashtra farmers are also protesting in solidarity Farmers across nation break language barriers, join protest https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/farmers-across-nation-break-language-barriers-join-protest/story-3twZii8vdQhSP9FNVr95NK.html
  12. No Khalistan sentiment on ground: Punjab Police https://m.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/no-khalistan-sentiment-on-ground-police-180489
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