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  1. Only kishan was picking Saini. Hardik is not in form. Mumbai lost it.
  2. Pak conducted 15k tests per mil , BD 11k . India 52k . So even you increase pak case by 3-4 times it's still 1500-2000 per day much better than india. Increase BD cases by 4.5 times it's still 6-7k per day. Still better than India.
  3. It's still lower than Europe and we already surpassed Germany and more than 50% cases per million than France despite 1/3 or 1/4 testing in cases per million. So we are already as affected as Europe
  4. I don't live in Punjab and there are hardly any punjabi's in it so why be happy
  5. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/bhartiya-kisan-sangh-farm-bills-in-present-form-not-acceptable/ Bhartiya kisan sangh the RSS's Kisan union is also opposing this.
  6. India Today making fun of itself.
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