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  1. Aaj tak is suchi a shameless channel That they were broadcasting regular news when news of his death came , despite the fact he was on their channel on 5pm. News 24 Sandeep Chaudhary gave tribute to him and stopped his regular programme
  2. There was no point of rag tag partition. Muslims were 23% when they divided india. It will take the another 50 year to reach this percentage. The progressive Hindu's will have fewer children and old populationwhich which means Muslims will rule in street fights. Direct action day will be repeated and they will demand another nation. Gandhi and Nehru practically destroyed future of hindu's . After WW2 the the borders of Europe were redrawn and large number of people were expelled. This solved Europe's problem permanently. That was the correct way of partition. India just pushed the conflict 100-200 years away which is inevitable
  3. Sou you believe your own people ( South indians) have single digit iq . Most South Indian states are hardcore anti BJP and consider themselves liberal.
  4. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/home-minister-amit-shah-tests-positive-for-covid-19-121175
  5. Since when India starting punishing greedy and manipulative girlfriends? Whatever she did with Sushant May be wrong but does it mean she can be convicted of abetment to suicide case. I don't think so.
  6. Seriously these are so called animal rights activists who shout for animal rights but has no shame in committing crime against men.
  7. Super Chief Justice of India Arnab Goswami already found Rhea chakarvarti guilty.
  8. Not true in case of India. Large number of accidental deaths, workplace deaths or even death from pollution happen. Many of these deaths are now reduced to 25-50% . Unless you have data on actual natural deaths you cannot take total number of deaths as flawless method. Even for big cities natural deaths is not a good indicator as large number of people from small cities , villages come for treatment. Many do die naturally in this process.
  9. Civic officials said one reason for the sharp drop in reported deaths may be the nationwide lockdown itself. They said there were fewer road accident fatalities due to the lockdown, as well as fewer institutional deaths of people from outside Delhi, and a drop in food poisoning, water and vector-borne diseases. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/fewer-deaths-in-mar-may-this-year-versus-2019-delhi-mcds/story-N7V5fUp7hRhMRvXXVeZ6bI.html No Lockdown in pakistan so no question of lesser deaths ----------------------- Covid deaths or critical patients are difficult to hide. news spread like wild fire. If you believe Pakistani healthcare system is taking load of 1000s of critical patients and hiding it effectively then I have to say they have extremely good healthcare system.
  10. Forget about school . If we all start writing in our Mother tongue on icf then ICF won't survive beyond few days. English is must for india. without English you will see several separatists movements emerging.
  11. Diseases come and go in natural way. You can do scam of numbers. But you cannot do scam of critical patients and deaths. If Covid cases are in large numbers then patients requiring ventilators would also be in large numbers This would have created emergency and civil unrest. No such things are coming from Pakistan.
  12. Another Pakistani fast bowler for England , Saqib Mahmood.
  13. Looks like Pakistan has developed herd immunity. Only 936 cases.
  14. England has two bowler's which have over 500 wickets. Plus Archer , Woakes and Stokes. Probably best pace bowling line up in world. Batting is also very strong. One of the best team on pacy wickets.
  15. Several medicine like decomethasone , remdesvir , fabiflu are already in market. More medicine may come. Death rate is already declining may decline further.
  16. So what happened to theory that Indians should not pay anything to Pakistanis . The money that Pakistan's get is used for terrorism funding in india. Arnab who acts as hyper National is actually funding terrorists.
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