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  1. Apart from Shreyas iyer every selection is fine, although high chance he ll score in this series
  2. Updated as i didnt realise that RR was No.2 now GT beats RR, Butler ki form shayad ab nahin aaayegi wapis............shami can turn on the heat Lucknow beats RCB Lucknow beats RR Modi vs Yogi in Final - Modi wins . Pandya will always have edge over KL's captaincy Shubhman gill's one knock is due Pandya will also do something special in one of the games Rahul NAMO Stadium men nhin chal sakta , Meme ka market garam rahega final men koi unexpected player ho sakta hai - may be Wade, may be Sai kishore or may be yash dayal Althoug
  3. ohh i didnt see RR has become no.2
  4. My prediction Lucknow will be GT's Bitch - GT goes to final Gut feel aa rhi hai ki RCB RR ka Phaita laga degi - Hazelwood n Siraj both can trouble butler as he has issues against incoming ball . Fir Samson to Hasaranga ki Pakki wkt hai . Faf, Kohli opr Hasaranga someone will stepup Lucknow beats RCB In Final - Luckow will Remain GT's Bitch (koi khota sikka shayad chalega uss din may be wade or someone unexpected)
  5. just realized tim david was with RCB , bade player waste kiye unhone
  6. why shock, i was screaming for long ki kohli ke under hum ghanta kuch nhin jeetege . As i said give 2000 Aussie team to kohli and ill bet against its win Aus winning was shocking to me , India loosing wasnt
  7. top3 maharathi nikal do aur pandya nikaloge to kya iyer, tripathi,tilak leke jaoge jinko pace bounce ki basic problem hai. Same players are set of choker under one captain n champion under someone else . Raina ka example australia men mat use karo
  8. didnt go missing, i had an accident so had to take rest at that time
  9. main to wo bhi likha tha ki we ll never win anything under kohli chahe 2000 ki Australia laa do @Adamant- ko puch le, havent i always said jab tak kohli captain hai neither we or RCB will win anything Team was good apart from shami n jadeja. Even England was a good team but didnt win . Australia wasnt that good a team and came from 5 series loss in that Wc- they won. Thats t20
  10. current form matter nhin krti kyunki Wc is still few months away, Actually in t20 two back back tournament form can be different. Iyer failed in IPL but i think he ll score in next Sa series. Same was the case with HAsaranga, warner, Adil rashid last yr in t20 WC ....all didnt do well in IPL Kohli ill back to come good, he is the best player of hard length we have............the way he understands the pacing of 180 kind of totals in t20 very few does (that wc will be a 180 kind of wc) Rohit - always considered him overrated in t20 but A good captain is worth 2 players co
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