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  1. Dhoni won also not just wcs but cb series, asia cups ....kohli abhi tak konsa tournameny jeeta hai.
  2. Kohli bhakt- KL rahul has shown no consistency so far . KL current batting avg 47.3 Avg in 2020 - 62.5 Avg in 2019- 47.6 Also has scored runs in aus, nz, eng Extremely consistent in last 2 yrs. Ab koi 5 saal ki consistency mangega to bhai 5 saalen ki consistency matalb player already great ban gaya hai. Chalo for fun , since kl has played 34 matches lets see where other stood by that time . KL rahul - 47.3 Kohli - 41.7 Rohit - 25.92 Dhawan - 42 Matalb prabhu ko bachane ke liye kuch bhi kahen
  3. There is nothing called perfect cricketers everyone evolve with time. When shami n bhuvi came they had their set of issues but they evolved..same with batsman like rohit kohli n dhawan. U think our new set of batsman like gill n co wwud be perfect and wont have their issues. This what good teams do they find right talent invest in them and when they hit their peak they give return on investment. U think mavi, tyagi or nagarkotti wont have issues....everyone will have some , some will have some will have huge issues. It all depends how they evolve. He has so many positives ab
  4. Exactly this is what ppl dont get. 11 players make a team and everyone has a role . We need a second all rounder who is good with bat but when someone lik dube fails ppl question the role rather looking for next option. That role vacancy remains, look for next player but dont change the role. Ppl cant get over old school thoughts which is why most dont even knw the meaning of bits n pieces, hacks and specialist . A player is good at right position, just becoz someone is a specialist doesnt make him good at every position. Ponting is better then symon
  5. and i just remembered this INDIA INNINGS (TARGET: 338 RUNS FROM 50 OVERS) BATSMEN R B M 4s 6s SR TOTAL (50 Ov, RR: 6.12) 306/5 KL Rahul c & b Woakes 0 9 10 0 0 0.00 RG Sharma c †Buttler b Woakes 102 109
  6. bhuvi is another strange case, he ll pitch the ball up swing it in test n t20 both but when it comes to ODI he tries to bowls fast n back of length in his initial overs wasting it on field- Off field, future plans they need a team director who wud plan all this like Strauss did it for england Hesson did a good job with RCB when it came to planning , 1st time they looked balance, others players had role n with plan....wo baat alag kohlis worked his magic back. But then again it showed u give someone who can plan well to kohli it will reduce his burden only, dhon
  7. @zen apna tunda sabko ek taang pe bowling blueprint bata gaya
  8. shane watson was a geniune all rounder Mathews bowling affected after his injury but again completely diff kind of player Pandya as of now has become like maxwell- power ful hitter but bowling might be just under 5 overs
  9. thats better ability , utiliy is same he was found out against short stuff n demoted If jadeja bats at 5 his number wud be far better, he was thrown at 7 a place for which he has now game not anymore....fingers spinner dont work which is why they use him at 6th bowler and now looking to replace him with sam curran his damage came in test, jadeja can damage teams in test at home
  10. thank u have been saying that for long Jadeja can bowl 10 over every day so he isnt B&P , about his effectiveness....finger spinners around the world arent effective anymore in LOI even Lyon Rahane n Rayudu arent effective bats doesnt make them bits n pieces Yes bits n pieces was binny who cant bowl 10 overs, do power hitting, play as solid batsman ...nothing . Jadeja is utility not B&P
  11. this ill never get by some ppl Pakistan game was 330 , how does one guy chase it alone batting at 7 ...that to btw got run out Last game 375 when dhawan n Jadeja were piling pressure on him, if anything he didnt look for his 100 and went for shots
  12. Moeen ali is basically utility Ashton agar is utilty Tom curran is pure utility coz his bowling or batting wont earn him a place in side Stonis replacement henriques is pure utility Maxwell pandya are similar cricketers with pandya being more of a bowler then him
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