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  1. He is genuine batsman himself, he is a batsman who can bowl but not an all rounder. Koffee with karan alone didnt help, he was our best batsman on NZ A tour which included all these names - gill iyer mayank .
  2. For this reason i really wanted to see abdul samad this ipl...he looks to fit most criterias only needs to be checked against international pace attacks even though he smashes varun aron who is quick but still needs to see how he bats against the skillfull quicks.
  3. If anything jadhav career shud be over now and another problem shankar faces is his batting is more suited for 4-5 slot which is filled currently and for 6,7 his power game isnt that strong. Jadhav had an upper hand in that dept over him.
  4. Shankar is much more solid then many of our batsman but if he aims for Jadeja spot for next Wc he ll loose the battle coz of his bowling. Next Wc is in India and in every Wc pitches start to turn in 2nd half even in IPL to and when pitches turn someone like jadeja, axar becomes extremely dangerous
  5. He is quite a good talent, team confused him for pandya like for like replacement which was wrong. Shankar is a solid bat who is best at 4 n 5 position but below that is not his game and neither is t20 cricket. He is max a 3-4 over bowler and pandya is 8-10. He still shud be a among the options for 4-5 but now the problem is he is competing with guys like iyer, KL, pant, gill. If he has to aim for that no.6 spot he has to work on his power game which is where someone like dube got ahead. Have been saying for long that he shud be part of test side as he is good enough to play as batsman and he ll be very handy as bowler in england n NZ . He avg 49 in Fc cricket This is one of his innings from India-A tour of NZ, looks such a solid bat against pace bounce. Pitches here look to have good pace n bounce and bowling is also high quality Tm Shud understand every youngster strength and weakness n use him correctly. Shankar isnt meant for pandya role in LOI , Dube is also a wrong comparison to shankar. Add to that shankar is a very good fielder
  6. the timing The way he played gopal n chahar and both are very good in t20s
  7. modern Odi cricket has issues unlike in 2000s so it tough for part timers 2 new balls only 4 fielder outside heavy bats, shorter bounadries and huge shot range Being a part timer aint easy anymore- guys like jadhav n root have variety which is the key and good control as well. This was the reason dhoni post 4 fielder rule said now using yuvraj singh as bowler in ODI wont be easy Sachin, sehwag, yuvi, ganguly bowled regulalry that time as we didnt play 5 bowlers so they ended up bowling in most games which is not the case today
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