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  1. Many of kumble wkts were on kotla quite horrible pitch and anyways rank turner doesnt matter as they suit jaddu n Axar more then Ashwin. Therre wud be few in 90s, u can uinderstand its almost 25 yrs to that eras so hard to recall each match This rank turner logic works when a person only takes wkts on such pitches, the guy has gone n made a fool of guys like sanga n smith in their own backyard
  2. they werent that bad check scorecards . that 900 was in SL why wud they give rank turner. Didnt kumble play in that 2004 mumbai game against aus one of the worst pitches
  3. Not many - this Series , Ind-SA 2015 and may be 1-2 games in Ind-Aus 2017 Kumble wud have played more then this for sure
  4. Agreed he has done well but my take on his is he is not a better batsman then guys like pant n gill who are sitting out. He aint an X factor player either whom, ill think of investing for some 70 odd games. Also my biggest issue with him and Nitish rana is they have to many problems not just one. This is where Rayudu fell behind to . Ill rather invest in guys like gill n pant who have lesser issues and are better batsman. If you ask me Iyer is a risky investment due to number of his issue which once started getting exposed will be tough to hide. Reason i mentioned 20 games was co
  5. but ashwin used to get bashed for being oversmart when u do well ppl applaud the same thing that once was bashed during ur failures. english didnt get ashwin at a speed like crazy , neither did english stopped jadeja from being better
  6. matalb jadeja rapidex se better spinner ban jayega
  7. opinions will change as ashwin is at his peak but their wud be a low phase to specially at end (hopefully not) but neways will hold the judgement till that long But as a package ashwin scores over him and when u make a team u look for extra qualities specially when the comparison is so close. In an India ATG team another thing that also works in ashwin favor is edge of lefties which tradionally has been our nemesis and also his habbit of targeting top batsman of opposition.
  8. He hasnt played enough ODI just 21. It isnt just short ball their are many issues he has
  9. Rather call domestic spinner who can bat n bowls at good pace like K gowtham is one , Gopal, Rahul Chahar...even bishnoi who has a novelty factor will be handy But i hope its isnt an akahda again
  10. Umesh and Siraj shud play, Ishant isnt as good with SG red ball as he is with kookabura or Duke but Kohli will go for Ishant
  11. Few advantage bhajji has was 15 deg rule which offies exploited at a time his action was always dodgy better slip fielder (ashwin wud have had a 7fer had our great slips fielder n parthiv wont have dropped 3-4 catches of his in SA) Only kumble at other end that but Ahswin wkts in last few years are shared by Shami, Umesh, jaddu at home
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