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  1. nothing of a concern, both arent just spinner they provide u more . Also both are at peak of their game
  2. jadeja, pant, gill and improved ashwin the batsman...we do have a bit more cushion in batting this time. But again as we say in every series a lot wud depend on these 3 - pujara, kohli, rahane
  3. Actually i have been having this strong feeling with Ishant for long, the way ball is coming out of his hand for a quite i expect him to do a lot of damage overseas. Unfortunately he was injured during Aus tour but now we have england tour and i always believed that in seamer friendly condition he become more dangerous then our other bowler. I thought of making this thread only on Ishant but the way Siraj has been bowling its impossible to ignore. Soon he ll be among the Top bowlers in world and it ll happen very very soon. This tour can actually make Ishant number really really better.
  4. Drop boult Plan for Pant as much as kohli, On form pant is India's best batsman Play- Jamieson-Southee-Henry-Wagner Against Indian batsman Pujara- Bowl Jamieson from one end and Henry from another Rohit- Henry n Southee to start with Kohli Start with Henry n southee - Henry stick to his area of uncertainety and southee bowl him at 4th n 5th stump.....he can be tempted into playing away from body at 4th 5th stump at start. Wagner- If he survives at start, make wagner bowl short balls at him n make him hook Rahane- he also has a ten
  5. looking at shami record in england, thats more off a risk
  6. this generation of cricketers tackle that better due to IPL
  7. 100 % Ishant n Siraj both are must for me whole england tour
  8. His pace is fine , loose ball he has an issue but then compare to umesh far lesser Yes i massively in favour of chahar
  9. IPL is white ball, always said he is quite expensive in white ball and better not to be used on belters n small ground. His best use in white ball is longer grounds or two pace pitches. In red ball overseas he has a good outswing which will trouble any top batsman in world, his short ball is also decent .
  10. Yea so he admittetly did it, which btw was still in rules as he didnt bend beyond the limit. One game doing it intentinally isnt chucking his whole life When ppl talk about ajmal he went to 45 deg thats toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
  11. Ill take thakur ahead of umesh overseas that to purely on bowling
  12. thats what happens when u watch one game in life or just want to prove ur point by hook n crook Ashwin in that one game tried to take 15 deg rule advantage, he felts players like narine, Ajmal n others were using it to get extra advanatge...he did it one game n abonanonded it
  13. show me that interview coz ill make u read it properly Bias ???? Meri masi Ka ladka hai wo ?
  14. Dnt think their is any debate in batting Rohit Gill Pujara Kohli Rahane 98% will agree on this
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