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  1. when someone bats at 7 in t20 u expect him to score 100 . Also u havent followed his career then he has a MOS batting at 4 against AUS 90+ in SA 100 in SL Runs in ODI with many 70+ scores
  2. Another horrible display that to in front of large audience. It has gotten physical few times to
  3. 2nd one is where he held chest In 1st he started getting uneasy. Sambit was yelling In most debated even tyagi is yelling im sure even he wanted to yell today but his health didnt allow. He was a part of this debate noise system which in the end caused his life. Screaming , stressing never helps after a certain age Yea its for views but this is a monster that media has created not just india it came from western media but this had its . But if such an accident force them to change for good nothing like it even though my hopes are low. Debated happen in assembly to properly , yea after a point they also go bonker but they let each other speak. I really hope this improves a bit , tyagi was a victim of this noise system which he himself was a part of.
  4. did u see the video above in debate where he starts to become uneasy n holds his chest and raising tempers never help also did i say the bold part??? god this obsession to read what someone hasnt said .... ye roz ka kaam hai in sabka....aaj ye hai kal koi aur bhi hoga. I clearly m saying these debate(noise) arent even proper which means im saying for everyone..... this cud have been other way around as well, sambit might have had this acciedent. Not blaming sambit or rohit but the whole way of conducting be it this channel or any other debate Weak hearted kya horror show hai roller coaster, ye debate ha ya roadies ka show. What the point of keeping your point when no one can hear . Im saying they shud maintain decorum , if ur ok with these shouting matches well then be it
  5. well riling up did cause it , asking to do a debate properly isnt asking for much . In his age getting tampers high can be risky Debate didnt kill him , raising tempers did.....the way debates happens on tv it shudnt be even called debates, its noise . Doc has mentioned it happened in Debate
  6. This is when it happened. This happens day in day out news or shall i say noise debate. It was bound to happen some day. Its high time these news channel follow some decorum.
  7. same here my mother has finished of whole hindi content on Amazon prime......good she got away from that saas bahu serial crap
  8. These Tv debates shud be controlled, they end up riling people to much ....
  9. he had a serious injury before that he was playing for long not easy to do job in which one is to bowl 140k , he was playing all formats
  10. Im one of them that wants to see it again most, but thr only footage is in dhoni movid where sushant face is masked
  11. In test when he is mostly in slips which even jadeja has, In loi in outfield drop catches % is low
  12. Mighty impressed this kid looks a seriously good talent, Afghans producing some really good n watchable talent
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