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  1. wait so blackwood who avg 30.3 shows temprament and pandya who avg 31.3....1 better doesnt Pandya has won a test overseas and has played just 1/4th of test that balckwood has played and he doenst even bowl Also how doesnt he make as batsman in ODI ?? What power players u hve in bottom or ur plan is to play 250 kind of cricket Why cant he make in ODI side if he bowls around 5 overs coz thats what 6th bowler job is, 5th bowler has to bowl 10 which jaddu is Did someone say free ride few days ago
  2. The guy avg 30.3 in test cricket just 30. 3 , after playing 40 test and duckett isnt currently even making it to england B side forget A or national
  3. rohit sharma doesnt bat in this style , this buy starts quick rohit sharms ends quick What do u mean by one those pitches ??? thats the pitches that is their is world cricket
  4. do u even watch cricket ?? Here he is smashing starc, hazelwood, wood.....not some gully mohalla bowlers
  5. he was an x factor player before ban, dnt knw if he is same i shud actually bow down to ur choices- blackwood n duckett
  6. wrong example umesh wasnt as erratice as aaron. Umesh had far more skill then Aaron, Aaron strength was yorker n bouncer but after his back injuries those 2got affected n he didnt have movement to his strength fitness can be improved over a time which shami is a great example of , even Zak struggled with fitness a lot but post county it changed. Umesh career is nothing to brag off, he has been of the biggest underachiever. A less fitter shami has done way better
  7. catch to apna kohli bhi bahut chodhta hai but then again stick to one goal post if its about impact as batsman then how come fielding comes in between, for yrs ppl had problem with jadeja no one gave him discount due to his fielding
  8. yea on his good day sharjeel will win u games, babar on his good days will pad his numbers.
  9. WTF its 12 overs n babar is still batting at 107 s/r
  10. U hve keep same goal post how do u knw he isnt box office unless he plays gayle isnt box office anymore btw Shaw doesnt compete with azam khan a team shud be build with what it needs fitness is very important but 1st its always skill so if Varun.C or azam gives team what they need in skill that more important. Its pakistan anyways they dnt have any fitness staNDARD TO START WITH
  11. azam is a pretty safe catcher he is raw and inconsistent, better throw him in international jhe ll learn quick there and pak team needs a plyer like him
  12. u either have it or u dnt, making a debut doesnt give u x factor all of sudden Abdul samad has X factor even though he hasnt even played for India - A
  13. Azam khan is the player they need , someone who can score quick in middle overs their best prospect umar akmal was last guy who cud do it but he is finished . Pak doesnt have rich so azam is their best option Why cant 2 keepers play ??
  14. So ur talking of his skill now not fitness, talking about changing goal post being an ATG means u can play with such poor fitness n its not that he is scoring tons n tons again ur question was fitness how come skill is coming Have u seen Azam field ?? Absolutely no Do indian team suffer from Pak or WI team problem ?? So why comparison Tattoo se problem hairstyle se waist line Are u watching cricket or fashion show
  15. aww that couple of sixes stupid excuse Do u know how many leagues are going around in the world currently, do u think i rate every tom dick n harry who hits sixes in 100 of leagues going around in world Did u see me rating SRK whereas i saw him in TNPL way before ur saw him in IPL or some one lik a ripal patel. Also since when is hitting sixes ability a bad thing?? U hve any issue to point out in their game let me know
  16. I hve followed the kid for a while, the kid has already lost around 13 kgs to when he started Inzy looked like an athelete ??? he was ur legend player If ur embarssed by it trust me u aint watching cricket ur watching waist line, as a cricket fan u shud watch cricket skill 1st Moin khan uske liye aake batting nahin krne wala, he has best s.r against spin in t20 (not internationa) in world cricket in last few yrs
  17. As if pakistan team has some fitness standards in 1st place first thing that teams needs is player who can play modern cricket, fitness to 50 saal se na aayi unko Rakheen cornwell exist today Gayle plays t20- past his prime....cant run, cant move yet playing international Pujara- running fielding both a problem whatever i hve seen of him he is a safe fielder n a decent keeper
  18. olympics men cricket nahin hoti, usko batting karni jisme waist line ka kuch kaam nahin Damn acc to inzy, Ranatunga , lehmann shudnt have existed only or cornwell
  19. Pakistan is one team that plays the most outdated cricket currently, but these 2 guys will be x factor for them in coming years. Mohmmad Wasim Jr Azam khan Slowly slowly they are getting a bunch of decent young players, if they play like a team they ll become dark horses every tournament like NZ have been for many yrs . But where they wud need to improve is fielding n running between wkts which NZ was good at always. Neways coming to these 2....after sharjeel n shaheen finally i see 2 X factor players for them. Rizwan n babar provide them with consistency but
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