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  1. 6 hours ago, sarthak Rath said:

    I agree with giving kuldeep yadav a chance in the test series, and i feel he will play for sure, but when it comes to Hardik, i am not very sure. He still has to learn a lot. In the odi's he doesn't complete his full quota of overs and in test matches he will have to bowl a lot. Which i feel is where i think he has to improve. He should have been given a chance in the India A series and then in Tests..


    In Odi cricket, the batsman is looking to go after bowlers thats why after a point his inexp cud be  prob

    Test is a diff ball game, his job wud be to bowl 10-15 overs ....batsman might look to go after him considering he is the 5th bowler but thats where they ll fall , as he is no binny. HE bowls 140k + most times and gets good bounce n seam movement . Any bowler with such ability will take wkts and can be helpful on seaming wkts


    As far as ready or not their is no time left, overseas tours are coming and we need a seaming all rounder . HE has already been on A-tour n done well . We have to understand that the team also needs a player like him 

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