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  1. Not a single country in the world has ever suffered becuase they took extra care of ninorities Most of the atocities in hsitory of the worlds and countries being destroyed has happeend becuse lies and propaganda were sprraed that majority were being attacked The incident is despicable. But people are using common sense . But of course low iq stupid people dont haev the brains to understand why people are extra careful in these cases, they will drive the ISI agenda of spreading fear about majority and helping them destory the country, which is exactly w
  2. Dude dont pretend you care for the death of the girl. You don't. You got your laddoo to spread hatred against a religon and you are gloating andd enjoying about the death You fool no one , you care for nothing excpt using tragic draths to spread hatred and dividing the country. The only reason for these tall claims about tamil nadu is because your cult party doesn't rule there
  3. I can bring a 1000 such stories fron other side to spresf religous hatred and divirde and deatroy the country . What does it prove? .in a countrybof 1.3 billion you are bringing odd instances here for what? .you DON'T care for the little girl's death or anything else. You are so despicable, you are using the childs death to drive your agenda of religious harted Despicable .
  4. We 100% would have won the 96 one if not for fixing
  5. What is funny is this Yet its the IPL they are moaning about when the numbers are lesser for English cricketers in IPL. Maybe they should cry about PSL?
  6. Absolutely no plans for ODIs except stick to oldies. Never going to win any tournament with this bowling attack
  7. You don't become the greatest match winner just becaue you played well in one series. Kuch bhi. I don't know why some indian fans have such low expectations. Even his own family members won't call Pujara one of the greatest match winners. Bhang kha kar post karte hai kuch log yahan
  8. The captain selects the final XI and he constantly selected Rahane over Vihari
  9. If we cannot replace batsmen averaging low 20s over 2 years we might aswell stop playing cricket all together Dude you dont need to be world class to average over 20s What the hell is wrong with you. How are your expectations so low? We are talking about batsmen averaging low TWENTIES for Gods sake
  10. Imagine claiming you don't have batsmen to replace 20 averaging players over last 2 years With idiotic fans like these no wonder we see stuck with mediocrity I really need to understand what goes through the brains of people like you. We are talking about batsmen averaging low 20s, and your brain goes to bradman? How does it work?
  11. You know that was because of bowling and not batting. With this bowling they would have won those series Once again just being contradictory for the sake of it
  12. Dhoni was the best wicketkeeper bat we had so far, so yea he had set standards
  13. And kohli missing last match was stated as reason we lost. The player missing is always one who would have made a difference
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