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  1. As soon as Kumble retired and Bhajji became main bowler, his form disappeared
  2. On a normal pitch, the pitch allows time for you to adjust to inward movement. On this pitch pink ball is skidding in and beating batsmen by pace
  3. Nah, you are missing a lot. The ball was spinning from the same spot one ball and coming straight the next ball. No batsman is able to pick that. Also pink ball seems to be skidding n way faster after pitching, beating batsman by pace
  4. For all the talk of Pant's keeping he has given no byes or missed any chances on a difficult pitch
  5. Dude he has got almost everything wrong or in a hurry. There is 100% poof of this 3rd umpire umpire being incompetent. Who else but an incompetent umpire doesn't even look at extra angles?
  6. There is absolutely no proof he did thar under pressure. He is just plain incompetent
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