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  1. Then edit your post? You still haven't corrected it
  2. He was involved in a lot of charity work, going into remote areas to help people during this crisis. Pretty commendable IMO.
  3. Kuch bhi. He was working on two big projects currently and has done big work recently
  4. Hate Twitter, period. How to get back my life
  5. I think it's a good time.for BCCI to use its muscle and show ICC once and for all. They have been pushing india for a while now and with countries now getting desperate for money, india has good leverage if they care to use it
  6. Need Bhuvi for the daynight test. In day night test the new ball swing is most important. Our bowling failed the most with the new ball in New Zealand
  7. Even kiwis played bumrah easily
  8. Yes he left it to the police and behind the scenes stuff. This is the same reasoning the justice who withheld the ipl fixers name gave that you dont want to stir the pot I personally feel hiding fixing is the worst you can do. Name and shame everyone
  9. Here we have to always remember dhonis contribution Without him selectors would not have had the balls to drop any of them and then never pick them again. Under kohli we see average players never dropped and making comebacks all the time. Dhoni had the guts to even target big names
  10. Mumbai police even said the entire team except sachin were in on the fix
  11. In my opinion this has reduced a lot over the years. There was a time when cricketers were literally worshipped and people would ne depressed on a bi lateral odi loss As nation progresses and employment and average income rises such behavior comes down. We are not so faantic about cricket as we were in the 80s and 90s and it's no longer associated with patriotism. Earlier teams would be scared to return home after a big tournament loss. If CT loss against pakistan had happened in the 80s or 90s players houses would be stoned for sure We are moving ahead as a nation. Social media behavior will also improve with time. I believe current Bangladesh is where india were in the 90s
  12. Man south africa used to beat our ass so badly. Imagine if they had not been fixing how badly they would have beaten us
  13. Because advertising alcohol is banned in India. But everyone knows what the advertisements are actually for
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