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  1. Its ashwin who has been posting these
  2. Looking at the technique of current batsmen, i thibk its more IPL and t20s causing it. Sachin, dravid etc had wy better technique than pujara or kohli againat both pace and swing. If smith can average 60s, root can average well, surely those legends could still average in the 50s
  3. He got out to him a lot, but doesnt mean he didbt score runs and even 100s before getting out
  4. Why would Bangladesh give up free WTC points by agreeing to give up one innings?
  5. According to your posts on the sachin vs kohli thread, these stats are signs of a washed out player who is not even a shell of themselves and overstaying their welcome.
  6. Why do they need to set the world on fire to replace batsmen averaging in the 20s? What?
  7. Averaging 55, 48, 68, 78, 47 in consecutive 5 years from age of 34 to 39 is way more than a mini comeback
  8. Most probably final wont be in Lords3
  9. Yeah but dude isnt handsome and I had a better record too
  10. By this logic, isn't Kohli a shell of himself from the past 2 years? Why do you keep defending and making excuses for him? See that's the thing, what goes around comes around. A career has ups and downs and starts and peaks and end. Never ever use a peak of a batsman to compare his superiority with someone who has ended it. It will come back to bite your ass Since he was 25, every batsman at his peak has been compared to Sachin. Not one has lasted the distance. People keep scoffing on his longevity yet not one batsman has managed to have peak and great average for long
  11. Really poor technique against short ball even on this pitch. Gets hit easily. How on earth will he survive in South Africa?
  12. Is thus the same pitch where india are 100 for 0 and scored over 300 first innings?
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