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  1. Forecast has changed, will barely rain today for an hour at most
  2. Lol whats the fun in that? The whole point us feeling it and your heart getting up and down. Seeing like a robot is not fun at all
  3. Not in wrestling, you don't guarantee medal by just being in semi finals
  4. How irritating would it be for others to hear gavaskar bias, he was literally cheering for England to lose reviews
  5. Man he was whining so much about Pant and blaming him for Kohlis reviews
  6. Is kohli in danger of ban because of over rate?
  7. Maybe from other end as bumrah has already bowled 10 overs on a trot
  8. Dude he has been bowling 10 overs straight, what are you talking about
  9. Letting these easy singles to Curran is poor captaincy
  10. Selecting 2 spinners was the height of arrogance
  11. Yeah he does take wicket mostly with a 50+ over old ball. He is an amazing enforcer though and can take wickets in bunches
  12. He has to take more new ball wickets for that
  13. Kohli was clearly shouting bowling end. It was clear in the audio
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