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  1. SRTs captaincy results had a lot to do with him having zero selection power and match fixers in his team who formed groups
  2. 1) Because its the only cricket going on currently? 2) Any cricket forum will have threads about currently active matches/series regardless of who is playing
  3. Nah I love that he was willing to try his own things and trying to experiment even if sometimes they were not working out
  4. Dude there are multiple clear reports that even basic precautions were not taken unlinke last time. Why are poeple suckling up go BCCI so much and repeating what is clearly a lie?
  5. Sorry misquoted, they were given oxygen but did not require hospitalization. They recovered within a day or 2
  6. People DO NOT need oxygen below 94. In fact it can fluctuate upto 92 for regular patients. Even around 85+ does not require hospitalization. I know people whose oxygen levels dropped to 50 and 60 and recovered without being hospitalized at all.
  7. Not in England, NZ he can't. Shami stats are available for all to see and he really struggles on swinging pitches like England and nZ ones Ishant (and Siraj) are way better than him on those pitches The biggest mistake we made in NZ was not to have an out and out swinger and the only difference between NZ and us were that we couldn't take new ball wickets while they did Now you want the exact same mistake to be repeated. The results will be the same
  8. Shehzad became a strokeless wonder after being hit on the head by a Corey Anderson bouncer. Was prolific before that but completely lost his way post that hit
  9. Are you still defending this absolute **** show? No true indian will ever do that. That's the opposite of being patriotic. I guess loyalty for a party and its leader is way more important than being loyal to one's country. Weren't you the one denying the severity of COVID and calling it all a conspiracy just couple fo months back and laughing at people taking it seriously?
  10. In my father in law's funeral i literally saw bodies piled on footpath. In bangalore just 2 km away from my home, I can see people on the street dying in front of Fortis hospital and begging and falling on feet of people who come there to visit in PPE kits, thinking they are doctor. What part is wrongly reported or exaggerated?
  11. Every single franchise and IPL directors wanted IPL to happen in UAE. Ganguly and Shah over ruled them
  12. How is complete utter carelessness bound to happen? How were we much more strict and careful last time? Can't blame BCCI becuae people like sucking up blindly to them?
  13. Duse the situation is a million times worse than being reported. You need to come out fo the cult of worshiping a person and a party and worry about the country And of course we are not used to a free and independent media reporting, our own home grown media has completely sold out to the ruling party, so to you repeating truth and facts would seem malicious and agenda
  14. Except teh cases in PSL where becuse of mishandling and bubble breach which should have been 100% mocked Here bubble was never breached and was always secure. The players got during traveling which was inevitable (eg Pakistani players getting while traveling to England and nz, India getting during Australia etc)
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