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  1. Both MI loses were season openers. MI is now first and 2nd in the team list who defeated CSK by most wickets, most runs and most balls left
  2. Only daag on MI's daman, this IPL, has been losing to CSK. Time to wash it off
  3. And if he does, will sabotage them in some way. Ask them to bowl only one side of the wicket, spoon feed them, etc
  4. Poor Tahir, didnt even get selected to play in any game and is being spoken of as a senior to replace
  5. A 22 year old should be compared to other 20 to 22 year olds, not with someone like Rahul. Also its so hilariously transparent when evey Dhoni fan hates Pant
  6. The throw was wide, there is no way his hand would have reached the stumps, off balance. He had to throw it
  7. Why? Why does one person who takes oen single thing also be responsible for everything else? You support some things, does that make you responsible for every single similar thing in the world?
  8. becuase he and Srini have the power to get them fired. We have seen that
  9. But I am using your own logic. You counted reaching last 4 and finals as something amazing. So make up your mind and choose 1) is making last 4 and finals an achievement? Therefore Sachin > Thala Or 2) is winning finals an achievement Therefore Rohit > Thala
  10. My picture was posted and seen by all veterans here before.
  11. So by your logic sachin > dhoni becuse sachin reached more world cup finals and semi finals than thala
  12. What has this to do with anything? Let bring Kapil fev back because he won world cup
  13. That tweet is proof that CSK fans are in a cult. Lol and in that 11 years 4 were won by mumbai and only 3 by them. Ghanta rule
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