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  1. This is what Dhoni said at the toss "Rajvardhan Hangargekar has the pace but he needs to be given enough time to groom and improve in certain areas."
  2. Rinku has a great temperament and has bailed out his Ranji team many times. He has played some great knocks under pressure.
  3. Didn't watch but saw a comment on Cricinfo that he consistently bowled 150.
  4. What time did Bevda give the interview? He said some sensible things today like giving him a central contract straight away so that he can train and learn from Bumrah and Shami and he should not be told to cut down on pace. "He'll get better and better," Shastri said. "You see his bowling once he takes a wicket. Look at the lines he starts bowling as opposed to when he has not got a wicket - that's when he is trying everything, his lines are all over the place. You don't want him to cut down on pace. The last thing you would tell him looking for control, cut down on p
  5. Hardly anyone has looked comfortable against Umran today. Except for a couple of 150kph deliveries, pace on the speedgun has looked down today. Problem with the speedgun?
  6. Feel Mumbai is not a good place for young quick bowlers. They still have that old school "line and length" trundlers better than fast bowlers mindset. Even though they have a good pool of fast bowlers they seem to prefer trundlers in the 11.
  7. Pitch is slow as ****. Umran bowled one at 144.5 length ball and I thought that was a slower one. Ball just lost a lot of pace after pitching.
  8. Truly insane. Never before did we have so many quick bowlers.
  9. "Cricket expert" Aakash Chopra wants Umran to grind it out in Ranji and probably become another one of those line and length trundlers when they get selected too late. Hope Aakash doesn't become a cricket selector. Bishop right again and one of the most sensible cricket commentators around. “Umran Malik is not yet ready to play for India. Of course, we are very excited to see him play. As Indians, this is what excites us the most. I think the kid is still raw, still learning the ropes. There will be the time he plays for India, but he is not ready based on the last couple of games,
  10. Yes bro. Saw the highlights of Bumrah's brilliant spell. Great fast bowling display. Not able to watch the matches in past few days but following this thread to get updates.
  11. Nagarkoti has potential for T20 and odi need him to be backed and given lot of chances. These one off chances are not helping him. Plus he is electric on the field and has decent batting ability. Instead DC is giving chances to trundlers like Sakariya.
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