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  1. @express bowlingbro, just saw the highlights posted by ECB. They showed the pace of almost all the wicket taking deliveries in the highlights. That ball to Broad was 142kph. They didn't show the speed of the yorker to Anderson though.
  2. Bro, its speed of the ball when it leaves the bowler, speed after pitching and when it reaches batsman and finally when it gets to the keeper. Great technology
  3. Don't think they showed pace of that ball too. They are just showing speeds of random deliveries.
  4. Boom bowls another excellent yorker and cleans up Anderson. 4 wickets.
  5. Bumrah back to bowling at his best. Swinging the ball both ways at pace like he did in that series vs WI.
  6. Bumrah bowling some unplayable banana outswingers to Curran from around the wicket.
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