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  1. Anderson bending his back and is getting steep bounce. Wood might have been useful here in place of Curran.
  2. Let's see if Archer bowls quick in 2nd innings or trundles like he did in 1st innings.
  3. Seam movement both ways and very accurate. Has county experience. Great in these conditions and on the slow low pitches of UAE.
  4. One to keep an eye out for. Tall, bowls 135 to early 140's, got a lovely outswinger and can move the ball back in and gets good bounce too.
  5. Afridi the all rounder - ball eater and has got great dancing skills too.
  6. Players have started training for the IPL. Shami has his own ground and training facilities at his farmhouse and I think a cricketers like Sarfaraz and Chawla are training there too. Raina too has his own ground and I think Rishabh Pant is training with him.
  7. Excited to see some live cricket but weather might play spoilsport.
  8. Best of the lot were the balls to Guptill and Warner.
  9. Those days the bowlers could also work on the ball and get it to reverse in the death overs. The 2 new balls rule completely killed it and has made the game even more loaded in favour of batsman.
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