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  1. Bro, don't think they showed the speeds for Shami.
  2. Everyone knew that ball was coming from the left arm pacer except Rohit
  3. Bro, Siraj is a must in the T20 WC squad. I think he has the most number of dots and has been one of the most economical bowlers at the death this IPL.
  4. Disappointed with Mavi. Looks like he doesn't have the mindset of a fast bowler.
  5. Malik hits SKY on the helmet. Nasty one. Didn't catch the pace of that ball. Anyone?
  6. Bro didn't watch every delivery. He was around 142-144 consistently.
  7. Not complaining. He is young and will get stronger the more he bowls. Like @Suhaansaid maybe because of the conditions in UAE and less gap between matches.
  8. Umran was a bit down on pace so far. Bowled 140-146. Expensive because Ishan is playing a blinder and smashing everyone around. Would have liked to see him try yorkers.
  9. That might have been an error. Seen some of the comments saying other deliveries were atleast 20kph slower. Anybody here watched her bowling? What was her average speed?
  10. Read somewhere that Varun was having problems with his knee.
  11. Mavi 142.5. Mavi always looks like he can bowl quicker if he wants to.
  12. Varun will be niggled out and Chahal will replace him.
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