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  1. If you are in India, it is part of the ban i believe.
  2. Ours is more woeful. We literally fold like a pack of cards especially in the one dayers.
  3. https://streamable.com/rhqf0u lol This is what Razzler is doing right now. Blowing kisses to his supporters
  4. At this point we have bowlers bowling, Batsmen batting. Some do field okay. Largely an one-dimensional team. We don't have someone down the order who can whack a few boundaries. Infact NZ lower order won even Test down the order. We don't have top order who can chip in with a few wickets. Since Raina's and Yuvi's exit we have players who don't do well in more than one department.
  5. https://www.livemint.com/technology/tech-news/chinese-apps-ban-bigo-live-to-delist-from-app-stores-in-india-11593668851755.html This is a good thing. All these apps collect data. Highly unsecure. Also Indians developed apps are downloaded more now.
  6. https://www.businessinsider.com/garry-kasparov-fear-of-being-assassinated-by-putin-2018-1 Putin absolutely is not the person to preach about what is good what is bad. He should take a hike and eff off. He is a dictator. You sure do not know what dictatorship is until you live under one. Look how China silenced so many people during COVID. This guy is far worse. He takes out your life.
  7. He is a socialist. Pretty much all countries are socialist countries in some way. His cry for universal healthcare system is definitely not "anti-people" probably it is "anti-rich" and "anti-pharma". But this twitter baby whose decisions are based on how much people "like him" is nowhere on the planet of any sensible person. I never understand why Indians love this moron Trump.
  8. There is no way you can compare this meglomanic baby with Sanders
  9. It is hard to imagine anyone worse than Trump. Probably the worst candidate ever, worst leader ever in the history. He tapped into the votes of racists and gullible working class people who were originally rooting for Bernie Sanders.
  10. About liberalism. We are all liberals in many ways. This word is misused for political identity.
  11. Making the enemies disappear silently is the recipe he suggests lol Total authoritatinism is the new way to go haha . Trump is 5 year old baby who is puppet to the dictator Putin. Both despicable in their own way.
  12. guys you can watch him live now. On the phone you can watch person he plays the game with lol On internet you don't see the other player. http://www.bigo.tv/Abdul_Razzaq
  13. He wanted Pandya for one week to turn him to an monsterous all rounder lol
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