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  1. May be he can rediscover his limited over batting like Rizwan did. Rizwan didn't go after every ball. Picked the right ball to go after. Also Rizwan was amazing in picking singles and twos an area where Pant is very poor, He plays these hackish shots even in Tests out of nowhere despite a few match winning knocks.
  2. Kohli is chatting with Babar like nothing happened. He just had his teams ass kicked.
  3. Pandya is so fragile like samuel jackson in unbreakable. He should focus on games like carrom board. wait even there he can fracture his fingers.
  4. 155 was poor because of piss poor opening bowling. Even they picked 3 wickets defending 55. If they had posted 155 they would have won it easily.
  5. Moronic flash against bouncing ball.
  6. People might actually start hating him if he plays the remaining matches.
  7. India is likely to continue this trend given that Boult is going to be bowling for NZ.
  8. Now NZ has to put INdia out of misery. THey have a left arm seamer as well lol
  9. Congrats Pakistan. Thoroughly outplayed by Pakistan. India deserved this thrashing.
  10. This was expected when they announced squad. Out of form Bumrah, Washed out Shami/Bhuvi Worst spinner Jadeja among spin options, IPL quality spinner VC>
  11. If KL Rahul clicks we will look good. Otherwise we are done. Kohli infact surprised me given his current form. Rohit is out of form. Inact he is a gone case.
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