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  1. Slightly slower ball by Umran nailed Sharukh lol 141 kph is his slower ball
  2. 151 kph straight driven by Sharukh for 4.
  3. PKXI with such crazy starts should have won a lot more matches.
  4. Dhawan's reflexes. I am glad he is not picked. Beaten for pace
  5. First time he is showing intent.
  6. Bhuvi mooed over square leg for six by Sharukh.
  7. wow Farooqui. he was bowling too many slow balls. Suddenly 142 kph ball. Cleverls tuff. Bairstow castled.
  8. I am 100% sure BBL would not have had this many drops. This is another dollie shelled by Umran
  9. Only guy who could have replaced Hood would have been Tripathi given that he is also middle order batsman.
  10. Guys like Bairstow is why this format is surviving. Not like tuktukkers like KL Rahul
  11. Kaptaan Bhuvi starts with a 132 kph ball Murali karthik says it is faster than it says
  12. 400 in a season is no big deal in the IPL for an opener. They are hyping Shikar to the hilt.
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