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  1. Saw the highlights. Saurab Tiwary looks like Vinay Pathak
  2. Guys match is over. Turn off the fake crowd noise.
  3. There was a time DHoni would say "bring the target down to 80 I will take from there". it became 70, 60 over a course of time. Now it is more like 2 runs.
  4. Treat this as a sitcom or satire show lol Not a cricket match. You will find it more interesting.
  5. I hear some noise for each ball lol wondering where it is coming from. Fake crowd noise?
  6. Damn. this is beyond ridiculous. It is almost like watching benefit match.
  7. Murali vijay is still playing? Average age of CSK is what? 50?
  8. If there are 10 leagues 10 being the worst league . Jadhav would be 9, Rayudu would be 8 at best. But Jadhav atleast had a decent strike rate.
  9. For bashing in the IPL at dubai infront of empty stadium?
  10. i just realized IPL has started. So rooting for my favorite team Delhi capitals
  11. Once he has proved he is the king of finishers.
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