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  1. I have a feeling Bairstow was told to stay till the end. It is an uncharacteristic knock from JB.
  2. They are up against Muthaiya Hooda, Shane Ashwin, Arshdeep Akram
  3. They should have hade atleast one more venue like Mohali.
  4. I daresay Rohit/Dhoni would have defended the same total here.
  5. I understand spinners do a good job. But it is also something to do with SRH's deliberate cautious approach.
  6. Basically KW is in just "not to mess up" a chase lol
  7. That was a terrible ball lol KW just tapped for a single
  8. Morgan did on a patta wicket where ball hardly gripped. In these conditions very few dominated him.
  9. SRH is so careful that they probably think they could lose even from here if these two get out right now.
  10. It is the responsibility of sides to assess the pitch and play accordingly. We miss the fact a lot of teams depend on one or two players and when they go they look out of sorts.
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