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  1. KL Rahul coming good here is very very vital for India. It will help Gill replace Kahane or Pujara in the middle.
  2. KL Rahul has this cut that your normally associate with Karnataka players. If he improves his shot selection he will have a better second phase in Test cricket
  3. Kahane has mastered the art of failing at the worst possible time for India.
  4. Bumrah back ? Just not good enough against NZ? Not long ago we let their tail put up a match winning runs for the last few wickets.
  5. This guy is going to hurt us badly if we don't get the other guy out. He was inexperienced back then. Now more matured. He can even farm the strike.
  6. Curran can still hurt us. We must nail him asap
  7. Didn't drop any as far as i know. But ball missed the edge numerous times especially for Shami
  8. Kohli's formulaic rotation didn't really help us much. 7 overs to A 8 overs to B then 7 overs to C 8 overs to D then again go through the same routine.
  9. Siraj is still rusty. He is still going to be our strike force in this series. The nippiness, sharp movement of the pitch in India against England is not the same here atleast yet. No reason to go back to our oldhorse.
  10. Thakur is the perfect bowler for this condition. I am surprised he hasn't picked a wicket yet. He bowled beautifully in the morning with ideal lengths and at ideal pace.
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