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  1. Only guy who uses his finger far too frequently is Kohli. He never gets finger injury
  2. If anything he regressed. He is a crorepathi now. He has grade A contract. No fast bowling all rounder in the vicinity. He is just milking it. Never looks like someone who works on improving his game
  3. Teams won't understand the stupidity until it hurts them. Remember Mushfiqur Rahim celebrating after 2nd four lol
  4. Despite all their heroics India has won 7 of the last 11 encounters against England. On absolute pattas we are toast though.
  5. No game on sluggish wickets. This could happen to all the sloggers.
  6. Good day. India clinched victory from jaws of defeat. Pakistan was given hope right till the death and snatched away at the end.
  7. Chahar/Bhuvi would have won it lol They were more sensible.
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