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  1. Axar patel requires natural variation offered by pitch. He has no magic tricks or anything. He is like Jadeja except he is a bit taller so he probably will do better in Australia. They don't have doosra, carrom ball or turning ability on table top like Warne/Murali. Sure they can nail batsman who are weak against spin anywhere. On the other hand Jamieson can easily adapt himself. A fast bowler has more variety at his disposal.
  2. Usually speed guns take 3 measurements (or is it 2) and use the average. In Australia they use the higher value. Hence the speed in Australia always shows higher.
  3. He wasn't clueless against them. Kohli has been clueless against every run of the mill spinner these days. It took ages for Tendulkar to lose his reflexes against spinners. Kohli right after his first peak lost everything.
  4. I am talking about perception of batsman. We assume batsman will be troubled just because speed shows 150k. Ishant clock speed was very high in that series. But he looked like a trundler.
  5. Current era is more like Incompetence era. I don't think anyone from the 2000s would gift boat load of wickets to a bowler like Moeen Ali series after series.
  6. If you look at the last series count dracula should not be playing. He merely averaged 16.66. Also did something unique thing like getting run out first ball he faced.
  7. Sundar is not available right? Shaw is a genuine opener. I will be surprised if he is forced to bat in the middle order. It will be Iyer/Gill assuming Kahane doesn't sneak through one more time.
  8. Agarwal will be a sitting duck there. KL Rahul and Rohit will open for sure. Count dracula will get one more shot. Kohli at 4. That will leave Gill and Iyer fight for one spot. Iyer himself is untested in these conditions. Pant. Pretty much every one of them in this line up is capable of having a terrible series. To cover these bozos Jaddu will bat at 7. Ashwin will sit out which will be a travesty again.
  9. Yes When Ajmal bowled in the Asia cup, he used to come down every ball and met with middle of the bat. Also played Mendis very well. Now he is not confident of stepping out being afraid of getting stumped. SO he is stuck at the crease. He is a frontfoot player. He is no Aravinda De silva to use the depth of the crease or gifted like Sehwag. Yes he is playing like Dhoni. Atleast Dhoni would somehow survive. Kohli completely misses the line.
  10. I said come backs. 3 years over 7 series he had incredible numbers. Then again it started dwindling. The thing is even at his very worst Sachin didn't get out as soon as he came to the crease like Kohli does. A reason why he didn't reach the absolute nadir like Ganguly did. Out of 22 innings in the last 1 year 7 of them Kohli did not face more than 15 deliveries. If you expand to 3 overs it looks even worse. For starters he has to analyze his own dismissals. He probably can fix his issues against seamers. But i have no idea how he is going to get better against spin with this front foot te
  11. Speed gun can always mislead. I remember Ishant averaging 145 in Australia in one of the series. But looked uber slow.
  12. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/looks-fast-feels-faster-why-the-speed-gun-is-only-part-of-the-story-1292343 South Africa's Andrew Hall is on strike against Brett Lee at the Wanderers stadium in Johannesburg. The ball is bowled and Hall tucks it into the leg side before setting off for a gentle single. As he jogs to the other end he hears a belated cheer from the crowd. Confused, he looks around to see the big screen displaying an announcement. He has just faced the fastest ball ever to have been bowled at the Wanderers. Still confused, Hall's eyes move from the screen
  13. Sachin's technique helped him staging some mini come backs. We have to wait and see whether Kohli works on it to find another peak.
  14. Wadekar and Azharuddin came up with extremely dry pitches with zero grass in the 90s to save their face after overseas humiliations. India lost 15 tests overseas. But dominating at home thanks to this "strategy".
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