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  1. Yes. It is infuriating that he was needling one of India's biggest match winner in Tests while paling around with Padosis.
  2. Kohli has brought insult to Delhi culture against Pakistan. Damn. He selectively shows his fake aggression against England and Australia. When it comes to NZ and Pakistan he has zero aggression. Fake aggression when he leads RCB.
  3. Strategy is simple. Lose the toss and get ripped open by Boult, Let Williamson take NZ home aramse. Have a laugh with KW post match. Rinse and repeat. This is what has been happening with NZ encounters.
  4. If you pick a squad that is expected to have off days more often than not in their current form then he needs to take up responsibility. Besides that on-field strategy was one of the worst i have seen in world cup history of India.
  5. I squarely blame the SRH management for persisting with Bhuvi :)
  6. One of the reason top order collapse hurts us worse is because we never have had equally good bottom three since the exit of inform Yuvraj, Dhoni, Raina. But this is Kohli's XI. He pretty much built the RCB the same way. We need a new captain who develops a strong lower order.
  7. NRR will come into play. India needs to hand shellacking to minnow sides.
  8. This deserves a separate thread. As you can see the graph vast majority of the runs were scored through the on side. Rizwan scored 69 out of 79 runs through on side. Two things First line of the bowlers. It was as if the instructions were to attack the stumps (which they miserably did) packing the on side. Only towards the end Bhuvi started bowling harmless wide balls. Shami went one step ahead and bowled exclusively on the pads. Kohli never stepped in to arrest this bleeding. It was almost like "i am going to give up my captaincy anyway. why bother" attitude. Incredibly pathetic c
  9. We care lol. IF he performs poorer than washed up Ashwin then what does that tell about him.
  10. Potential to win match for KKR with Narine in the side. That doesn't mean he will do it for India.. He gor his ass kicked in warm up where Ashwin took two wickets inside powerplay. .
  11. Sky played one good knock in a nothing to lose situation. It was propelled by Ishan.
  12. Kohlis each behavior is either driven by ego or PR reasons He will act all macho against OZ and England. But zero aggression against Pak or NZ.
  13. Kohli insulted Ashwin in the IPL after mankading incident. Remember? There is some undercurrent. I am not sure he is even happy with Ashwin's selection over Chahal.
  14. Not just swing. the dip should be there. That dip was missing even for Bumrah
  15. There was stark difference in the fast bowling department. Their spin is average. But they enjoyed the pressure created by seamers.
  16. Just you know Ashwin was discarded long back before making a surprise comeback. He was restricted to playing Tests. Even that opportunity was taken away by our dud Kohli. Look at the difference between Ashwin and Jadeja in T20 world T20. Ashwin is way better than him. Yet he got discarded. Same way Ashwin was way better in Tests in England. Yet he was not preferred. I don't say Ashwin should be playing next match. Just showing how players with similar stats as treated differently based on few parameters.
  17. Ideally 3 seamers 3 spinners will cover all the base. To be honest we miss Sundar. A batsman who can bowl inside power play.
  18. Yes. It can happen.In a way i won't be disappointed with that fate as it will ensure Kohli leaves the side as captain in the most humiliating way possible.
  19. Ruturaj seems to have a tighter technique. It is worth experimenting him up the order.
  20. We are talking about good bowlers not bowlers like Shami/Bhuvi. Shami should stick to Test cricket. Ball nicely come on to bat.
  21. It was seamers that struggled with wetter ball more. Full tosses. leg side half vollies. Wides. Nothing landed on the spot. Even Bumrah bowled a full toss.or 2
  22. People with starting problems succumb to pressure. Remember how Tendulkar edged one in the 2011 final. It was Gambhir that played a great percentage cricket.
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