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  1. Wtf really? He has a perfect physique for fast bowler.... I thought he was around 23-24.
  2. I want to check lengths of the bowlers. Where can I find pitch map? Link please.. anyone?
  3. Koti is looking quicker than what these speed guns are showing... Earlier Cummins too looked quick.
  4. Cummins spitting fire today he is def. bowling quicker than wht these speed guns are showing.
  5. Chill Bro, it's only avesh and he never had natural pace he used to force pace . Fitness was also a question mark. No we are not going back to 2005 back than we had limited options but now we have tones of options available with potential ATG if we manage them well. I have tagged you in chit chat section for some reason, don't ignore
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