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  1. Yes! They were struggling to put bat on ball against Rauf while Hassan was mauled. Shami was looking medium pace today although speed was not shown most of the time on his bowling.
  2. Oh, well, this trash team didn't deserve to win in the first place.
  3. Shaheen 146kph Rauf 152kph Joke is on us We're dealing with trundlers like Bhuvi who can't even cross 130 nowadays.Shami is also done. Pace bowling need a total overhaul.
  4. Absolutely! Would rather have somebody like Venky or Gaikwad over him.
  5. Knew it!I another fattu batsman that ICF has overrated as if he is some Bradman.
  6. Need solid openers like Gaikwad and Venkatesh iyerr, enough of these mental choker Rahul and lazy bug sharma
  7. Scum will somehow perform in IPL and leech on us for another 10years
  8. Absolutely and that trundler bias has hurt us more than anything.
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