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  1. Anderson be like... Cloud hai barish ho Rahi hai... benefit kar sakte hai
  2. India 600-7 Dec. Thakur 204*(52)
  3. Manju is an absolute retard, Kl needs backing he has the technique to succeed as an opener in test cricket
  4. There is nothing to dislike, talented hardworking lad with tremendous potential. Would stay longer in this game.
  5. They did this to bumrah too... And I thought he clocked 148kph
  6. Australia is playing worse than Zimbabwe, painful to watch them in this state.
  7. Yeah I checked it too, that effing website never shows speed unless its ICC tournament.
  8. Why was Ashwin dropped for fraud Jadeja? Atrocious selection unless he is injured.
  9. Fact that they are sticking with ttfs like Henriques,Christian, Wade, agar, Carrey etc speaks a lot about their bench strength. Utter crap!
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