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  1. Embarrassing stuff i hope this team gets thrashed by lsg
  2. Brinku bhai, a team player, wants to score impactful runs and help his team ,much better than frauds like Ayer, Pant, and Hahahul.
  3. Pant is a pathetic captain, If you recall, he passed the ball to Tom Curren when Ranada was available against csk last year! Which cost them the match When two drs were available yesterday, he did not review. Dc ain't winning anything under this fool.
  4. Umran Malik is a genuine wicket-taker should be in the World Cup squad, but pretty sure some mofo trundler will replace him.
  5. I'm speaking about setup similar to village defence committee, in which army will arm and train young pandits (including ladies). Or else, target killing will become more common. Just read about VDC in Kishtwar to see how army can and has acted outside its boundaries. But this would require government assistance and leaders such as Vaid and GD Bakshi, but current government is useless, thus I wanted pandits to entirely abandon that hellhole and settle in Jammu.
  6. Arey you from that area?
  7. If Hindus take up arms to defend themselves, this fattu government will be the first to intervene, just as they are now ruthlessly suppressing pandit protests. I am saying this for a while now there is no difference between Sonia's Congress and fenkus coward bjp gormint.
  8. Army can provide arms and train them. The idea isn't new, I'm sure you're aware of Village defence Committee, which was founded in the 1990s and has successfully stopped militancy in their region. .If the pandits are to survive, they must take up guns, cannot rely on Fenku and his false promises, and the army can only do so much they won't be present in all places to protect them. I agree with the remainder of your points.
  9. Speedometer can't measure pathiranas speed.. saw one ball at 143kph and a slower ball @ 136
  10. Rutu Gill Sky Samson (wk) Dk Hardic (c) Tewatia Chahl Arshdeep Umran Harshal/nattu/prasidh
  11. The chaddi govt is a hypocrite! Poor pandits should either take up arms and retaliate to those barbarians in their own language, or leave Kashmir completely, the best option is to leave Kashmir and settle in Jammu. Just leave that place, een haramzade fenku aur rss chaddi ke bharose mat raho who Instead of focusing on real issues, hypocritical coward fenku is only concerned in plundering the middle class.
  12. What an excuse lol! similar ball was defended quite comfortably by guptil next game.
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