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  1. Sky UK does best cricket coverage, best commentators and best analysis, will need to catch a stram of them Awful commentary team by star
  2. Not enough nations for a tiered system. But ICC need to subsidise some of these series. Too often likes of NZ, Pak, Ban, WI, SL play 1 or 2 game series. Pak, NZ, Bangla are quite competitive at home and should be hosting three match series but financially struggle. 3 Tests x 5 days vs 5 ODIs x 1 day, you can see financially which is safer and more attractive for cricket boards and sponsors.
  3. This seems fake news Current gen Pak player couldnt care less for playing IPL. They have decent T20 league and get a good gig in other T20 leagues. PCB is nowadays run by sane guy, Wasim Khan, compared to the bozos in previous years. Sa touring Pak is a good sign. Only people moaning about IPL and BCCI is ex players full of sour grapes.
  4. Test cricket bloody hell Will be fun watching repeats of this this series over the years. Just like 2011 WC, I bet many of you spent every week for a year watching hour long reviews of 2011 WC win! Dont lie!!
  5. I suspect India-England series will be keenly watched/followed after no Test cricket in India in 2020.
  6. One easy fix is remove toss and let away team decide what to do. Secondly, the Test championship is good concept but needs more structure. South Africa, WI and Bangladesh will end up playing only 3-4 Test series and nations need to play minimum 3 match series. This is where ICC needs to subsidise poorer boards like Pakistan, SL, WI and NZ.
  7. Ravi Shastri is piece of sh!te. But anyways I guess that's why he is employed to provide one liner compliments to players regardless how his management mishandled many of these players
  8. World's best Test fast bowler They showed this pitch map before start of India 2nd innings 4th test. Not a single ball down leg side entire Test series! Incredible accuracy and got pace too
  9. Only guy who got swing amongst both teams and was bowling at 135 kph, has aggressive streak to his bat. Swung when ball was new and old. Has to be in the squad, especially away tours to Eng, SA and NZ.
  10. Cant believe CSK gave Jagdessan hardly any games in IPL
  11. Dont have to necessarily pigeon jole someone, number 3, 4 should also be looked at for opener role Look at the Test reject, Rohit, he was a middle order batsman but Indian selectors spent 10 years shuffling him around the batting order until he found his calling as an opener, though he is still sh!te in Tests.
  12. Great debut, balls of steel, took body blows, but never once flinched or jump around like a sissy. Definitely contender for starting XI for Eng series if Jadeja or Ashwin not fit.
  13. England spin attack looks average but their bowling strength lies in pace but they will pack their team with all rounders therefore only 1 of Anderson, Broad or Archer will play. India ideally a a 5, 6 and 7 of Mayank, Pant and Hardik will be perfect. But one of Pujara or Rahane needs to be dropped. Piling runs and at good rate will be key for India.
  14. Tendu jnr bowling too short and also legside Easy pickings for Pondi openers
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