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  1. You say destiny but I say incompetency and latetely the petulant onfield behaviour, sometimes celebrating like a monkey on his own - signs of a psycho. He is just not leaderahip material, baffling why BCCI is so enamoured with this w a n k er. At least Dhoni won World Cups and played great captain knocks. Kohli just goes missing in crunch situations, ODIs, T20s or Tests. Rahul Dravid and co need put him out his misery.
  2. Losers always find excuses. Winners are created from lessons learnt and hard decisions. So no wonder this loser team has been bottling in ICC events last 7 years under great leadership Kohli.
  3. Format is fine. Can't blame the Indian batsmen's lack of skill and power to hit boundaries on poor format. These over rated "stars" couldnt even find gaps for 4s during powerplay, whilst a classified kiwi hack Daryl Mitchell is smashing boundaries. India's limitation and mindset was brilliantly summed up by Rahul's ultra selfish very safe single to secure his 50 vs Scotland, when NRR was top priority. He smashed his way to 49, and then decided to play a safe single when India needed 5 or 6 to win. This mentality is sad indictment of Indian cricket where s
  4. I don't know about 2022 WC but based on last 3 IPL seasons and knowing WC was going to be on slow UAE pitches i cant believe at least 2 from following were not in the XI: Mayank, Samson, Rana, Kishan, Bishnoi, Rituraj, Siraj, Arshdeep I don't know how T20 has beens like Kohli, Rohit, Shami, Jadeja ended playing 4 games! These guys have been pathetic T20 players in IPLs last few seasons. And not to discount some using IPL for match practice by captaining and opening the innings. Selfish Cowards. No wonder they can't handle pressure.
  5. England hopefully win, playing the right kind of cricket for T20, well planned and right type of players being played. Pakistan winning would be good for their people, it will bring them whatever little joy to a beleaugered failed state unable to feed itself and pay its bills.
  6. Satisfied with India knocked out in this embarassing way - only sad to see a multi-generational white wash record lost against Pakistan. Was a pathetic squad chosen based on reputation and celeb status and not on merit. But on Kohli - never hated an India player but detest this s cu m bag. A classified retard like his brethren across the border and Pakistani lover. A hypocrite in his personal life and not single ounce of leaderahip quality in him. It is incredible with such a great team he has not won anything of note in international cricket or IPL.
  7. Disagree - the record of some these batsmen in recent years especially IPL just shows how far behind there peers in terms of power hitting.
  8. On ICF, Indian players are not over hyped except a couple of nusiance fan girl posters who make the forum toxic with bias support of certain players. Most posters are aware of Indian players limitations especially the batsmen. The overhyping of Indian players, especially batsmen is done by media and pundits, including non-Indian pundits. It was nauseating listening to Shane Watson and Mark Nicholas hyping Rohit and Kohli during commentary today, when both these batsmen are average T20 players, and same when Jadeja and Pandya were batting, there were comment
  9. Oh well, proof in pudding. Rohit, Rahul, Kohli - three jokers from IPL who are also top 3 of India batting - India has crashed out in just about of week. Seema just results. Overrated prima Donnas Three cheers to India's visionary selectors and IPL Man..was embarasing watching these guys trying to hit the ball, whilst hack Mitchell is mistiming for sixes
  10. Nope. It is lack of power...full stop. Harsh reality. When pitches are tough and boundaries big, sometimes you just need shear muscle power.
  11. Pathetic, in reality Indian batsmen quality is below par. These overhyped batsmen have no power and just can't clear big boundaries. As usual they get away on tiny Indian grounds...these pseudo Marathas will once again be exposed in next WC in Australia. Line-up these Indian batsmen against England batsmen and they all come across like midgets and weaklings.
  12. Enjoyed this so much, in a sadistic way. Kohli is a great batsman but a classified delinquent, can not believe this guy is the captain. I missed most of Ind v Eng Test after his stupidity in WTC final. But agree with OP, last 10 years India is not a good enough limited overs team. The lack of big hitters has been evident for long time. Likes of Rohit, Kohli, Dhawan and Rahul are just not big hitters and three of them get exposed badly on Dubai's big boundaries. India team in limited overs is below par quality...which is embarassing considering how
  13. Never seen someone more retarded than Kohli playing cricket ever. Selecting 2 spinners and no swing bowlers. And top it off, open with two batsmen who are hopeless against swing. This guy has form in these demented selections, remember Lords? Kohli and his fans just garggle each others balls. This final is an epic embarrassment, a nation of 6mil outplaying a nation 1.3b in every aspect of cricket. Heroics of Australia wiped out in 6 days by uber retard Virat Kohli. What has this guy ever won?
  14. Disappointing Delhi is a sh!tehole, should have never been held in Delhi.
  15. Shouldn't Australins go back anyway, Australia just announced ban on their on citizens to enter Australia if travelling from India.
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