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  1. Ben Stokes is great ODI player, but in Tests his all round ability is hyped, he is pretty much like Holder and past NZ teams, a useful utility player in Tests. He stands out for England because their batting is mediocre, he is fortunate to be bowling with Anderson and Broad. If had to pick current best all rounder, than it is Jadeja, a world class bowler in his conditions and reliable batsman, Holder and Shakib not too far behind. If Pat Cummins can remain injury free he has potential to be right up there. Stokes plays Tests for England as merely as their risk averse policy of using utility players to get some runs and bowl some decent overs. BTW, I think in England, Chris Woakes is a better "all rounder" than Stokes, Woakes is wicket taking option in England.
  2. WI are decent side, they have stronger bowling attack than Pak, except in Spin area, but WI batting superior to Pak. WI are unlucky their series win vs Eng wasn't part of World Test Championship, Engalnd too would have been out of finals running.
  3. As expected, three best Test side opening a gap now. India confirmed as finalists. I think India stand better chance vs Eng in final in England, than Aus in England with Smith back.
  4. Symbolic moment, 500 years, fear of anti-Sanatana Dharma forces on full display, I am no zealous dharmic follower but identify with Ayodhya movement and I assume millions of Hindus in India and globally too. This moment brings a step closer to unity for followers of Sanatana and at same time slowly breaks apart the forces of anti-Hindu, Communists and anti-Dharmic. If no action was taken in next 100 years, we would have started believing Ayodhya never existed, now the past has been etched into todays present and future.
  5. Ambedkar had a simple and effective solution, but coward orthodoxy didn't want to loose their power and rejected his ideas. Including Gandhi. Ideas of Ambedkar still has time. Maybe declare all dharmics Brahmins. It is nauseating how so many in India take pride being in a varna one above another, puke worthy. As Ambedkar said, Hindus will never unite because there is no integration force to unite all varnas and sub-varnas during times of trouble, Unlike Muslims, Christians, Communists and patriotism etc Abolish this whole nonsense of hereditary pujararis and pandits.
  6. Looks like England definitely out of top two contention, nearly played half of their games and still only half points of 2nd place Australia. What happens to all the postponed fixtures?
  7. At one end they appointing dimwit extremists like Hardik Patel as party state President, and the other end spectrum losing half decent leaders like Pilot. But at least Pilot and Scindia leaving Congress, they are getting rid of political dynasty families except barring the Mafia. Amit Shah must loling as Pappu remains face of Congress and will lead 2024 Congress campaign...gift that just keeps giving. Shah must be praying Papu never ever leaves politics.
  8. ULM - Uyghur Lives Matter On a serious note, read about this recently, in the same period the average national Birth rate in China dropped by 4%. Basically the authorities (mainly Han) are sniffing out any Uyghur women who are pregnant with their second or third child and forcing abortion or heavy fines. Also some women have complained about forced sterilisation. And also the incarceration of over a million Uyghur men probably didn't help, since no action in bed. The irony is that for decades during the one child policy, Uyghurs were exempt from one child policy. With the stigma of terrorism linked to Islam, most Western nations have little sympathy, it was same during Rohingyas Muslim crisis and same with Uyghurs Muslim. But anyways, as long we keep using our iPhones and make that smooth morning cappuccino from De'Longhi coffee machine, chiseled out of China, most countries will remain mute (including the monkeys in UN)
  9. Indian army will be prepared. I just hope Pakistan is prepared, mobilising so many troops means demobilsing their troops from so many hotspots around Pakistan, which means likelihood of terror attacks in their big cities will increase.
  10. He said worse, he said in their position he too would do the same (use violence). This is the guy the people of Pak have voted for, someone in the past who had no qualms to commit terror attacks against his own country. "Coming out in support of two Baloch terror suspects, the cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has told a UK court he supported the violent means of protest against a government if there was no other democratic option left to follow." https://www.hindustantimes.com/world/imran-defends-terror-suspects/story-qCMKGR9aeI0oJTtVpoaMNL.html He still probably believes this, since he has always supported terror groups, the Taliban, hundreds of splinter groups in Pak and even calls OBL a hero. But now has to tow the army and decide who are good terrorists and bad terrorists. So now he is part of the Pak army institute the Balochi freedom fighters have become bad terrorists and are "backed by India", so much for his previous stand Balochis were fighting for their rights and freedom.
  11. chewy

    Fcuk China

    everyday, seems recent bouts of Chinese passive-aggressive behaviour seems the result of all Sinophobia displayed around the world due to Coronavirus. the CCP is on carefully cultivated path of Chinese century and the dominance of Han, but last 6 months has brought back all the racist and crude stereotypes of Chinese people, on the back of Wuhan virus, not least lead by Trump. just in last 1 month - HK, Australia, Vietnam and now India. Too bad the cowards won't mess with the Russians.
  12. Chingari app downloads already seeing massive jump TikTok is gone, but mind numbing 10 second video clips will still be around
  13. Imran Khan is opportunistic moron and Pak army puppet. This is same shameless Imran Khan who 10 years ago was defending the right of Balochi people to attack Pakistan soldiers and Pak government. He openly said he defends the right of Balochi people to take up arms and attack Pakistan, to fight the colonisation of Balochistan by China and Pakistan. And now suddenly, Balochi resistance is backed by India
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