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  1. Such a rubbish innings from Rahul Rohit, Kohli and Rahul need get this bullshit 'anchor' role out of their mind. Even Dhawan has moved on, but these three playing self-centered innings justifying it someone needs to stay till the end betrays their lack of ability to take advantage of powerplay.
  2. Abhishek Sharma, this must be his 3rd/4th season, seen nothing but glimpses of 1-2 sixes and out. Been given way too long a rope. Riyan Parag, not really kicked on following his dream debut season
  3. Jamieson, thought this guy was phaast, but doddling at 120-+125kph
  4. chewy

    Dubious Dube

    This guy needs to bat up the order, even in domestics, once he faces 10-20 balls he becomes an effective hitter, he is not your Hardik Pandya type hit from ball 1.
  5. They will be ok on this slowish pitches. In fact these Chennai type pitches is where Unadakt made his name in IPL.
  6. They need to drop the 2nd foreign bowling option. Get Bairstow, Warner and Williamson in. SRH Indian bowling is pretty good
  7. Unfortunately for Pandey, today commentators called him out for his slowish strike rate across his IPL career. First time heard commentators criticise him on this. Probably expect reaction from him next game...let's see.
  8. Now ex seniors using IPL matches to get back into form when they flopped in domestics. Must be tough for non international players in domestic to watch this
  9. In your Swot teams, none of them had Rahane in the XI, yet he starts today Seems like DC management missed your analysis Cant believe DC haven't got more attacking batsmen then him
  10. Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli are finished entities in limited overs. Every inch of their game is border line selfish. Indian ain't winning any ICC events with these three bobheads.
  11. Not asking for gung ho opening 10 overs, but how can set batsmen just prod along with singles and odd boundary vs 20 overs of Adil Rashid and Moen Ali. The top 4 milked them for stats padding only. England have been smart all series regards to Pandya and Pant, both have hardly faced any spin bowling all series in T20s and ODIs. Around 30-35 over mark likes of Pandya and Pant need to be in the game.
  12. This is immature from.KL, granted these guys are pro athletes and put in immense effort. But you are India first XI, every Tom dick harry is going to have opinion on you, it's part and parcel of international cricket for Indian players. This 100 and reaction reminds me of similar embarrassing reaction from Nasser Hussain in an ODI series in England vs Ind, which England lost.
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