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  1. Never seen someone more retarded than Kohli playing cricket ever. Selecting 2 spinners and no swing bowlers. And top it off, open with two batsmen who are hopeless against swing. This guy has form in these demented selections, remember Lords? Kohli and his fans just garggle each others balls. This final is an epic embarrassment, a nation of 6mil outplaying a nation 1.3b in every aspect of cricket. Heroics of Australia wiped out in 6 days by uber retard Virat Kohli. What has this guy ever won?
  2. Disappointing Delhi is a sh!tehole, should have never been held in Delhi.
  3. Shouldn't Australins go back anyway, Australia just announced ban on their on citizens to enter Australia if travelling from India.
  4. Assuming all in form, Andre Russell as overall package is number 1, later middle hard hitting batsmen, unreal strike rate of 180 and reliable bowler with mean bouncer and can crank it up 145kph plus. Also not many weaknesses when facing bowler types. Like Gayle vs off-spin and swing and Pollard vs Leg spin. 1) Russell 2) Gayle 3) Pollard 4) Warner 5) ABDV 6) Watson Not consistent enough 7) Mccullum 8) Maxwell
  5. No wonder Punjab will be contesting the wooden spoon again with this loser mentality. KL is perfectly capable of playing aggressively, if needs someone reliable late in innings then he should come down at number 4/5 and let Gayle/Simran/Mayank/Malan open.
  6. Great match, thought Curran nearly turned the match in favour of CSK. Faf
  7. India's premier opening batsman in T20s , Kohli probably just as worse, and these two will be leading India into T20 WC
  8. It's a disease amongst the India openers barring a few like Shaw and Mayank. Its understandable, likes of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are limited players in T20, but seeing KL Rahul go down this anchor role is disappointing.
  9. If it keeps millions of people indoors in India, then I would like IPL to play two matches a day and for 12 months during this pandemic.
  10. Pakistanis cricket watchers: "I don't watch IPL, I don't care about IPL, but IPL must stop, IPL players are greedy, IPL match was boring, etc.." "why are you still playing IPL " "Omg pls stop playing and watching IPL already " Chutia public salaa, Pakistanis
  11. Pakistanis cricket watchers: "I don't watch IPL, I don't care about IPL, but IPL must stop, IPL players are greedy, IPL match was boring, etc.." "why are you still playing IPL " "Omg pls stop playing and watching IPL already " Chutia public salaa, Pakistanis
  12. +1, IPL is no different to any another entertainment during lockdown and quarantine periods.
  13. IPL exists like any sports for pure entertainment for people sat at home watching TV. If you want postpone IPL, then stop all Hotstar and Netflix productions
  14. Possible new face contender for India WC T20 squad if they continue in current form: -Paddikal -Shaw -SRK Not many spots in India's squad up for grabs.
  15. Cue for Morgan to cite bubble fatigue and leave IPL by end of next week. DK to take over again.
  16. >That was some over Jadeja vs Patel Tbh none of Jadejas sixes looked brutal, Patel just lost plot and missed lengths. Jadeja was struggling entire match.
  17. Needs to ease up on slower balls, Jaddu was expecting and ripped him apart. Harshal definitely made it big, the joint most expensive over in IPL history.
  18. Faf leading from the front as senior batsmen, taking full advantage of powerplay unlike Rohit and Kohli playing selfish cricket to settle in.
  19. Raina defiently best Indian batsman in IPL history by miles. Never played with these bullshit excuse of others to 'settle' in to cover their inability to attack from start like Rohit and Kohli.
  20. Come on man, yeah the pitch was slow, but you are still expected score 150-160. You ain't getting that when Rohit is trundling at 13 off 16 in powerplay. It gets harder to bat latter, therefore even more important to take mileage out of powerplay at risk of losing 2-3 wkts. Mayank showed the way for Punjab, perished early but did his job. At the end Punjab chased the score at a canter thanks to impetus from Gayle.
  21. But is 140 good enough when couple of their counterparts are striking at 150? My bigger concern is these guys dont have that ability to score a quick 30-40 of 15 balls in powerplay. They have this demented mindset to settle in during PP and trundle to 60 off 50 balls and then tee-off after 15 overs expecting likes of Pandya to hit SR 200 every match with no time settle in. Except for Rahul neither Kohli and Rohit have the ability to take max advantage of PP, both are bang average T20 batsmen. Kohli had a brilliant world cup, but that was way back in 2016 whe
  22. Mumbai doesn't seem to need it 2nd game they have used only 3 Maybe they can loan out/sell their overseas slot to RR
  23. Another feather in the cap for Rohit Sharma, his piling on these slo-mo innings his limitation being exposed over the last few seasons. 13 off 16 balls in powerplay Finishes with 63 off 52 I would add Rahul today too, got saved by Mayank again and Galye latter.
  24. Pathetic innings from Rohit, deserved to be spanked by Punjoos XI
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