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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aavarana you guys need to read this book in English. It’s an eye opener.
  2. The only way to counter this threat is to ensure that private players have to pay the MSP rate to farmers which is set by the Government in the event Mandis are not functioning. Or the fact that if mandis are not there and private firms start undercutting the MSP, the government should be able to step in directly to buy the produce at MSP without the need for corrupt middlemen. So in essence I’m in agreement with you. For years, poor farmers have born the brunt while powerful middlemen have been making money. Now that these reforms are reducing their incomes, they have decided to i
  3. Yes I get that but where is actually written in the Bill that the MSP will be gone? Same way the CAA protestors said they feared the bill was anti Muslim and Muslims will be kicked out of the country? The whole system currently is being control by rich middlemen who charge fees and hassle the poor farmers and this directly goes into the coffers of the Punjab state government. The fear of these seths losing their immoral incomes they have resorted to spreading misinformation to poor farmers. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIGLALFAER0/?igshid=xxqwn6vw89fp Have a read
  4. Since CAA, Bills which the opposition dont like are used to spread misinformation and propaganda to fan anarchy. The PM cannot come and start holding press conferences for every single Bill the Parliament has passed with LEGAL Parliamentary majority. People need to be aware of the contents of the Bill before reacting to false propaganda and causing disturbances in society. Also why are farmers only in Punjab protesting?? If the bill was that bad farmers everywhere, from Rajasthan to WB and Maharashtra would be joining in. This is merely Congress spreading false info to farmers in t
  5. This is a joke! Now these poor people will face violent retribution on their return for 'defaming pakistan'. The blood of these people will be in the hands of the central government! Bastards
  6. anyone want to organise this in front of Momta Di’s house after the Bengal elections? #Burnolforeveryone
  7. Personal insults and Hinduphobic remarks are all you wokie liberandus can do sitting behind a laptop. shame you won’t have the guts to say it to my face. Ask me why.
  8. The Congress are now openly paying tribute to a Tyrant ruler who carried out historical genocides of Hindus and destruction of temples... hum to chewtiya bethe hain na
  9. Freedom of expression hai bhai... one way hai but hai to saheee... This is full on one way shutting down of freedom of speech for one community in the country.
  10. Instead of Liberandu Intellectuals and celebrities lecturing hindus on Diwali, i feel the impact of the environmental damage should start from within the community. nNo one is denying that there may be a slight contribution to pollution during Diwali but this does not warrant a overnight ban by governments. What I propose is the following: 1. Focus on BIGGER contributors to pollution- rich elites and their SUVs, factories, sludge dumping, crop burning, population control 2. Regulate the manufacture of fireworks- Stop allowing the import of low quality harmfu
  11. A bit late but hope everyone had a great and safe Diwali!! May 2021 be a better year for all of us.
  12. Let’s see if she has the same view when celebrities start calling out slaughtering of innocent animals on Eid. Then we will see if freedom of speech exists. Right now only Hindu festivals are being targeted so free speech is a good thing and must be allowed.
  13. Lucknow has a 50000 stadium. If UP has a pro league football and kabaddi team based here so why not cricket?
  14. They need a Northeast team based in Guwahati and and a UP team. Fed up of this Pune project again and again.
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