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  1. Tagdi kaum.... takes a mob of hundreds to kill a single unarmed man. Ye log karenge Gazwa E Hind..
  2. I really hope Loli gujara and Hahane get shown the door really quick or our test results will start our diabolical performances of LOI cricket. WORST middle order in test cricket right now: SL and Bangladesh middle order could give a better performance on helpful home pitches
  3. The FIH Hockey Pro League then returns to London for four thrilling weekends in May and June. A ticket ballot is now open to register your interest - click here for more details. 14-15 May 2022: England v New Zealand (M+W) 20-21 May 2022: England v Australia (M+W) 4-5 June 2022: England v Netherlands (M+W) 18-19 June 2022: England v Belgium (M+W) So India wont come to play Uk to play England but India has a home game against England.
  4. Thanks for the detailed response. Any idea where these matches might be streamed or viewed if you dont live in India?
  5. Exactly... if there is no televised coverage of any hockey match in between Olympics, how are people meant to consistently follow the sport and provide revenue for advertisements which drives media rights amounts. I for one have no idea when does the Indian hockey team plays serious matches outside CWG, Olympics and maybe Asian Games. SO if the team isnt playing CWG and participating in Asian games in Aug, so what has the team been doing till then since the Tokyo Olympics finished? @Gollum?
  6. THIS I have been saying this for a couple of years on here to all you emotional posters- the BCCI and players themselves dont give a GHANTA for international cricket, only priority for them is IPL. The money they make from international cricket is because of numpty bhakt fans who invest so much of their life in this nonsense sport.
  7. after playing a grand total of.. wait for it... 11 test matches?
  8. BJP is full of donkeys and do not have a designated PR head which fact checks tweets before they are sent out it by senior leaders. Idiots
  9. Justification to now call in the paramilitary and army to clear the area? If the life of the common tax paper continues to be made hell by these fake farmers, BJP will be demolished in the next election. Now that the farm laws are going to be repealed, protestors have no justification to stay- if Gov does nothing, they will be seen as ineffective cucks
  10. Did you take an extra dose of oestrogen today? why are you being such a simp and not laughing at some banter? I didnt see you that riled up to oppose religious bigotry shown by bakis after the India Pak match? Or is all your outrage reserved for hindus who stand up for themselves? Oh wait youre a Mallu... makes sense
  11. Let’s not be fooled- if the tour is cancelled. Kohli and the rest will be jumping with joy- more time to spend relaxing with families and advertisement shooting and shopping. They are secretly hoping not to play in another bio bubble
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