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  1. There is talks that people will bypass the ban by accessing the app via a VPN. Maybe that is the case but the Gov should also bring a supplementary law that any company caught sponsoring or paying for marketing to any TikTok ‘star’ in the future, it will be a hefty fines in the crores. You need to stop their revenue streams so they think twice before making this a ‘career’
  2. Haaan foreign countries tum jaise chewtiyon ke liye haath khol ke khadi hai na. Delusion ki bhi koi hadh hoti hai.
  3. following in his grandmother's footsteps i see #Tashkent
  4. As long is Bollywood funding is coming from ISI and Dawood, then these are a distinct and clear possibility. We cannot physically stop Jihadi elements from making these films but a massive backlash movement to educate people of the whitewashing and subsequent boycotting of these films in theatres by audience is the only way for us to hit back.
  5. Surgical strike by dropping in bats and dogs on the chinese side of the LAC.
  6. Give the Army a free hand as KPS Gill was given to wipe out Punjab insurgency and this fellow was a mere IPS officer. Imagine that confidence and freedom for the Army.
  7. @Manny_Pacquiao https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/18/tory-islamophobia-inquiry-chair-swaran-singh-in-fresh-row-over-kashmir A sikh professor who was heading up the committee for investigating Islamophobia within the Conservative Party had to resign because A muslim peer from the same party accused him of Islamophobia because he highlighted the hypocrisy in the Kashmir situation regarding victimhood and how minority Pandits and Sikhs have been ignored by the political establishment. So just for stating facts he was hounded out of his position by Muslim Conservative politicians.
  8. Nope from my knowledge, there is no tangible association with Hindu temples here. As I said the old uncles on the committees are focused on internal politics for power grabbing they dont let young ideas come into the running of temples to promote the faith to kids free of politics. There might be a time that within a generation local temples in UK might cease to exist as there is no personal connection to the faith to sustain the places of worship. Its not about racism. Brown people face racism in equal measures because the common white person cannot differentiate between hindus sikhs and muslims. Its the fact that Labour have politicised the Khalistani and Sikh rights subtly from their ISI lobbyists who want gurudwaras and sikh community in the UK to continue spewing anti India rhetoric. The Labour party is sympathetic to the cause therefore sees support from both muslims and sikhs. When it came out that the conservative gov of Thatcher sent in a SAS to help train the indian army before Operation Blue Star, that also has painted the Tories as a Pro India party, but in reality they themselves have done nothing tangible to show support for India. Hindus vote more for conservatives because they dont like Labour and conservatives are for the economically well off ( which hindus are) as opposed to voting for them because Conservatives are Pro India, which I cannot say for sure.
  9. I agree with this. The master plan for the separatists in the Valley is: 1. Give out the impression that Kashmiri muslims want to live side by side with the Hindus and plea for them to return. 2. When these families arrive back, they are open targets for militants to attack them and repeat 1990 again. 3. Then the J&K parties will blame the government for not providing adequate security to the pandits and will wash their hands off this. You cannot de-radicalise the entire valley till you go the China route. Till then heavily guarded societies for Pandits need to be create with entry of any muslim barred. Ex service men should be encouraged to live there as well. Arm and train the pandits in self defence so atleast they have an equal footing when it comes to being attacked first.
  10. It’s hard to say what the exact ratio is. The majority of Sikh voters are Labour. And I’m confused as to how BJP as a political party has influence in UK mandirs? The committees themselves are always having internal politics and some of them personally might like BJP but not way the party has any influence on mandirs. There is a UK wing of the RSS which is called the HSS but this is full of gujji old men and have no substantial influence on UK Hindus. Gurudwaras on the other hand are controlled by their committees but as a lot of the 2/3rd generation Sikhs are anti India and Khalistani then they already have a cause under which politics and ideology is spread in their temples and communities. They closely work with Kashmiri separatists and Pakistanis in the UK to mobilise against India and have mass rallies every year on June about 1984 and their desire for a 2020 independence’ referendum’. The Conservative government has no particular desire to get involved in gurudwaras as a lot of Sikhs don’t like the Tories and Boris.
  11. LordPrabhzy

    Jazzy B

    DJ Harv in the above tweets is a DJ in a big music roadshow and wedding company Kudos in the UK. i am in two minds whether to put a formal complain to Kudos about this fuddu as he has basically threatened a woman with death because she disagrees with his views.
  12. Yep they do. I even found out that an ex British MP from Glasgow is now a senator in Pakistan parliament. The Pakistan backer lobby is so strong in the UK that they have increased their backing of Khalistani elements here to change their narrative about 1984 from what it was to anti RSS/BJP/Hindu rhetoric. well voting behaviour is very interesting as most of the educated brown folk in the UK are Hindus in comparison with the other communities, most of them Gujarati Hindus so have a strong affiliation to modi and BJP since 2014. They have started to shift their votes to Conservatives since the 2015 election but a lot of the Muslim and Sikh voting bloc still votes for Labour. Most of the current muslim and Sikh MPs are from Labour. So yes there is a political divide between Asians in the UK where Hindus - conservatives, BJP and Pro modi/India on one side and Sikhs/Muslims - Labour, anti India/Hindu, pro Pakistan/Kashmir/Khalistan on the other.
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