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  1. It’s ironic that most Indian Muslims are decendents of the products of mass rapes and forced conversions to Islam.. they have no gene or ethnic connection with Arabs or central turkics I’m so glad I’m still a Hindu cos my ancestors fought for survival and didn’t compromise our faith. their praise right now is part of their wider inferiority complex which compels them to try assert dominance over kaffirs just to get validation from their high masters
  2. I understand you but to 'take up arms'- who is going to FUND them? Where are local KPs going to go to get these arms? The Army will not act outside their boundaries to provide them weapons as we are a professional army, not an 3rd rate amry full of Jihadis like Pakistan. Hindus do not spend money to build temples you think they will spend money to buy arms? But i do agree that Hindus do NOT have the backing of the "hindutva" ruling party to retaliate in numbers to provocation as they are the first ones to be tried and prosecuted while the criminals are left scot free. This is Modi
  3. Although I have been calling for this for months do you know how this can be possible? Who is going to arm them? - The BJP/RSS ? they cant even protect people being killed in Bengal post election many of them were grassroot workers. They are busy lathi charging and tear gassing KPs when they do decide to peacefully protest. Cant protect them in the valley but have enough resources to beat them and arrest them when they protest. - Hindus? Fattu hindus across india dont have the will to create and fund defence militias to protect KPs in the valley. The Kashmir Files
  4. Akshay just being akshay and acting-- total bakwas casting Also har film mai bc romance ghusana hai
  5. Not surprised at West Bengal number... when you have a state full of Gov sponsored illegal Bangladeshi migrants then they deffo not going to join the Indian army will they
  6. Patiala was a Hindu majority city- 2011 census so must be even more now.. and yet they can let khalistani bastards stone their mandir and attempt kill people- salle hindu murde bhete hain soch rahe hain Modi ayga bachane. They voted enmasse for AAP for freebees and now they will reap what they have sown- Punjab will now burn.
  7. Watch- he will be selected for the England test match citing his amazing form in county and acclimatisation to conditions. I mean I have been the biggest proponents of dropping Pujara for months- BUT if he is scoring centuries in the same conditions for the Test match then its only right we reward him with a one off place and see if he can replicate or become a failure once more. No one else in the test team will get any first class practice before this test match anyway..
  8. one thing ive noticed- going for no SL players in the IPL for 2/3 seasons to suddenly having 4/5 contracted at once? Is this implying that teams feel the SL cricket team is improving?
  9. well the quality of County cricket is the dump now... England's test team's quality is a testament to that.
  10. how can you not have a local team from the biggest and most populated state in the country ? They should go one step further and have a team from the North east- get them in the cricketing fold, which might improve the level of the ranji teams from there. An area of 45 million and no representation in IPL from there. i agree with your point about having multiple teams from places like Mumbai and Delhi.. works in big bash. And also in premier league London has like 5 football teams
  11. hindus must be the only chewt woke community who pick and chose and distort religious rituals.. try doing this during an anand karaj or an islamic wedding, theyll behead you right there. 'Launda Den"- it would have been best if her mother actually swallowed, would have saved us the trouble of witnessing this nautanki
  12. Gujjis gve nothing for free... nako
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