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  1. A pointless contract... whats even the point of just 3 games. You need 2/3 games itself just to adjust to english conditions.
  2. Not even picked to play against Worcestershire...
  3. Was BCCI living in some La la land? did they expect bio bubbles not to be broken in a land of 1.5 billion people and 300K plus cases reported every day? what a bunch of jokers.
  4. Nothing new with Punjab.... KL and Gayle cant keep making runs and the middle order collapses.. going from 100-2 to probs 140-9 at this rate
  5. 1. That money will eventually finish ( as he has no physical attributes to endorse and model for products to continue the money stream) 2. And his above marketability was dependent on him being a regular Indian player which meant he was captains fav in RCB.. once that central contract goes, his brand value in IPL will also go. Lets not kid ourselves.. she only married him because he was a team india/RCB player with some money. If he wasnt she wouldnt even employ him to wash her plates.
  6. Dhanashree is reconsidering this marriage.. at this rate Chahal might be out it a central contract soon.
  7. The fact that SRH have all 3 Afghan t20 players in their team and this country has the most representation of all other Asian countries ( Pak, SL, Bang and Nepal) which shows that more these Afghan players become role models and are able to invest some of their riches in grassroot cricket in Afghanistan, it will not take long for them to be on the same level as Bangladesh and SL ( or even better) No way India should poach him or he should decide to play for India. Earning money and playing for your country is two different things.
  8. They have done the same with Hockey. negate the strengths of Asian teams. We haven’t won a hockey Olympics medal for god knows how many years, and our spinners have become ineffective in ODI matches and our pacers are unable to utilise reverse swing. Since this rule change, England has benefited the most playing on patta English tiny grounds. Absolute c**nts.
  9. Our bowling has never been an issue since the 2018 SA tour.. its been our batters which have let us down time and time again esp. in England where they are clueless against the swinging ball.
  10. When you have Bumrah, Ishant, Shami, Umesh ( Saini and Thakur as back up) why do you need Bhuvi who hasnt played a test match in a very long time. He'll break down again in the middle of the match.
  11. Congratulations paaji. Full enjoyment karo their kids will be a punjabi/gujji/Tamil hybrid
  12. Taras khao yaar, he’s got a beautiful wife only because he’s a Team India player and plays for Kohlis IPL team.. if he’s dropped for good she will leave him for sure.
  13. I think that’s not a fair assessment. He loved tests so much he played them during ODIs..
  14. Pant is already ranked 7 in the ICC test rankings(Kohli is 5) - above Pujara and Rahane who are sliding down the table. Dhoni was never even in the top 20 batsmen i tests ever in his career. Big fat egg on those who didn’t believe in Pant.
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