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  1. what a rank full toss... Boom Boom tighten your lenghts
  2. who is this Naik.. he looks like Ramsh Pawar 2.0
  3. why is De Kock not wearing keeper pads? is this a new tatti trend set by the IPL?
  4. they should fortify the damn place to the hilt... landmine the damn surroundings in a 500m radius. Have armed guards with patrolling.. any sign of attempted infiltration, shoot the bastards. Also arm and train the KP families living their in self defence. Give them martial arts and weapons training. Make them self sufficient to defend themselves if the need arises.
  5. I give up with Punjab.. every bloody year.
  6. would people watching on TV rather have an empty stadium experience aka Golf? this has been trialed in the English premier league and it works. Im not sure why people are complaining about fake noise overacting... the actual indian crowds in IPL matches are cringe and over excited anyway so whats the issue here.
  7. Do you actually live in the UK or you’re passing your running commentary from Pakistan?
  8. LordPrabhzy


    Najaiz aulad is still anyday better than bikhari kaum..
  9. LordPrabhzy


    Bhikari kaum...
  10. Tony baba is enough for them. Who needs support staff.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised to see foreign players leave UAE as they don’t want to take chances. And the repercussions of this if IPL gets cancelled that all other franchises bring a class action lawsuit against CSK for breaking bio sphere protocols before leaving India which has led to this. classic Dhoni style *ing up things for everyone else. Chewt
  12. Amir caught applying saliva to the ball
  13. Serial age fudgers they are. Man looks 45 Also looks like 3/11 English players are Greenbros!
  14. This is the true nature of these so called vocal muslims.. if given the chance and right environment they will be the same. Can someone remind me where are riots happening.. or police stations being attacked or cars lit on fire because of the offence caused to us..? And yet we are hindutva, cow piss drinker goons.
  15. Sorry to be a killjoy... but what actually is the purpose of a statistical analysis to this extent on legends who have already retired? They have already scored runs and accumulated them to be labelled as a past legend. imo people have a lot of spare time on their hands.. the focus should be on how well current batsmen are doing and are they/not scoring runs? Are they helping their team win crucial matches?
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