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  1. Don't think Jadeja is disliked. On the contrary, he seems to have a big fan base. Agree with the rest.
  2. Yeah our bowling was weak for Australian conditions. But you need to keep in mind that it was picked for home conditions. Also I wouldn't look much into speeds in 2011, as bowlers usually tend to bowl cutters and slower balls in India. They could ramp up the pace in favourable conditions. Zaheer and Yuvi had a great tournament with the ball in 2011. If Shami and Ashwin could succeed in 2015 WC, I see no reason why the former couldn't have.
  3. But unlike tests, ODIs are a batsman's game. And India in 2011 had a beast of a top 7, one of the best ever in history. It was versatile and full of clutch players. Not to forget more or less the same team beat Aus in the CB series of 2008.
  4. You have to consider the field of competition. 2019 was the weakest by far. SA, SL and Pak have declined massively since 2011. Even Aus11>Aus19. Only NZ and BD teams were stronger in 2019. Still England could only manage to win by a hairline margin. The were also close to being knocked out in the group stage itself. I am willing to bet both IND11 and AUS15 will beat ENG19 more often than not.
  5. Sehwag is a must have, in all formats, for all-time India XIs. Technical shortcomings not withstanding, the guy was unique. We have so many run machines in the lineup who will provide consistency. We could afford/need a swashbuckler like Sehwag. Sehwag Sharma Tendulkar Kohli Yuvraj Dhoni (c) wk Kapil Kumble Kuldeep/Harbhajan Shami Bumrah
  6. I would still take Sachin over Rahane in the test team. Seriously, won't do worse and can also bowl.
  7. Tbf we had a good chance of beating England, if the match had happened. However beating Australia in the finals would be a tall order.
  8. Looks like our SF is going to be definitely washed away, putting us straight into the finals. Chances of 2nd SF happening looks bleak too, thus making it an India vs SA final.
  9. Rao is a smart guy. It was the reporter who asked him this question. What did you guys expect him to say. When supreme leader Ganguly and King Kohli are unable to stand up to Dhoni, what can you expect from a small fish like Rao.
  10. In tests it has to be Kohli. Don't confuse his LoIs captaincy with tests. He is poor at containing runs hence he struggles in LoIs and IPL, but tests are all about taking wickets and he is excellent at that. The same bowlers who played under Dhoni have now become a lot more lethal under him.
  11. He was quite good today actually. Had a couple of dropped catches.
  12. He is still a lock in the test squad. With an aging Saha and no other real backups, he will get more than fair amount of chances in tests, which is the most important format according to our kaptaan. He can surely get back in LoIs on the back of his IPL and test performances. He has age on his side too. So if his International career tanks, it will totally be his own responsibility.
  13. ^A bit off topic but I would say Shami is grossly underrated, even on this forum. The guy is our most lethal bowler,(across formats) ever! Could arguably make both the All-time Indian Test and ODI XIs, imo. But yet had to sit on the bench in a WC SF for average players like Bhuvi and Chahal.
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