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  1. When they add new teams they should also increase the oversees limit to 5. Need to maintain the quality too.
  2. Maxwell is an excellent addition. Siraj has improved significantly. They have found a talented domestic pacer in Patel. Jamison is a handy all rounder. They have certainly improved from last season. I back them to reach playoffs.
  3. Not to forget he brings in half the fanbase of CSK alone. Also he is much more influential within BCCI than any other captain that CSK could find.
  4. Even in it's worst years CSK is still a better team than the likes of Punjab, Rajasthan. With the NRR boost they have received they just might walk into the playoffs.
  5. Jadeja has lots of intangibles which his competitors don't. His fielding is phenomenal, can swing matches alone. He has tonnes of experience and the knack of performing at big stages. Also brings a certain energy to the field which others don't. The team has invested in him a lot over the years, with fairly good dividend. You don't just junk an established International player in middle of his purple patch.
  6. Lol Rajasthan fielders trying their best to get MSD back on strike.
  7. They were unlucky that Archer got injured. And Fizz is a skillful 'trundler'. He is on par with Bhuvi imo. Their pace attack isn't so bad.
  8. I am not a fan of Punjab, but felt they had the best jersey of all teams hands down. The new design looks cheap and bland. Also the acronym KXIP seemed iconic. Why the * they had to change it to PKM#@B!
  9. He takes things for granted in IPL. There's virtually no pressure on his IPL captaincy.
  10. KL used to be my favorite T20 player a couple of years back. Now I wouldn't mind him being dropped for Iyer. Let Kohli open.
  11. That guy should be thankful he remained captain for a decade. The decade which was worst in Indian cricket history hands down. Even after getting caught fixing, he became a MP and now heads a state cricket board. Compare that with Kapil Dev, who has been perennially shunned by the BCCI for basically endorsing just one season of a legal cricket tournament.
  12. Don't judge them on the basis of IPL. They take it for granted and thus play selfishly. They will come good in international T20s.
  13. I would have Shami instead of Siraj. He's much better death bowler and takes plenty of wickets too.
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