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  1. Agree that BJP needs to do a lot more on the issue of illegal rohingyas. But you can't question their commitment to the 'Hindu cause'. Like I said before they are the only option left for Hindu Nationalists. Just look at the response of the administration towards rioters in BJP ruled states. They have bulldozed dozens of illegal properties of rioters and booked hundreds of them under stringent acts. In Yogi's 'big & wild' UP there hasn't been a single incident of stone pelting. Such is his fear. Compare that with Non-BJP states. In Rajasthan's Karauli the mastermi
  2. Bhai there's a whole ecosystem of political parties and NGOs facilitating the settlement of illegal bangladeshis long before Modi came to power. They even made fake ids on their behalf. Throwing them out is very complex and difficult. It requires enormous political will which can only come if people hit the streets in massive numbers demanding NRC. Not by writing posts online. Where were we when Modi was being called 'fascist' for implementing CAA/NRC? Why didn't we hit the streets in support of NRC?
  3. BJP is just a political party. Can only work within the confines of law. Plus it already has too many enemies. Even Shiv Sena pussied out from their hardcore Hindutva stand. BJP is the only option for Hindu nationalists. If you want to control these jihadis you have to give them their own medicine. There is no other way. Common Hindus must be armed for self protection.
  4. https://twitter.com/ARanganathan72/status/1514233500614152204?s=20&t=FuElMf-QKCQV7PwwvL6B7w
  5. AuxiliA

    KGF 2

    Is the part one really that good and worth the hype? I am thinking about watching it this weekend. Should I?
  6. It seems he is looking for an IPL contract now.
  7. That's how it works in Pakistan. Make hay while the sun shines. Once you lose power your enemies will come after you like vultures. Has been happening since their inception.
  8. The best thing IK has done from India's POV is that he destroyed Pak's relation with the USA. Especially in these times when India has to walk a very tight rope between the West and Russia. US won't be able to use Pak as a bargaining chip when dealing with India, as they have been doing it in the past. US can't afford to lose India in the region. No wonder pak army is trying to boot this idiot out.
  9. Don't know about the distant future but AAP will surely boost the BJP in the short run by cutting into Congress votes, both in state and LS elections. If you look at vote % of every election since 2014, BJP is either growing or have retained their voters. Paties like AAP, TMC, SP, etc are growing at the expense of Congress, not BJP. Only Cong can beat BJP at the national level. AAP has a very long way to go.
  10. The most unfortunate humans on earth are the non-muslims living in pakistan.
  11. He's an incapable administrater and a worse politician. Doesn't have a sense what a PM should and shouldn't say. Has no long term vision. Became PM only due to his hype and "chalo isko bhi try karte hai“. Just a few days back he tells the OIC, who were kind enough to come to Pak for a conference, that they are a "failed" organization and "no one takes them seriously" lol. Speaks more like a gully mohalla leader than a PM. His clown ministers are even worse. No wonder they fail at diplomacy so badly. Modi gives zero f*cks about him, Biden hasn't even had a single telep
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