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  1. Shami must play over Thakur and Bhuvi. He's our most lethal bowler. Pairs really well with Bumrah.
  2. Damn this is like test matches in UAE. Looks like a dull boring draw for the first 4 days, then suddenly comes alive on the 5th.
  3. Top teams don't take T20Is seriously until the WC comes around. The last one was 5½ years ago. Even the current mediocre Pak team was no 1 for quite a while during this dull period.
  4. SENA batsmen will struggle in these conditions. WI ones are past their primes. If we don't do a '30 minutes of shitshow' again, we have a great opportunity to win the whole damn thing.
  5. What if they don't start with Imad on seeing a leftie open for us. We shouldn't alter our settled opening pair for just one bowler, who might not even be a threat for us. Rahul and Rohit are both class players and not some hacks. They can deal with Imad I feel. Bigger threat will be Shaheen for us.
  6. English is phonetically a very poor/limited language. Most Indian languages are much better in this regard.
  7. Aus v SA at DSC Eng v WI at DSC BD v SL at S'jah Ind v Pak at DSC AFG v SCO at S'jah
  8. Bollywood has been hated for a long time not just recently. They were slammed for stealing scripts and music, glorifying fair skin/demeaning dark skin, propagating awful racial/regional stereotypes, connections with the underworld, money laundering, casting couch, sexist/misogynistic content and most importantly making brainless movies which makes India a laughing stock on International level. Funny how some people and media in recent years have started projecting them as social reformers with a heart of gold. Truth is they are motivated by Fame and Money not public we
  9. Not saying there's anything wrong with this kind of publicity. The sources in the article are dodgy. Won't be surprised if it is just a PR plant like the blinds or even fake news by the media. IPL nowadays has become way bigger than Bollywood among the youth. Certainly more respected. BW has to compete with other regional industries, Hollywood, Web series, etc. IPL has no competition in India.
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