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  1. They also removed the offside rule. Killed the art of dribbling, which we and Pakistani were superior at compared to European teams.
  2. Jadeja is the better allrounder. And it's Shardul that has replaced Ashwin as the bowler, not Jadeja.
  3. Agar India mein betting legal hoti, to Kohli ke toss record se crorepati ban jata.
  4. Liked Jalolov a lot. He was his country's flag bearer and is a pro boxing world champ. Yet seems very humble by boxing standards. Also, he was quite generous against Satish, no dirty punches or excessive agression. Praised him too after the bout. That match could have been a lot more one sided.
  5. ICC and BCCI should try getting Cricket into Olympics. Lots of 'lesser' sports are already their, why not cricket. ICC events get a fair amount of TV revenue, Olympics will too. Will be a massive boost, especially for womens cricket. Also 2 more medal opportunities for subcontinent nations.
  6. That's much fairer. Amit Panghal (World no1) faced an (unseeded) Rio silver medalist in his first match itself.
  7. Does making SF in wrestling ensure Bronze (like in boxing)? Edit: No it doesn't.
  8. The team is perfect. Just get on with it.
  9. Forget about the final being played in Asia, if the Southampton pitch starts aiding the spinners even a little bit, 'they' will start accusing ICC of favouring BCCI. Some of our own people here will join them.
  10. No way is NZ gonna bowl first, knowing they will have to chase against Ashwin, Jadeja and Shami in the 4th inng.
  11. Enough talk about the bowling. They will come through. It's the batting which will be crucial. The senior batsmen- Rohit, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, must do the heavy lifting. Can't leave it to the rest.
  12. Love this team. That bowling line up deserved to play together at least once. They have been the main pillars of our test team for almost a decade. The best all condition bowling attack in the world hands down. Fitting that they play in the inaugural WTC final. As for Siraj, no need to be disheartened. He will surely play another WTC final in future.
  13. Who would you have rather dropped to accomodate Siraj?
  14. Man if they drop Jadeja for that spud Vihari or a 4th pacer, I won't bother watching the match. As if the rain forecast wasn't frustrating enough.
  15. Jadeja-Ashwin aren't just spinners. They are all-rounders. I have more faith in Jadeja's batting than Vihari's. Ashwin isn't far behind either. Jadeja 2.0 can play as a batsman alone in our lower middle order. And Ashwin can be much more useful than a 4th seamer who can't bat.
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