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  1. After 1970s : Sachin Gavaskar Dravid Kohli Javed Sehwag Inzamam Sangakkara Zaheer Abbas Vishwanath Laxman Aravinda Vengasarkar Ganguly Jayawardene Jayasuriya Younis
  2. We won few cups due to Dhoni's nerves of steel. ( PS: I am a thala hater post 2015) We were bottlers during ganguly era and bottlers even now.
  3. Will miss Kedar Jadhav .... A real silent performer, much better than overrated shaw, gill, hardik and pant.
  4. Sehwag has lost hand eye coerdination but not sachin, still got it. Look at the timing and placements, at age of 47
  5. Cricketer or politician or bureaucrat doesn't matter who is in office as BCCI president
  6. Unadkat is much better than crappy bumrah
  7. We are at comfortable position with 97 runs lead and 4 solid wickets in the bank
  8. He will smash double at strike rate of 70
  9. Looks like we are crushing Kiwis here. 100 from puji and cracking 150 from Shaw coming. Boult southee wagner are trundlers
  10. 4th inning here will be on 3rd and 4th day. So, chasing 300 will be advantage NZ. 350 is even stevens.
  11. Oh no jamie missed 50. He deserved that
  12. Well done jamie. Wish we had such player
  13. Jamie will get the lead calm down folks. Its not no8,9 for us this is no3 and 4
  14. Lambu bhaiya is bad guy, a very bad bad guy (read in Trumps voice)
  15. Jitna banana hai bana lene do...jitna lutna hai loot lo...ab kya predict karna
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