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  1. Bhuvi Looks a bit of a worry for WC. Need to see couple of matches more .
  2. Hope this last over is the turning point for him to be considered as permanent member of RR eleven. And good performances in IPL this year should pave the way to be considered in few T20 /ODIs in coming bilaterals for India. Even Umesh yadav had a similar opportunity in his initial years in IPL but he could not defend the score and was mostly in out of team eleven. For me this kid should play few matches for India in T20 & ODI bi laterals( At least one match vs NZ -to get a feel of aggressive hitting he will encounter going forward) in the coming season , No need for 2 season wait
  3. If pitch is placid we will see Jaddu, R Chahar will be put under attack in most of the matches . Even Shami at the top will be attacked . And Bhuvi will be target after initial spell . India will do well only if Bhuvi & R Chahar come really Good . Varun C & Bumrah are expected to be good .If they do excellent then we may be in top 4 .
  4. Do not understand what these guys are talking about ? What targeting means ? something other than winning ? If its winning then , does that mean they earlier were coming to lose ? Real Jokers .
  5. Thats why he is playing in MO for Mumbai this season. India needs a leftie in MO to attack spinners .
  6. AND there is the weakness . -Against quick pace just stands and pokes at balls outside of off . - Short rising balls at quick pace will trouble him
  7. Way back couple of years i thought Ruturaj has something about him and thought he would be good option for MO for 50 overs matches. At that time i was convinced that he is very good in playing in gaps and playing over the head for boundaries . Plays late and uses the crease against spinners really well. But was not sure if he is good against pace and can he play attacking shots against pace. I think we have the answer now. He plays pace quite well too . Plays sweep and reverse sweep too . Can handle slower ones & Yorkers also decently as he watches till the very last minute
  8. The respect has to come from both sides and not from only one side . India has seen many captains/greats and generally they have been well treated bar few exceptions like punishment when captain took up player remuneration , few episodes of Bedi & Gavaskar . If you do not show respect to other side and antagonize others , you will have to pay for it. There is a limit set for player and captain , you cannot cross that . Kohli was very well treated & respected for last 7 years even though he exceeded his limits in selection of 15, 11 , selection of coach etc. Tell me whi
  9. But he has refused it seems . He makes enough money as MI coach , in Hundreds , now he will be in demand in BB too. Does make much difference plus more relaxed job perhaps,
  10. He is back to his time where part timers had good time . With new rules that time has gone now . .
  11. Another total selfish guy . He will be even more vengeful to just latch on to it as long as possible.
  12. The buddy group of players of Kaptaan are out now . What remains mainly now is the guys who had the misfortune of being oppressed at some point in time or those who are living in a "Darr ka mahoul hai " environment of their place in the team. All of these guys were just hoping for some corrective action from the very top in BCCI. Winds will blow very quickly now.
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