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  1. May be 3 factors must have weighed in while going in for tall , accurate & quicker spinners looking at the style of play of Eng batsmen. 1. Sweep & Reverse Sweep - Root alone has played more than 130 sweeps in SL and score > 130 . If he does this in India fate of the series will be changed . 2. Coming down and lofting - they have destroyed our slower spinners when ball is flighted . 3. Batting ability of these players who are some what nearer to Jaddu than pure spinners . Is the thinking that to counter the above , have spinners who may get more bounce
  2. My vote would have been Kamlesh if he gets back his zip . But do not know will we see best of him . He could have been very useful even in middle overs attacking the stumps at high pace . Since in one dayers you need to avoid being slaughtered just pace is not going to work. I would look for a guy who is quick but some good variations too. By 2019 i thought Prasidh will be front runner - in that IPL he bowled different types of deliveries in one over at the death including dipping yorker which only Bravo has mastered . But i get a feeling he has not scaled up. Disppointing IPL this
  3. I feel Sundar can very well replace Jaddu in 50 overs in 2-3 years . The ceiling is quite high for him in batting & Bowling. We are seeing what he is today and then start comparing . This man won't remain where he is today . He will work on both areas and will be an asset. There is a place for even a tight bowler if your team is capable of putting 300+ say 7 out of 10 times under normal pitch conditions . Eg- Moin /Rashid not great but become good in Eng Team as team pile up big runs . 1. He is accurate , Bowls quick and does not go for runs . Remember how Ash was init
  4. Nadeem has regressed a bit. He has a weak bowling shoulder ... there was some mention recently .
  5. You never noticed how VK celebrates with Ash , When Ash takes a wicket and how he cebrates when others take wickets . Watch earlier years videos. You will notice it is spontaneous as with others.
  6. I got mad stressing this fact so may times ... but ..
  7. ODIs ----Openers ----1. Rohit / Mayank2. Dhawan / Gill .... prefer Gill as first choice In next 2 years - Need one player whose primary job is to play aggressively - Try Shaw & Samson, KL Looking at a player who can hit length deliveries /back up length deliveries on stumps and score runs . Also a good puller /cutter/Ramp shot player. Basically get runs against test match type bowling. Check if Pant has it in him to play in this role . Some out of the box thinking. Post Rohit /Dhawan era - My choices are Gill , KL ,Shaw Othe
  8. TEST MATCHES ---- Openers ---- 1. Gill / Shaw 2. Rohit / Mayank This is a very iffy opening pair in ENG & NZ and to some extent in AUS & SA . Should have atleast one opener who is a true opener and has good experience as opener in Domestic. . My vote is to test Eashwaran. or even move Puji to open and bring Gill to #3. Batsman-keeper ---- 6. Pant ... no proper back-up as Saha can't bat in the top 6 No choices but to test K Bharat & Ishan Kishan (esp. if he succeeds in 50 overs - should be groomed upwards for test) . Batting
  9. Atleast there are minimum 5-6 names in this list that will not make no difference even if they are replaced right away . There are better personnel already existing.
  10. The enormity of the achievement should take into account of the fact with India A team in Sudney & with INdia B team in Gabba they fought and won the series . In other series which are being compared it was almost equal strength full squads . There lies the critical difference
  11. Nothing special . just rotate , so that 2 more potential openers are ready . If Dhawan still in hot form by 23 and not injured , he can play WC23 . Stressing again prepare for worst and keep alternatives absolutely battle ready.
  12. We are not playing WC2023 test but 50 overs . Hence all those who are potential players should be playing ODI in their preferred position and the best players for each position need to identified . If some one is playing Test , they are the best for those positions as per TM & hence they are given chances in Test . But for some bias & preference , even rotation of top 3 would also have started. Winds of change to start soon. We will see first glimpse perhaps in ENG ODI series in March .
  13. Meant rotate the 3 so that you give exposure to players like Gill so that they have 20+ one day experience by 23 WC. Where is the need to play all these 3 guys in all the bi laterals when there is no WC50 event . What we want to see by playing them ? Experience , skill ?? What if we end up in a situation like this AUS tour where entire bowling unit went down . Then what to do ? Play KL , Pant , GIll , Shaw , Iyer, Hardik, and a set of new bowlers who can be back ups and prepare a team where you can have 2 players as options if needed for each position. No point in jus
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