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  1. Very very high chance of Shaw making the cut . If he cannot make even B team , that will be sad selection . I cannot see many in india so gifted with range of strokes. He should be supported now in A teams . B teams so that he can be a candidate post WC for national team in short format.
  2. Watch it again where Pant asks him to go round and see his bowling from that point on wards . Bowling round the wicket is easy but bowling with same effectiveness as your strong point may not be . It may need some more time to perfect . Look at World's best Test bowler Cummins and his effectiveness against Right handers and Lefties , there is some dip in that vs Lefties . We cannot argue that since he is so good against RH batsmen , he should be equally same against Lefties too. He will work out those to remain potent against both . Also reason why Avesh this year is bowling yo
  3. More than that Pant asked him to go round the wicket which right now he has not mastered it seems . Lost his control totally , bowled wides . Should have just left him to bowl what he does best over the wicket . He would have bowled those yorkers and slower ones . Captain should know the strong points of a player and not mess with it esp. with a young inexperienced player like Avesh.
  4. Good thing about Avesh this year , seem to have slogged his ass out and has control in bowling Yorkers now . Secondly and most importantly for me , he bowls a slightly slower ball but no noticeable change in arm rotation. He is not trying real slower ones but one around 120+ , Added to height gets good bounce on his slower ones . Better to see someone not trying slower one just for the sake of variation but one which can fool batsmen. Avesh Big surprise for me this year , while the bowling of Siraj is the most heartening this year not only from short format but really from Test for
  5. He did great with normal good length incoming deliveries in the last 2 games and so he just stuck to that . As Shaw mentioned today , he is playing him for 3-4 years and perhaps knows his bowling well. Issue was he went for slow deliveries as change and lost control . I think well directed bouncer was the best option against Shaw . He had got him in an earlier match a bumper. May be he is a bit like Srinath , not able to think on hos toes and make out his second best option based on batsmen facing.
  6. There is place in T20 for a batting all rounder , someone who can bowl couple of overs in every match with decent returns and can get some quick runs at 140+ towards the end and also a good fielder . It will be great if India invests in some young guys so that they can scale up one level high and can be a good replacement in time to come . Some of the contenders -> Abhishek Sharma , Lalit yadav, Samad Lalit yadav is the new face to emerge this IPL. From whatever little seen in this IPL , there is something about him which makes me feel , may be this is the guy who shoul
  7. Very good player of spin. Plus a player who finds gaps without being too flashy with risky shots . A right candidate for future #4 in 50 overs .
  8. Basically his main USP is Slowing the pace . This novelty works till batsmen gets hang of it . Undercutter did very well in one season and then batsmen started getting after him , same goes for Kaul . Such guys generally pick up cheap wickets during last 3-4 overs of the match . Not sure if he can sustain this mystery for next season too.
  9. Is not this pitch better than Chennai pitch ? Little more bounce too and long boundaries compared to Mumbai .
  10. Was bowling 145-148 several balls in a AUS A triangular match series in 2018-19 in Blore. Injuries have come in between and in IPL now the requirement as per TM must be not conceding too many runs . I think 149 was the fastest in that match
  11. Well Shaw's running is well discussed , has enough attention given to KL's running. Just refuses to take 2 s . Atrocious for a 27-28 yr old .
  12. Good that he is not in the picture for T20s. Let him play Tests & 50 overs where strike rate of 100+ is fine . It good for him too. Re: T20 strike rate , within couple of years all these crap will stop . Players will have to play with high strike rate or else they will not find a place in team.
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