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  1. There were some very good spells no doubt where we have seen fear in batsmens' eyes esp BD & SL batters vs Shami & Umesh . But the standard of those batters and WI of those teams was not comparable to AUS, ENG NZ against pace. That should also be considered. Thats why Umesh vs Aus in Dharamshala was really good where batsmen were shaken up by him . Pitch was bit helpful for fast bowling.
  2. We need to be little patient. Feel ishant is on his way out and Prasidh will get chance atleast in 1 test match in SA. I will be happy if that happens . SA is the best place for him to debut. I am happy if a more matured Prasidh debuts rather than a half cooked Prasidh who wilts when attacked. 2 things he needs to take care - bowling a boundary almost every 10 balls and bowling floaty full length at times .
  3. What was impressive was the pace coupled with bit of late movement . When we see in Slomo really one should appreciate the skill displayed on each of those deliveries he got wickets . 1. Young - Ball coming in with accute angle but then it starts straightening and going away a bit . Young was caught in no man's land .The angle of his bat shows what ball did when it reached him. 2. Latham- Beat him for pace . 3. Taylor -Best of the lot. Ball angling in and moves away very late . Not sure he can produce that delivery often . But a peach . And all of them at very good pace
  4. Get a feeling Pujara's reflexes have come down and hence he is getting hit a lot if he is facing 140+ . If my assessment is right then surely this would the last series for Pujara . He will have to play 140+ stuff most of the time in SA.
  5. If a 30+ pacer starts breaking down every series after playing one match , it is clear sign that he is done. If we check the history of pace bowlers worldwide this is the clear pattern one can find. Do not know if TM cannot fathom that out re: Ishan.
  6. Have seen several but cannot remember a spell where they have taken 3-4 wickets in first spell with high pace & movement . Most of the good spells from them have come with older ball with reverse with low bounce . One spell from Umesh at Dharamshala could equal this . That is why rate this 3 over spell at the start on this wicket as one a very good one . Anyway we may differ in our opinion. No issues .
  7. Need to see how Shreyas has improved against rising deliveries at high pace . Has been very poor earlier . Till that is overcome he is not a certainty in X1 in SA. Choice should be Vihari as he has not been tested properly to dump him right now. My hunch -Rahane may not make it for SA and Pujara may be included but this could be the last series for him too unless he plays beyond expectations. Choice could be either of Vihari & Gill to be tested at #3 & #5 and 2nd in line would be Iyer.
  8. zak and srinath have bowled the best on indian wickets but yes Siraj seems way better than umesh and ishant. I mentioned fast in Bold . Zak never bowled fast in India and took wickets. That is why Kapil is also excluded .
  9. one of the best fast bowling display on indian soil by an indian with high pace and movement . Last i saw one was Srinath vs WI way way back also in Wankhede . He was real quick with moving in duckers that evening .
  10. There should be a glaring weakness in the batsmen which needs to be used for that to happen successfully.
  11. Absolutely. Need to move on from Ishant in Tests, Bhuvi in short format in Bowling.
  12. Should behave like that then. If It is not area of his , why poke the nose ? Simple answer is it is for the selectors to decide . Question is how this fellow is able to hang on .
  13. watching the match when he was playing . Does not look like a 22 year old sportsman. Has put on weight again. Looks like a potential loss of a very special talent which if focused would have given great returns in winning matches .
  14. Gaikwad's FC record is not good Plus looks to struggle vs movement . His best bet is 50 overs and T20 perhaps as of now.
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