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  1. Which test he played at 5 ? in any case , context was one day matches not test .
  2. Differ . He is reaching world class in stature . And took him 4 years to reach there and guy works very hard at his game . Should give credit where due .
  3. Its beyond logic why Kedar being persisted , if he is not going to bowl. On current form it should have been Manish in his place . From 1st One day , team should have included Saini & Manish in the eleven.
  4. Ye maar khane ke baad injury ka bimaari kyo lagti hai Asian countries ke players ko. This is the 2nd instance in a week . Why an injured player plays if he is injured ? Or is it just an excuse .?
  5. Yes only qualification but almost nil bowling in last 1 year now
  6. It takes just one ball to get out , so no one can say with 100% certainty But to start with you must make a selection which has a sound reasoning behind it which has chances of contributing towards team win. , . When you select someone over another there should be some sound logical sense behind that move . The questions to be answered :- 1. Is Kedar selected over others as he also backs up as 6th bowler ?- Well that is not the case for the last 1 year almost. 2. Is he the young talent who is going to be core player of the future and hence this is the investment for future - ?? He is 34 + . 3. Is the best player in india after VK, Rohit , KL , Iyer -- ? Big If ... 4. Is he one of the best fielder going around -- ? 5. Is he in Red hot form of late and hence preferred -?? - When was the last time he hit a 50 against a good attack ?? Which of the above Kedar ticks ?? Not even one . That is the reason for heartburn.
  7. I m am not worried much about point area ,as he slashes real hard and opens up whole of that area over point, cover point , square thirdman . With his height could be what he is doing is the best option rather than trying to get on top of it .
  8. I do feel there is improvement in the way he plays balls coming in now than in 2018 WC time. About Darshan's delivery , its a dream ball . No shame in getting out to that .
  9. In fact i loved the way these 2 new guys faced up in that game . Ball was moving even till 16-17 overs . You won't get that much movement in 9 out 10 one dayers . Kid has very very good shot making ability , only thing is he over attacks , almost every ball . Once he tempers down a bit and avoids attacking those balls which takes his wicket , he will be great addition at the top. For me he is must at the top both in T20 & 50 overs to get that big push in PP which is India's problem.
  10. Do not seem to have much problem when balls seams in , he plays it on onside quite well . Does not get bowled often . Its the rising in between length ball around off that he generally nicks .
  11. Good Observation . Ball most likely to get him the hard length ball around off stump with a bit of bounce and moving away . Grandhomme most likely to trouble him.
  12. Would be even more likable when Gill, Pant , Shaw, Saini start firing in addition to Rohit , VK , Iyer , Rahul .
  13. Did they succeed because of Kohli or due to their own talent . Make a donkey India team Captain , india will still win as many matches as now and all the above mentioned will also succeed . What Kohli has to do ? In fact VK with his whimsical decisions have ruined their game . Under a better understanding captain , they would have blossomed much more .
  14. There is window of 2-3 months though off season . Lot depends how these guys find solutions for their problems and be ready before WT20 with ways to succeed. Nothing comes easy . Ish Sodhi was working for 1.5 years to have a slider . Zampa did work extensively with S. Sriram and even changed his bowling style a bit , developed deliveries which cannot be hit easily , used angles better . Thats what is called for . Chahal should be able to find why he does not get much drift nowadays , why cannot bowl googlies , what are his stock defensive ball if some one going after him - other than throwing the ball wide of off stump ? Kuldeep should also see why he does not have the same dip , His goolies and leggies are not turning as much now , he needs to develop some defensive deliveries which cannot be hit out park at will . You just cannot throw every ball up without deception.
  15. When players go through a bad phase , they need to go back and work out to regain their earlier game or find solutions to the present issues they are facing . Over exposing them match after match at international will derail their confidence completely. Expectation is not to drop them forever , just release them and make them work out things and in the mean time try a few others who are in Queue .. Same thing happened with KL . Went back , played some A 4 day matches. , worked at NCA and started getting form back . Same thing is required from Pant also . Need to work on WK , batting for 3-4 months and then when next opportunity comes , grab with both hands, legs ....and what not .
  16. A big reason for that is the decline of our spinners . Novelty factor gone . Just look at their stats since 2019 Aus tour to India . Its pathetic . I think India should look at other spinning options and rotate all these bowlers so that they are not over exposed when their confidence is down . They are neither able to keep RR down nor take wickets as earlier . All opposition spinners have done better than these in every recent series . Time to try Gowtham in 50 overs for some matches , Gopal in T20 for some matches . Meanwhile let Kulcha slog their ass out and bring in some sharpness to their bowling and more trickery .
  17. I think we had a match vs Wi in USA . MSD was batting a tailender called KL and MSD made us lose that match ...
  18. Or is there a subtle hint what may be happening in national team , or expected to happen .. On what grounds Shaw could be kept out of short format ...? esp T20 . What could be objections , concerns that TM may throw at for not including him.. Not a good fielder isn't it . Point is talent wise or shot making ability wise he cannot be denied a place and he is much better that the one who he must be trying to replace ..
  19. Please add Bishnoi . he will make a quick jump atleast in T20 . Guy bowls 90K even the googlies , which is good in T20 format. .
  20. Do not agree . This team can be even more strong if some of the deadwoods are removed , which he is not doing and favours a few . Bring in Shaw , Saini, Pant to T20 - That will be a gun team Bring in Shaw, Gill and another Leggie /Offie to the ODI set up With those teams India will do better than now under any captain be it Rohit , Shreyas, Bhumra , KL . If you want to Judge him , Judge him with world title games .
  21. Its is about maximizing the resources available to make a very good team . If you have 150+ striker at the top , have couple of them in MO . Opposing teams can't breathe easy . Since KL already playing at #5 in 50 overs and has shown his game vs Pace in end overs why not use that . So you would be having 4 & 5 who have a good strike rate and have some more experience in winning some matches so far. Only #6 would then be the spot which need fixing. And Shaw would be better at the top . I can only think Shaw as a very attacking bat who has shown his ability to hit at international level whenever he got chances . If you have anyone else in the same mold and has done something let me know.
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