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  1. 8 hours ago, The Realist said:

    Kohli likes his dad's army. I would rather play most of the below if picking guys in their 40s:


    wddci / Indian Cricket Team


    9 hours ago, Gollum said:

    Rahane will start in WC 2023 guarantee, as will Dhawan. Neither KL nor Iyer will be in the XI. If Kohli has it his way we'll see a top 7 of


    39 yo Dhawan 

    37 yo Rohit



    40 yo Jadhav or Pandey

    55 yo Dhoni or DK

    Jaddu for his priceless 15 (20) cameos


    Can imagine Rahane in mid innings break at Chinnaswamy saying that 240 is a winning total against defending champs, proud of his 50 (80).


    Kick Kohli out or we are *ed. 

           This won't happen  for sure . 

          However in best interest and better results -  Rohit should be short format captain and VK should be there only as a bat and may be better at #4         to steady  the middle order  

          I think if Vk fials in 2021 T20  to reach finals , Rohit should be made captain.

  2. On 7/13/2020 at 6:20 AM, SecondSlip said:

    1. KL Rahul (C

    2. Prithvi Shaw

    3. Shubman Gill 

    4. Shreyas Iyer 

    5. Nitish Rana 

    6. Rishabh Pant (WK

    7. Hardik Pandya 

    8. Shreyas Gopal 

    9. Kuldeep Yadav 

    10. Navdeep Saini 

    11. Jasprit Bumrah


    I’ve left out Agarwal and Chahal since both will be turning 30 this year. KL Rahul is captain of my side and has been shifted back to opener whereas Nitish Rana has been included in the middle order and will share the 5th bowler workload with Hardik. Shreyas Gopal comes in for Chahal who I believe is an upgrade since his batting and field is so far superior compared to Yuzi’s! 

    We should play a team similar to this when we have an ODI series against low ranked sides like WI, SL & BD. We have seen enough of both Rohit and Kohli scoring easy centuries against these minnows, it’s time for the youngsters to shine now! 

         Feel Rahul chahar   would be a better fit in place of Gopal

  3.  To become a Great bowler apart from pace ,

     - you need to work out batsmen's weakness and plan & execute dismissals . 

     - Adapt quickly to different conditions , different batsmen

     -  have many wicket taking options and batsmen cannot be complacent . 

    In this regard Bhumra is far ahead in short career than Srinath . Bhumra  gives an impression of 'Brainy'

    while Srinath took lot more time to develop and become a more rounded pace bowler.

    We do not know how long  bhumra's career last but potentially he is in a higher league .

    Others may have more wickets but impact of Brainy bowlers like Marshall is more than say Walsh , or Andy.

    Bhumrah has some qualities of Marshall .



  4. Good points . 

    At the outset , the thing which drove me to think deeper  towards this was my earlier hope & desire to see some of the new talents of india do very well going forward and most of them become really good across formats .  I would love to see players like Shaw, KL , Gill , Pant become world class and make India dominant over next 6-10 years across formats .  

    But we have seen  most of the top order guys who  do very well in shorter format fail badly in longer format. 

    A more balanced & unbiased review of matches of recent past shows that it is very very difficult for these top order bats to succeed in Long format and success ratio is small unless they have the game & mentality to succeed in all formats.

    With that reality as a fan , my expectations re: these guys are also more tempered now . 

    One should not deride if some of these can become really good in short format but not in Long format . The way some pull down achievements of Rohit in short format just because he has not stepped up in Long format outside  sub continent . That should not be the way to judge players and feats in the format in which they are really good .  

    That also makes us to look at selections being done by selectors . Do they really understand and accept this reality that every top order bat in short format  will not succeed in long format ? . 

    I hope they realize it and just do not go on giving long rope in the hope that they will come good in long format too. 



  5. The impact of T20 has been very significant on Long format game in recent years and this is going to be even more going forward.

    The most affected among the lot are:-

    1.      Openers & No.3 - Successful openers and Top 3 in short format find it very difficult to make the change and be successful at test level.

    Martin Guptil, Rohit, KL, Roy, Finch, Shikhar to name a few.

    2.      Spinners – While spinners who can turn the ball both ways and difficult to read are ruling the roost in short format (esp T20) , in Test it is the spinners who are very consistent and bowl long spells  having guile succeed .

    Top T20 bowlers Rashid, KuldepYadav,Zampa, Mujib, Naraine to name a few.

    Thus it is  apparent  only a very few from the above category who make a big name in short format will make it good in tests going forward.  It would be more of an exception. Even now only Virat, Warner and Babar have conquered and are successful in all formats among batsmen and among spinners no one is a success at test level.


     Why Short Format stars at top 3 positions fail in Long Format: Main reasons

    1.      Technique - In short format batsmen rely on power game more and less on technique. The stance, grip and everything is primed to go hard at the ball and generate maximum power . Hardly very few wait for the ball and play late. When ball swings & seams that technique will not allow them to survive for long.

    2.      Balls used: - The Dukes, SG balls used in tests swings & seams more and for longer period than the white ball.

    3.      Pitches: - Of late all Test pitches are more sporting and more conducive to pace bowling. Hence unless top 3 have a good technique to survive or they make change in their batting technique to counter a more seeming/swinging ball, they will not succeed.

    4.      Little time to make adjustments – most of batsmen who do well in short format are also included in Test team . Thus they will have to play short format games and within couple of days they will have to play tests. There is hardly any time to adjust their techniques to Test match.


    By the looks of it , it seems to me openers will have a tough time to succeed in test format more &  more as we move forward .

    May be we as fans re align our expectations , cricketers themselves & selectors should look at this reality and may make suitable changes like players should decide  which format they should focus on , selectors should have clear direction as to who they think should play in Tests and who should be part of short Format and selections should be made accordingly .

    Selection criteria:-  Once selectors acknowledge that very few of short format top order players will make it good as Test  openers , that would make them do better selections.

    -        they should only persist with only a few of the short format openers in Tests if the guy has a decent technique and has shown capacity to tweak his technique and shows promise .

    -        No blind selection for test team as opener in the hope that he will come good in test too just like in short format.

    -        Evaluate if such a player could be a better fit in middle order in Tests rather than Opener.  One can get best out of a player by being open to such a plan.( Eg: KL)  

    -        A clear segregation of players who can fit into Tests and short format and follow that in selection of teams by selectors.

    -        Success of a  test match player in 50 over may be more than a in T20 . So a test player can be a member of 50 overs.

    -        A short format star player may be considered for 50 overs but not in tests.

    When selections are done on above basis, it will result in a team where majority of the players more suitable to that format in the team and only a few deserving exceptional players make it in both formats  -overall leading to better selection of teams.

    Looks like England seem to have moved in that direction, now most of the new members of Test team  like Burns, Crawley, Ollie Pope, Leach are only in Test Format.


    Indian Players – Where they may fit well.

    1.      Rohit, Dhawan  :-  Should be treated only for  shorter  format but should not be  part of tests.

    2.      Shaw – Can be persisted as opener in Tests for some time and see if he is able to make the adjustments required. ( Of late my expectation from him in tests is lowered).  But can be good bet for T20 & 50 overs straightaway.  

    3.      KL Rahul – Looks like a place in the middle order could be better option in Tests rather than Test opener. Chances of coming good at 5 or 6 would be higher. But can be tried as opener for some time and see the results.

    4.      Gill - Looks like a better fit in Tests and 50 overs. If he plays more of T20, we may lose a good talent at test level.  Better not to include him T20 team.

    5.      Shreyas Iyer – Suitable for Short format.

    6.      Samson -  Shortest format .

    To me, selectors should be really looking for pure openers suited for Tests only.  Players among Panchal, Easwaran or even Jaiswal or some other long format openers should o be made to play in A teams and should be considered for test.

    Selection of Spin Bowlers: -

    Spin bowlers are another set who find it difficult to make transition from Short Format to Longer format.  Success in short format is based on mistiming and getting caught or stumped  if batsmen is not able to make out which way ball turns as he has no luxury of watching and defending.

    For longer format  a spinner has to bowl consistently at one place and with guile and make batsmen to commit mistake while in short format batsmen is bound to make more mistakes - more mystery balls , better the results in shorter format.  

    Captains will do well to pick those mystery kind of bowlers  of T20  in 50 overs game and make them bowl in phases where batsmen are bound go after them . So a spell in Power plays or a phase where opposition has to go after blowers would give best results.

    India may find a big void once Ashwin & Jaddu fade as there are not many who have come up in long format. Only Nadeem has the credentials who has gone through the grind. Most of the youngsters seem more suitable for shorter format than Tests. Kuldeep Yadav if he focuses more on test match bowling may make it but fingers crossed.


    Selection of pacers: - Feel this tribe have it little easy compared to spinners or openers. Even in shorter format pacers have become more attacking. They try to swing /seam initially, Use lot more short balls, even Yorkers to dismiss batsmen . There are the very skills needed in Tests also .

    Only the death bowling skills will have to developed in addition the above  to be good at shorter format.  But bowlers should be clear as to their objective for short format and longer format .

    For longer format you have to  be consistently consistent ( consistent line & length around  off stump & outside with movement  and wait for mistake from batsmen + some short stuff and Yorkers) and for short format one needs to be consistently inconsistent (i.e. different variety of deliveries – slow ball , Yorker , Bouncer , Back of Length , cutters bowled with control) .

    Thus a test format Pacer should be able to :-

    1.      Bowl at least 16-18 overs per day with same intensity & pace .

    2.      Should be 140+  pacer if he relies more on seam movement.

    3.      Can get extra lift.

    4.      Has a good bouncer.

    5.      Even a 135+ bowler should be considered if he can swing the new ball and can also seam it with older ball or reverse swing it and can bowl 15-18 overs per day.

    A successful Test pacer can make it to short format also if he has good death bowling skills.

    As of now see only Saini & Siraj  as potential Test pacers . 


    Long absence from live Cricket and a dive down of past matches made me think about Cricket with a different perspective due to this Corona pandemic.

    I am now more objective and realistic about my expectations from some of the current players like KL , Shaw , Gill  etc and see their selection in various format  from that perspective . No more i  expect KL , Shaw  to be automatic choices for Tests  nor I expect them be big success in Tests straightway.  The reason being their technique has under gone change in the quest to adapt to shorter format and it is very difficult to succeed in Tests with that mindset and technique unless they find a way to make adjustments needed for Tests . They may only succeed in pitches with very less movement.  

    Similarly I am now not disappointed if Gill is not selected in T20 , as I feel that will do more harm to him than good .

    Well this is all my individual opinion, need not match with the others.

     Anyway felt like posting after a long time .



  6. Batting wise still looks Ok. But bowling will be  bit weak. (assuming Shaw, Pant, Bhumra, Shami & Saini are in test squad) 

    I think a team of 










    Chahar /Mavi/Nagarkoti

    Rahul Chahar 


    Should do decently. 

    But the exposure it gives to youngsters is massive . KL should be made captain with Rohit mentoring him with tactics .




  7. 9 hours ago, mani sha said:

    I feel the number one reason we are failing is one captain in all three formats and one coach 


    think for t20 u need a 22 something captain like say a rahul  - gets experience and plays real no fear cricket 


    for odi some one like Rohit who can be a good tactician 


    for tests I feel someone like kohli or pujara - elite batters 


    currently one captain over three formats has caused a lot of power in one person hands and we haven’t won anything .. besides it’s just causing another dhoni like headache 


    india must remove kohli from t20 and odi captaincy . Serves him notice and perhaps will make him focus on the arena where he can deliver . Time to bruise his ego 


    same for coaches - think t20 coach needs to be super proactive while a test coach needs a different mindset of preparing for the long haul ..  can’t have one bevda for everything . A player like robin singh might make an awesome t20 coach while someone like dravid might be the best test coach 

       Can't have bevda anywhere .  They are thrown out from homes too, let alone indian team !

  8. This Indian line up (except Jaiswal) and the kind of play that do  is more like old english One day game play. 

    Just kind of steady stuff , no flair , rotational skill . 

    Every body comes and does tuk tuk ..  be it a medium pacer or part time spinner . Past 15 overs that cannot be your game in 2020.


  9. Bump & Reminder !!

    Anyway  will stick this up these names - " Jaiswal, Garg, Jurel, tilak, Rawat, Siddhesh "  and see the results 1 year from now , how many are potential contenders for national team .

    Am sure some will accompany Lomror - The next big thing in Indian Cricket  .............

    Think someone wrote this sentence  in this Forum !!!!  

  10. Bump !!!  & Reminder 


    Anyway  will stick this up these names - " Jaiswal, Garg, Jurel, tilak, Rawat, Siddhesh "  and see the results 1 year from now , how many are potential contenders for national team .

    Am sure some will accompany Lomror - The next big thing in Indian Cricket  .............

    Think someone wrote this sentence  in this Forum !!!!  

  11. 2 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    My playing 11


    1. Gill

    2. Mayank

    3. Pujara

    4. Kohli

    5. Rahane 

    6. Vihari

    7. Pant

    8. Jadeja

    9. Saini

    10. Shami

    11. Bumrah 


    ----  Gill is in red hot form in the Unofficial Tests in NZ. Just scored a century as an opener. He should be one of the openers.

    ---- Saini should play ahead of Umesh ... he is in excellent form and Umesh is unreliable in tests in SENA.

    ----  I prefer Pant in tests in SENA. He catches well to pacers and is a much better batsman than Saha. This is needed in SENA.



    ----  This is a very strong batting line-up till 8  ... 3 top quality genuine fast bowlers ... 5 bowling options including Vihari.


         This is what you will hear  100%.

         Saha in place of Pant 

         Umesh in place of Saini 

        and probably Shaw in place of Gill 



  12. whenever post 03 India lost to NZ , is due  to wickets lost in the first 10-15 overs .

    And reason for that is the better swing bowling options of NZ and poor game of our top order against swing (Rohit , Dhawan ).

    This will continue unless Indian team makes a plan not to give away too many wickets in the first 10 overs against them AND make changes in the top order who play swing decently . This has to be the game plan against them .

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