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  1. undoubtedly sachin.. those days even 280 used to be very tough.. now even 330 is easily chased
  2. Windies should have tried that new guy with hype Kemar Holder? On the batting front you cannot go to Eng with some third grade opener like J Campbell.. that fellow isnt simply good enough. Decent bowling attack but zero batters
  3. Jason Holder is making captaincy blunders like Virat. He bowled first thinking that his batting is too fragile.. then why the hell would you play with two spinners in Eng knowing that you wont get to bowl on 4th/5th day?
  4. Chennai play the percentages very well.. they will prepare pitches to suit their squad.. same CSK if they play in mumbai or bangalore, they would have ended in the bottom half for sure as its a different ball game.
  5. reason is quite simple. RCB is captained by Kohli who is a crap ODI/T20 captain. Fellow doesn't know what is a par score in chinnaswamy till date
  6. Vk1

    The Never Ending Thread

    are we sure its going to be never ending
  7. looks like they are planning to have it between July to Sep. Rain will play a huge spoilsport. It rains heavily in most of the metros.
  8. shameless guys.. in 21st century how can you award winners based on first innings lead when 3rd innings is not finished.
  9. If 5 days are not enough to complete first innings and moreover if none of the teams can score even 450 then that groundsman deserves to be penalized. It is as bad as a pitch which turns square from ball 1
  10. what a pitch they have prepared for the final.. Saurashtra is using their clout in BCCI and probably playing on such fraud pitches for many years I guess..
  11. kallis, dravid yes.. McG is definitely a goat but in my view i rate steyn slightly higher due to circumstances
  12. inclined to go with Steyn.. McGrath played in an era when there weren't too many great opposition batsman except for sachin, lara.. good batsman became greats only around 2008.. likes of ABD, Amla, Sanga, Jaya, Yousuf & Younis, KP etc.. moreover McGrath had few Aussie greats to bowl in tandem..
  13. Good selection except for Dhawan and Bhuvi.. this Indian tradition of treating players with over the top gratitude has to go. odi & t20 is played to win worldcups..
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