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  1. Totally agree with you.. we cannot criticize our 1980's ODI players for scoring too slow.. cant blame our players beyond a point when even Pujara is struggling in home tests.. players will always be products of the times.. pitches have to be as per the format.. just for comparison sake.. Lara's 400 is now a boring thing as that test went into a tame draw.. Lara's 151 against Aus on a challenging pitch was million times better.. Test pitches should favor bowling.. ODIs.. some sort of balance slightly skewed in favor of batsmen T20s.. mostly favoring batsman.. min of 170 score
  2. yet another 120-140 pitch.. kill the game man.. kill it..
  3. IPL always seems to be about 6 teams.. RR & KP11 have been way below the average for many years now.. while MI has been topping the charts every other season.. it is effectively becoming a case of 5 teams jostling for the 3 remaining spots in top 4.. need new franchisees to create more competition..
  4. when do we put an end to these nonsensical pitches
  5. so in some sense Steve Smith deserved the MoM for dropping Rahul.. if this is true, we can expect Pandey to remain not out in all the games
  6. all the blame is on kumble.. the day KLR said that strikerate is overrated.. Kumble should have given pastings to him
  7. Vk1

    IPLs non performers

    so called worldclass allrounder scores 26 of 25 chasing 200+ this game seriously needs a new set of analysts / commentators
  8. Vk1

    IPLs non performers

    Shakib Al Hasan is another player.. on paper looks like a worldclass allrounder but he isnt for T20s.. all his records are in tests & odis.. pretty avg player who occupies crucial spots in top order & unsuitable elsewhere. Another case of confusing formats.. does very well in Odis.. assumed worldclass in T20s
  9. what a crap 2 overs from Russell.. its like he got scared of ABD and bowled all those dollies.. wonder how Morgan would be feeling now.. Russell dropped his shoulders showing a body language of surrendering.. ridiculous
  10. reason why ABD is so successful in IPL and other leagues.. people shiver to him and bowl crap.. what a player
  11. basically he was never a quality T20 player.. our nature of confusing formats has helped him the most.
  12. That infamous hundred was scored at 156 SR.. even paul valthaty might have scored faster
  13. this is actually a trade off to the exceptional hitting abilities they have developed in the last decade.
  14. Cant stand these 150 scores and sub-standard bowlers picking wickets for fun.. some shabad guy, unadkats, even boult picking wickets at death.. best of finishers unable to time the ball.. wonder when cricket will be able to evolve, become scientific to cater pitches as per their will and not just relying solely on groundsman.. we already find test matches ending in 3-4 days.. barely see a double century.. almost impossible to score triple.. game very much in favor of bowlers.. Now, its not that every T20 should be 400+ game but avg first innings score has got to
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