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  1. On similar lines, Ollie Robinson / Kyle Jamieson have started exposing the fake facade of broad/anderson and boult/southee
  2. yeah and apparently he would dance down the wicket to a pacer when it is swinging and try a fake shot without the intent to connecting it.. his reputation was such that the bowler would now start bowling it short ( reducing the scope for swing)
  3. impact of T20 cricket is affecting the classical spinners dept the most.
  4. except for that fateful overthrow ( which mattered the most ) I suppose NZ have always been the luckiest team in cricket..
  5. And for how long will we assume that playing lapshot is a definite risk? while other teams are playing it regularly we still have players/fans who take pride in playing proper shots in shorter formats
  6. you have a better suggestion? for how long will we wait for our top order to see off those spells? it never happens! If a serious cricket fan like you has this mindset no wonder we dont innovate at all in this sport.
  7. Our only/biggest concern in odis/t20s is playing these left arm fast bowlers in their opening spells.. now our batsman have tried to defend/ see off but have failed miserably in clutch games.. how do you counter this? We can remove them and bring in new set of players but that wont happen.. enough is enough.. Only option left is to counter attack.. We can try it in multiple ways.. since the main threat is lbw/bowled.. how about playing the lap shots? one or two successful attempts can make the bowler defensive and change his line.. its laden with risk b
  8. that old james bond movie villain look alike Duanne Olivier is back in the reckoning for south africa.. imagine this pace attack Nortje, Rabada, Olivier.. they lost a potential great in Kyle abott to kolpak but these three can terrorize modern day batsman on sportive pitches..
  9. normally they would have dropped axar and played with 4 bowlers but Axar has become the first name on the sheet
  10. Gavaskar is undoing all his brilliance of his playing career with these puerile commentary record
  11. except for Ajmal Kasab every other Pakistani we know must have fudged his age
  12. also get a feeling that since we have seen the likes of Unadkats Kauls / we perceive these bowling six hitting allrounders also in the same way.. to be honest a deepak chahar contributes in the same way as a Jadeja does ( minus fielding / deepak infact bowls the difficult overs )
  13. I too like the idea of playing 2/3 raw fast bowlers but whether they are really skilled enough for this format or not is something I am not sure.. we dont have the quality that othet teams have hazlewood/starc/cummins or rabada/nortje or archer/wood.. Siraj is yet to prove himself.. Shami is a big flop, Prasidh too hasnt impressed a lot.. we need to see how Avesh performs. If you cant play 3 top quality fast bowlers for this format ( they might be good for other formats though ), better to go with Bumrah and bowling allrounders.
  14. we can succeed only if we copy Eng style.. Eng regularly plays 4/5 allrounders per game.. David Wiley, Curran bros get chances repeatedly as they believe in this philosophy.. I dont know if our pure bowlers like Siraj/prasidh/avesh can demand a place on their bowling skill alone..no evidence of it so far after seeing the likes of Saini/Shami/Prasidh
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