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  1. In overseas, Ashwin is always a better pick than Jadeja.. whatever the conditions.. Jadeja's batting is highly overrated in SENA
  2. Thakur is a great addition this team.. we need these journyman cricketers for specific conditons.. going with two spinners in WTC final was such a disaster man.
  3. our guys have some confidence issues when it comes to bowling to bowling allrounders in overseas..
  4. Imagine WTC final with Thakur in place of Jadeja.. we would have had a close match at least
  5. Picking Jadeja is a wrong move.. he doesnt give you top order wickets.. if he fails in this series, W Sundar or Axar should get his spot in SENA
  6. In hindsight do you still think playing with 2 spinners is right in overcast conditions
  7. pls dont play Jadeja assuming that his batting level is same in Eng as in India
  8. wow.. what a miss.. another chance for kohli like in Aus 2018
  9. Vk1

    W Hasaranga

    some of us here predicted his success long back.. what for these so called talent scouts are paid for.. esp weaker teams who need such players desperately
  10. Players like Samson have to curb their instincts at times and trust their game to accelerate later.. easier said than done in T20s
  11. Rohit, Kohli, SKY KL Pant Pandya Thakur Bhuvi R Chahar Shami/Siraj Bumrah Go with 5 sure shot bowlers as Hardik is unreliable.. Thakur Bhuvi R Chahar can contribute with bat..
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