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  1. totally agree. Either as a franchise you havent been able to make them get better or you havent given them opportunities at the right time. Hooda always comes as a finisher which he clearly isnt. Did he get enough chances as a pinch hitter?
  2. Smith cheated to win without any money involved.. Azhar took money to lose
  3. perhaps a fully fit Hardik would have attempyer that catch at deep squareleg
  4. Siraj is from old city in hyd. They are known to be street smart. Not this guy.
  5. Nagarkotti should have stuck to outside off stump line against ABD.. he will learn and get better.
  6. Starc should become the GOAT in few years. Having those stats in the modern game is incredible and unbelievable. And to add to that he has done well in WC as well.
  7. Manish Pandey!! doesnt get enough deliveries at times or he often fails when he gets time. In T20s, He is probably the biggest fraud out there. Jadeja can at least bowl. Getting rid of captaincy might bring back KLR to his best.
  8. BCCI and broadcasters dont innovate at all.. they simply search for things in other countries and sports and copy. They still show batting and bowling averages in T20s Lol.. Instead show the count of match winning contributons made.. its not too hard to evaluate that.
  9. Its obvious that anyone is better than Jadeja.. Bigger problem is hardik's position.. he doesnt seem to be bowling and picking him as a batsman alone is a bit risky
  10. They have done everything as per Dhoni's wish. Loaded squad with spinners and modified chepauk pitch to suit their spinners. Picked old batsman who are good in playing on the slow pitches. Entire team's mindset still stuck in that gameplan. Dhonis captaincy magic too comes to the fore only on such pitches.
  11. well played DK.. Gill might develop with age but for now they need him to accelerate a bit more. Russell not getting enough time to play thats a worry. But luckily for them he might do well during the business end. That last ball runout going to third umpire was a joke. It doesnt cost time but irritates the tv viewers.
  12. Criticize a player who is on his last legs but has done enormously for franchise.. yes but they will be little sceptical.
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