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  1. Pandya showing his captaincy class by bowling left arm spin against Padikkal ( his SR against pace and rashid <50)
  2. Padikkals SR is 126.. it will be 100 something if we remove his runs against left arm spinners ( not too many found in quality international teams )
  3. yes, wonder why these players dont play the fine sweep or slog sweep.. it has almost become a taboo shot for some of our right hand batsmen
  4. Vk1

    wanted captains

    agree.. even though Gujarat , RR and LSG are in playoffs I dont rate their captains.. something has to be done about this.. I dont blame these guys.. they are just saying yes to give a honest attempt but they are not cut for it
  5. Vk1

    wanted captains

    find out guys who are detached from the result of the game.. or atleast can act like that.. not get bogged down like other players.. T20 captaincy is the hardest thing in the game.. even more than a finsher's role or death bowling
  6. Vk1

    wanted captains

    being top class batsman + wicket keeper itself is difficult.. why the additional burden at such a young age.. may be 5/6 years later
  7. Vk1

    wanted captains

    now its time for scouts to look for players who can captain.. pick a brilliant captain even if he is a mediocre player and play him at 7 or 8.. someone like a darren sammy or george bailey.. and dont even think of making your best young player as a captain
  8. you will have 24 balls to bowl.. how can you take it casually.. lots of people have high expectations from him.. he is unique and a potential match winner for us in LOI formats
  9. biggest negative of Prasidh is his callous attitude while bowling the first two balls.. by default bowls length balls in those first two deliveries
  10. if I am the coach, I would never ever pick players like Padikkal.. he is probably the most selfish cricketers among young batsmen.. he is becoming the next Pandey
  11. if this is true then I am getting doubts on Rohit's talent spotting skills of fast bowlers
  12. Manish Pandey handsdown the best worst IPL batsman of all time
  13. was Astle their batsmen after Crowe and before current gen?
  14. would love to see Padikkal's record minus left arm spinners
  15. anytime sakarias unadkats go < 7rpo you can conclude on the nature of the pitch
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