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  1. Once a sport becomes the favorite sport of a country, guess it will occupy a min. of 50% of everything..eye balls, resources and the budding talent.. gulf between the nbr 1 sport vs nbr 2 also seems pretty large.. when Eng won the 2005 Ashes and 19 WC their experts talked majorly about the influence these wins would have in promoting the game.. that is ignored if its a nbr 1 sport as it is more or less a inevitable thing even without those wins.
  2. European teams vs Brazil theory holds good as all those nations are equally crazy about soccer.. cricket is hardly the nbr 2 sport in SENA.. a team like NZ deserves even more praise.
  3. On another note.. wonder why dropped catches in slips is not taken that seriously as WK.. that too when it happens mostly in overseas.. nobody talks about it.. its as if its okay to drop a few but when a WK drops it his life becomes hell.
  4. have we only lost the 2012 series test at home and then the infamous pune test? thats an outstanding record at home in 10 years..
  5. yeah..Karthik is pretty bad.. deepdas is lot better than sunny/sanju.. agarkar too is pretty ordinary.
  6. no.. we checked it recently.. 19 against rhb vs 27 against lhb
  7. There is something unique about his backlift and swing.. and his timing packs a punch.. teams might find it difficult to dislodge him much like Smith.
  8. best for <160 pitches.. should be played only on those
  9. retaining Raina is probably an emotional decision.. only franchisees like CSK/MI would do that to keep that image of bonding.
  10. It was in phases.. first Gill took on Starc.. we got some 20 runs over.. even went for a upper cut over point on the last over before lunch. After Gill got out, Rahane batted quite positively. Pant took time but we knew that he would always go for it. After agarwal got out, there was some tension but Sundar's hook shot for 6 and a 4 immediately over slips nailed it
  11. Good list.. what about Azhar.. his knock was very good
  12. Agree with the OP.. his game as opener in odis will be pretty similar to tests with field restrictions enforced. As a finisher his shot selection will always come under scrutiny as he has to go aerial and slog.
  13. who is this sumit kumar from harayana.. all rounder who has had a decent start to his career
  14. Siraj,Gill and Sundar even thakur saab was handy
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