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  1. it felt like sakaria was picked more coz of left arm variety and due to his humble beginnings.. that punjab left arm guy had more credentials than him
  2. after the pathetic loss, DK said this on cricbuzz.. its a relief to see India getting rid of the monkey off their back.. referring to the pressure India had to keep this incredible streak going.. how on earth the pressure is more on us than on Pak to break it? no wonder this guy did nothing despite numerous chances ( baring that part time bowler bashing against BD )
  3. people are under estimating varun c.. may be not on these pitches but he is a potential match winner on 170+ pitches
  4. how on earth does Shami get picked to a world cup.. its crazy how our bcci & TM confuse with formats
  5. Rohit Bhuvi Kohli Shami These 4 should not even be close to the Indian team in the shortest formats
  6. shami 12 wkts in 12 games at an ER of 10.. how the duck does he get picked again and again
  7. Vk1

    Will Chuckeez

    this guy will chuck his best for sure.. icc jokers will be made fools again and again
  8. of all the countries on planet, Eng is probably the first place where people wouldnt fixate on 11 in advance
  9. This is how Kohli thinks.. He has confirmed that Rayudu will be our nbr 4 for world cup and that got changed.. no surety whatsoever
  10. He could have said I will talk on that once lits offically confirmed .. but no.. lets say stuff to give hints that its being done behind his back
  11. Vk1

    CSK Magic

    on a side note, seeing how Ferguson choked in the final. i'm pretty sure we would have won that semis match ( Neesham had to/did bowl the last over ).. even when he lost his touch..this extra ordinary hype generated by MSD's PR, commies, fans etc as the greatest finisher does seem to create huge pressure on the opposition.. and if its NZ.. they would definitely choke
  12. Vk1

    CSK Magic

    I never used to believe that.. I thought slow pitches/luck had major role but the way Uthappa batted in his last two innings.. a done and dusted player playing the momentum shifting knock in the final.. even Watson on his last legs ( injured in final ) winning the cup in 18 and coming very very close in 19.. its definitely a special unit.. I dont like it to be attributed totally to MSD though as he lead us in 6 T20 world cups and just won one.
  13. yes.. dhawan's knock was ridiculous but total blame went to Stoinis
  14. says TOI article.. it looks like dada and others are very close to forcing him to accept it
  15. they are a brilliant side with a talismanic captain.. and they had luck on their side.. played Delhi and KKR on pitches which suits them the best.. imagine playing Delhi on this pitch and kkr on the 1st qualifier pitch.. would have been interesting
  16. how old prick keeps getting selected.. even an idiot like Manjrekar is many times better than him
  17. if it goes wrong, you can expect his PR to shift the blame on group politics by rohit
  18. yes but gone are those days when selectors pick our players based on talent.. they will see scores in Ranjis and A tours to even consider.. even a talent like Yuvraj will not get picked immediately these days. he has to go through the grind
  19. not criticizing him bade bhai.. just being cautious seeing the hype
  20. WI have not picked bowlers as per the pitch conditons.. there's no Narine.. keserick williams is also very handy here
  21. similar reel of Abdul Samad and Dubeji too looked really impressive.. proving it at A team level or against a good bowling attack ( both spin & fast ) should raise our hopes
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