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  1. Forget IPL Millions of sickulars in India wants the government to give Indian citizenship to Pakistani Muslims. That’s why they oppose CAA But nobody cares about what these people say. Neither Pakistani players will ever be allowed in the IPL and neither will their Muslim civilians ever be given citizenship of India. Let these sickulars keep crying on social media
  2. Genuine question. How much is Virat paying you to kiss his ?
  3. He's not worth replying to. Indian Muslims like him are very ungrateful scums
  4. You 2 are a result of when someone visits PP a bit too much.
  5. I thought @putrevus was the only Kohlitard on this forum but it’s good to see you come out of the closet as well! Even if I agreed to your point of letting Virat remain as test captain, what justification or excuse do you have to let him remain in charge of our white-ball teams?
  6. Virat Kohli will be under tremendous pressure this year to cling on to his captaincy in all 3 formats! The CoA doesn't exist anymore to save him, and neither BCCI is RCB where he can choose to do all he wants! With Rahane winning the test series in Australia, it has rung alarm bells all over that we have a very capable replacement if we ever do strip Virat of his captaincy. The excuse of "If not Kohli, then who?" holds no water anymore! Winning the series at the Gabba is an amazing way to make a statement! A lot of people on social media also want Rahane to take over full time captaincy ri
  7. Pant should have been promoted to #4 right after Gill got out. a quick cameo from him would have brought the required runs below 100. Rahane, Agarwal, Sundar, Thakur and Pujara would have sealed the deal then
  8. This is why I wanted Pant at 4. Even a quick fire 50 would have put us in the driver seat
  9. Panchal will never play for India. He’s not international standards. Easwaran isn’t ready for test cricket yet. He still needs to do more!
  10. First doesn’t pick Kuldeep Then drops Marnus Then brings Nattu way to late when Australia’s tail is as the crease
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