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  1. Shankar isn’t that bad of a player but it was disgusting to see him get selected over genuine specialist batsmen like Iyer, Gill or even Rayudu in the World Cup squad. Had Pandya not went on Karan Johar’s TV show at that time, then Shankar would never had gotten a chance to play for Team India!
  2. 1. Rohit Sharma 2. Shikhar Dhawan 3. Virat Kohli (C) 4. Shreyas Iyer 5. KL Rahul (WK) 6. Hardik Pandya 7. Ravindra Jadeja 8. Bhuvneshwar Kumar 9. Kuldeep Yadav 10. Mohammad Shami 11. Jasprit Bumrah 12. Yuzvendra Chahal 13. Mayank Agarwal 14. Manish Pandey 15. Navdeep Saini 16. Rishabh Pant (WK) This would be my squad with the top 11 being the Starting XI!
  3. Pakistan is a strange place. Doctor's busy tweeting against India and patients begging for Indian visa for medical treatments. @sergio04 @Gollum @sandeep @FischerTal Do you guys know who this specific guy in the video is? What a clown!
  4. India isn’t under British rule anymore that it will partition its land. Even a dirt poor country like Nigeria is holding its ground and didn’t give an inch away despite having 50% Islamic population + Boko Haram terrorism. We are a nuclear powered country with a very strong economy. Not even god can partition India again. Radical Islamic terrorism will be dealt with severely. We will wipe out anyone who wants civil war. It will be even more brutal than how Sri Lanka wiped out LTTE.
  5. So what do you propose Hindus to do? You want them to kill every Muslim that they see out on the streets? This will help us get rid of several hundred of them but won’t completely wipe them out from the country. What do you want to happen?
  6. SecondSlip

    Jazzy B

    @Gollum People like Jazzy B and Hard Kaur should be ignored. They are only doing these shenanigans because they are irrelevant now and nobody cares about them. they are just desperate attention seekers trying to grab some limelight by doing controversial things like this.
  7. Do you know if Love Jihad is common in Nepal as well between Madhesi Muslims and Nepalese Hindu girls? How about in Sri Lanka with Tamil Muslims and Sinhalese Buddhist girls?
  8. Twilight This movie came out right when I entered high school and everyone was obsessed with it
  9. Since Covid19 is making me and everyone else spend much more time at home nowadays, I can control what meals I cook and eat for myself more often! I’m wanting to start keto and have done some research as well. It seems a lot of things that I currently eat are forbidden in keto. For example, I eat Do Waqt Ki Roti (2 for breakfast & 3 for dinner) with sabji, dal, dahi and of course, water! Every 10 days or so, I also eat a few pizza slices and the odd sandwich from Subway. While majority of these foods are healthy and low calorie, they contain a lot of carbohydrates. The whole point of keto is to keep carbohydrates to a bare minimum. So, I’m asking if any of you have tried the keto diet. How long have you done it for and what were your results while doing it? Also, what are some staple foods (everyday food) you ate while on keto? Which staple foods do you recommend for me to replace my roti and dahi with? Share your details!
  10. R/India is the CoronaVirus of Reddit.
  11. Bernie Sanders drops out of 2020 Democratic presidential race https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/6793812/bernie-sanders-drops-out-presidential-race/amp/ Looks like OP had premature ejaculation
  12. Our security personnel can easily wipeout Naxalism within 2 months if we launch continuous offences using proper armed forces instead of CRPF (Basically the Indian equivalent of American SWAT) USA doesn’t use its SWAT team to fight terrorists, they use prosper commandos such as their Navy Seals. India should deploy Para SF commando corps in Maoist strongholds and finish off these scumbags once and for all. Regarding Kashmir, we just need to show patience. The removal of Article 370 will finish off terrorism in that region and it will slowly return to Pre-1989 times, we just need to show patience. In the meantime, kill anyone Pakistani eat that tries to cross the LOC!
  13. @sandeep Even if “PakMil Mafia” has power, we won’t have had wars with them if Kashmir conflict didn’t exist. We have no other disputes with Pakistan other than Kashmir. @zen Their military presents “Big Bad India” as a threat because we’ve had 4 wars with them. However, if Kashmir conflict didn’t exist, then we would have had no wars and our relations would have been much better than it is today. The only reason why we got involved in 1971 is because we just had war with them 6 years earlier in 1965 and our enmity was still fresh. However, if there was no Kashmir dispute, then 1965 war would not have happened and I believe that we wouldn’t get involved in 1971 either. @Gollum India has excellent relations with every country (Including Islamic) in the world barring Pakistan (because of kashmir) and Turkey (They want Pakistan’s nukes). If Kashmir conflict didn’t exist, Our relationship with Pakistan would have been maybe at a similar level to say what we have with Bangladesh today as @Global.Baba mentions above. It might not be a “Best Friend’s Forever” relation but it would certainly be a million times better than it is now. Also, can you explain what do you mean about Gandhi?
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