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  1. Khushdil Shah looks a far better batsman than Kedar Jadhav who just played for Team India this past February in New Zealand!
  2. Did Dhoni select this SRH team? Who the F selects Saha when you have both Virat Singh and Abdul Samad on the bench?
  3. Feel sorry for all the successful young domestic batsmen sitting at home in India when I see trash like Vijay and Saha play IPL
  4. Rising Pune Supergiants dumped Dhoni as captain after just 1 season and made Steve Smith the skipper! If a brand new franchise with barely any fan following can make such a massive decision, then what the hell is stopping RCB from sacking that ego maniac Virat as well? Every professional in the world deserves an employer like RCB. No matter how many times you keep F’ing up, your job will remain secure permanently With just a change of leadership, RPSG were only 1 run away from winning the trophy in 2017. Who knows, if RCB sack that idiot, they might just go all the way and even win the trophy! They certainly have the squad to do it!
  5. Even a die-hard Chuski like you should be feeling shameful trying to defend trash like Vijay and Jadhav over young batsmen! Just look at what both Sanju and Prithvi did to your team. That is the beauty of giving young Indian batsmen consistent opportunities!
  6. We follow IPL to see awesome youngsters like Bishnoi, Jaiswal, Padikkal, Nagarkoti and many others. That is what IPL is all about! I mean seriously, who the hell wants to watch idiots like Vijay and Jadhav? I wouldn’t watch these losers even if someone paid me to! CSK should go to hell for not giving promising youngsters consistent opportunities. They are scumbags of the highest order!
  7. BUMP Give Rahul the India captaincy right now!
  8. Massive 97 run thrashing received in RCB’s 2nd game!
  9. Drops 2 catches in consecutive overs of Rahul who then ends up with 132 not out!
  10. Chahal is a much much better bowler than Kuldeep in white-ball cricket. I find it really strange how he has many haters on this forum like @velu!
  11. Almost every wrist spinner is dominating the T20 format by taking wickets on a consistent basis. Then you have Kuldeep that is getting spanked and smashed all over the stadium whenever he comes onto bowl! Kuldeep should be dominating T20 cricket considering he's a rare chinaman bowler and usually gets good turn as well, but the complete opposite is happening. It's not just international cricketers that are smashing him, even young Indian domestic batsmen are enjoying themselves against his bowling as well! Why is Kuldeep failing in T20 cricket when other wrist spinners are getting so much success in this format?
  12. CSK is a team full of retired stars or players who are on the verge of retirement. Not a single young Indian player to look forward to! How can anyone who loves Team India support this side? Murali Vijay still opening and Kedar Jadhav in the middle order says it all!
  13. After retiring as a player, he became a cricket coach. He has coached Leicestershire County Cricket Club,[2] Victoria and the Melbourne Renegades.[3] He won the Sheffield Shield in his first year as senior coach of Victoria. He was also bowling coach for Royal Challengers Bangalore[4] and head coach of Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League. In October 2019, he was appointed as assistant coach to Justin Langer with the Australian men’s cricket team.[5] Career summary
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