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  1. Mewat is situated on haryana - Rajasthan border. It is just like kashmir for Hindus. Don't have any hope from BJP haryana to take action. I am checking jats population in nearby districts of Mewat. In Sonipat it is just a rare case. But in mainland Haryana Panipat https://aajtak.intoday.in/story/haryana-panipat-muslims-convert-to-hinduism-1-1203740.html 2. https://m.tribuneindia.com/news/haryana/were-already-following-hindu-rituals-76375 Jind 3.https://aajtak.intoday.in/story/more-than-30-muslim-families-convert-to-hindu-in-hisar-haryana-tstg-1-1189173.html Hisar
  2. So we should citicise gujrat govt. for handling of covid19. At the same time have to appreciate karnatka govt. for their efforts.
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