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  1. Delhi was my 2nd choice team to support along with Punjab. Mixed feeling.
  2. Delhi knocked out. Great achievement by MI this season, spoiled atleast one party.
  3. SDP already better in dreams of someone.
  4. He was a hit in PSL before IPL.
  5. David keeps on hitting sixes effortlessly.
  6. Pant is having a bad day. Let's not abuse him.
  7. Mumbai is losing this. Tilak Verma can't accelerate. He barely plays run a ball. All on tim David.
  8. And what's the speed?
  9. Ishaan is the leading run scorer for Mumbai Indians.
  10. Kohli is blamed way too much as far as on field tactics is concerned he is ok. Dhoni leeched on match winners like Yuvraj and Raina and even Sehwag and Gambhir in the top order. Indian team led by kohli mostly lack quality impact players.
  11. My question is : why do you need slow left arm darter? I can understand the need for left arm pacer, a good leggie and so on but why Jadeja or Axar?
  12. One fraud allrounder Jadeja tortured India in LOIs for years and his replacement is already ready to keep the misery going.
  13. Delhi stopped MI from reaching qualifiers in 2018. Time to take revenge?
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