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  1. Rahu will be in taurus soon (September). If you follow mundane astrology this is significant. Rahu in taurus especially in rohini nakshatra has history of destructive events.
  2. Yes. High containment zones or hotspots are anyway major economic districts. So effectively no relief for our economy.
  3. Religious congregation are as dangerous as any other congregations. No less no more. Tablighi had out of country attendees (many of them suspectly +ves) which was the cause for spread. India had some other such incidents in temples and mosques too but no major harm done.
  4. Can anyone elaborate what is the purpose of this lockdown? If it is to stop further spreading of disease with social distancing norms eing followed then we need to ensure a very aggressive testing strategy and make sure not a single corona patient is left out. Is it possible? Obviously no because there are asymptomatic patients too. So once lockdown is lifted it can still start spreading afresh. Remember it must have started with one person in some corner of the world. Or we need to have a very very long lockdown period which again is not possible. Numbers are just increasing not as exponential as in other countries but then we aren't testing enough.
  5. Pollack

    Happy Diwali

    On economy and employment front, Modi has been all jumla for a long time now. I will give him benefit of doubt in case of pandemic since honestly even developed countries are helpless. India stands no chance in terms of medical facilities and proper healthcare.
  6. Pollack

    Happy Diwali

    It's Diwali in Mumbai. Only more exciting one. Chants of "Bharat Mata ki Jay" all around with Shanks and ghantaa and "Go Corona" thrown in between as dry humour.
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  8. Kalyan, Dombivli aren't precisely in mumbai, isn't it?
  9. If you live in India, I don't think anytime soon.. Just get a feeling that lockdown is probably going to be extended till May/June.
  10. Why it is always 8pm announcement with just 4 hrs to panic (obviously) ? Abey din mein kar na announcement.
  11. On junta curfew day, all shops except medical stores were closed. Even the day following it, although grocery shops were opened they were closed forcibly by police patrolling and anyone on street had their bases red. Today again situation was same in some areas and in other areas it was fine.
  12. What's with Modi and his 8 pm announcements?
  13. No BJP-Shivsena alliance means NCPs gain. Anyway it doesn't really matter if it's BJP, Shivsena, NCP or Congress. They are all the same. Don't think any party has ever significantly done great for Maharashtra. Any party's rule is almost similar.
  14. Your post is inaccurate. Shivsena did not attack migrants, it was MNS. Regarding hard working north Indians, who asked them to work so hard? Actually, they are the reason for labour exploitation. They are willing to work at grossly underpaid salaries since they mostly stay alone here with their families usually at native place probably earning through farming as well. While a native resident from Maharashtra need to feed his family staying here with high cost of living. He will obviously not be willing to work at salary which wouldn't even feed one person. You need to look at it from others perspective too. Everything is not about hate and love, north and south. Economics and a man's need to feed his belly is the cause for most of the issues.
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