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  1. Ashwin should come in for Chakraborty if at all and not for Pandya we don't have like for like replacement for Pandya in the squad. Bhuvi should definitely be replaced by Shardul.
  2. We don't have a good bowling lineup. We will do just fine once top order clicks. It's the bowling I am worried about. The squad is pretty bad too to make any changes.
  3. Have you even watched the match. He bowled 3 good overs only one was bad. He wasn't great but he didn't look million dollars in IPL either. He was just good in IPL. Actually I was surprised how he was selected.
  4. Unfortunately we don't even have a good squad to make changes.
  5. He hasn't even performed in IPL. Blame management for his selection.
  6. Bhuvi looked terrible in IPL. SKY and hardik out of form in IPL. Jadeja ordinary. All in playing eleven. IPL form was not considered. So it proves nothing about IPL being over rated. Infact it questions why IPL form not considered.
  7. Bhuvi is a waste. Bumrah is a choker. Jadeja is not a wicket taker. Shami is a run leaker.
  8. Batting lineup is short. Should've played Shardul for bhuvi and ashwin for Chakraborty.
  9. I saw it coming. WI is not that good a side on these pitches. Its all about conditions.
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