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  1. Do you think Coaches and Captain sit there looking for records which are close to be broken by the batsmen out there playing and such things?
  2. He may or may not be equal to standards that some people think him to be but one thing is sure he is miles better than Kohli.
  3. Nobody knew or cared about this so called "Record". Even Axar wouldnt have any idea about it.
  4. Chalo, let's agree he is a very good test captain for the sake of official kohli PR manager in ICF. But the question is does he deserve a place in playing eleven as a batsman. Another non performing captain?
  5. Great job ! Now time to give Rachin a century. Indians are nice guys.
  6. It's unfair, if Rahane goes so should Pujara and Kohli. Anti-Mumbai lobby at work. I demand CBI enquiry.
  7. Kohlis batting against spinners has gone to the dogs.
  8. [sarcasm] Neither is Madrasi, mallu, bimaru, chinki, bhaiyya etc.. [/sarcasm]
  9. GOAT kohli requires rank turners even at home to win a test match while goatee Rahane wins a series outside home even with an inexperienced side. Goat coolie<<<<<Goatee Rahane.
  10. Is there " I Love Ishant Sharma" club? How can you not love such a handsome bloke.
  11. Apparently he was school mates with Shreya Ghosal. Shreya has also made a reaction on this lately.
  12. You don't understand bowling culture. You are from subcontinent and not a NRI (or are you?) living in a Forrain nation. Only those people have true understanding of sports.
  13. Axar is an ordinary spinner
  14. Axar is an ordinary spinner.
  15. Axar is an ordinary spinner.
  16. Not again..... "the nice guys" bhajan.....
  17. Let's say we lose second test. Will you say we lost bcoz of goat captain Kohli. Period. I am sure you will have other reasons then.
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