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  1. Wasn't a dolly. But by du Plessis standards it should be taken.
  2. There are no takers for baba's grand even after scintillating knock by byedude.
  3. To be honest, Bambani fixing matches is just speculations while this disgraceful franchise CSK was banned for you know what.
  4. SWOT analysis?. Far too analytical for a useless franchise led by panauti captain.
  5. He was. He held his carefree game back as soon as he became captain. It was Raina or Yuvraj who played the aggressor role always. Dhoni started playing percentage cricket with yuvraj and Raina around. He was the best finisher no doubt but he wasn't the one taking the game one on. Infact he used to take the game deep many times unnecessarily.
  6. Pre 2015 wala Dhoni bhi 2015 wala hi tha.Dhoni changed his game as soon as he became captain..
  7. Kohli with his antics is not likeable at all.
  8. TDS (the Dhoni syndrome) is more viral than Corona virus.
  9. Greatest fast bowling talent to come up from IPL. Next bumrah in making. All bow down to his greatness and talent.
  10. Greatest bowler in the history of cricket. Needs immediate team India enrollment. Hard to miss on such talent.Can bat a bit too. Pandya who? Patel is the real deal.
  11. I watched whole game. He was not trying to play safe. He was actually struggling to accelerate.
  12. Pant applied for wrong university and university is so glad and impressed of him.
  13. KL Rahul is a meritorious student of the academy with 100% scholarship.
  14. Well they might be donating or doing their bit but not publicly. How can you be so sure they are doing nothing.
  15. There was no pressure as such. It was easy as long as you stay there. Play not extravagantly.
  16. Much needed entertainment in tough times. What do you want remain depressed because of tough times.
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