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  1. No rohit? Rohit is a beast in Asian condition. (Regardless of the format) Mayank is also good but does not hv the X factor.
  2. Very adorable person Sundar is. Has the right attitude. Never looked nervous despite playing his debut match at the highest level down under. He is a Fighter. And future superstar.
  3. PM kaptaan sahab has this mantra for becoming a cricketing power house : "Aapne sabse pehle Ghabrana nahi"
  4. Probably Coz it's Windies D team. Unable to put up a fight at all.
  5. I m not a fan of kohli's captaincy , but have to admit that it was Kohli who introduced this pace bowling culture in the team. Particularly in tests. Dhoni as a test captain, was happy with too many trundlers in the team. And never had the vision of winning in SENA. He was just content with our wins in the sub continent. That's all. Had it not been for Kohli, we would not hv won back to back test series down under. (Credit also goes to the bowling coach. Not taking away anything from him)
  6. He should first improve his fitness and fielding. (His fielding reminds me of lethargic Munaf Patel). Almost got Rohit injured with his shocking throw in the 4th test and got heavily trolled on twitter.
  7. Wounds of the WC 2019 semi final defeat against Kiwis have healed for now. I would take our 2 consecutive test series win in Australia over the WC any day. (If I not wrong, no team in the world has won back to back test series in Australia. )
  8. I like your username. I suggest you join the green ghetto forum with this username. No matter what U post over there, it would be fun.
  9. I thought pujara won't be there in the squad after he fractured (probably) his finger today. His inclusion means the injury is not serious? Great news, if true.
  10. If I m not wrong, Bumrah has never played a test match in India. Hope he destroys English top order next month.
  11. The most annoying Poyz poster 'Junaids' (on pakpassion) who had predicted that India would lose the Gabba test within 4 days has gone into hybernition mode. He will not appear for atleast a month.
  12. Well, he can afford to drop a catch or two, if he continues to bat like this. I will take him over saha any day and anywhere.
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