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  1. Nz are really a pathetic odi team, outside of their home. Most likely, they r gonna get whitewashed here as well.
  2. Sundar is a club level bowler who might do well at times, in asian conditions. In SENA, he will get slaughtered. More or less, Harbhajan is right. We hv better options, that's is for sure.
  3. Yep . Finally !! Some sanity has prevailed.
  4. Kohli has been resting for the last 2 months.
  5. Can we boycott the T20 WC this year ? Or is it too late. I can't withstand Hat-trick of ICC event failures of our team in the same year. 1st, the u19 team, now Women's team. Men's team is next.
  6. Hope kohli and Asstri duo won't be blamed for this debacle.
  7. Man or Woman ; T20 or 50 over ;. Winning an ICC event is simply not our cup of tea. IMO,. our team should not played this match. And should hv forfeited the points to the opposition, as soon as we reached the final. That would hv saved our time and also some embarrassment .
  8. Full strength Aussie team including Smith and Warner getting whitewashed.
  9. Sandeep Sharma is club level. Shivam Dube is not club level. In fact he is much worse.
  10. Aussies hv played their full strength team. Yet are unable to make an impact.
  11. Successive odi series losses for the Aussies. At this rate, they might slide further in the odi ranking , even below the poyz at No6. That will be their worst ever ranking in cricket history for the Aussies.
  12. Harbhajan Questions Pant's place in the team
  13. Pant is the biggest liability for Indian cricket. Bigger liability than Asstri-Kohli duo. U heard it right. These type of players devalue the Indian cap, much more than players like Dube do.
  14. This Nz side got whitewashed 0-3 to Aussies few weeks ago.
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