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  1. After this match, the english side would lose the no1 ranking in ODIs. (Likely)
  2. It is evident Smith lacks match awareness in this form of the game. Look at his dismissals in the 2 games.
  3. Brain Fade from Smith. Going for a suicidal run when u hv already lost 2 quick wickets in 1st power play.
  4. U are not happy with Hafeez's knock today? (SR of 200)
  5. I initially thought U were joking. But Man!! This is insane, They are such a bunch of sick people. PeePee is indeed locked now. Cant even take a t20 defeat momentarily. These losers
  6. This is a patta. Poyz needed min 220. Still, they would hv lost probably. They need a young power hitter in place of Ifti chacha.
  7. Looking at his expression, I think someone just reminded him of the shot he played in the 2007 t20 WC final against us.
  8. Easy Win coming up for the poyz. Congrats in advance. And Yes, boyz (hafeez and malik) have indeed played well.
  9. Hope Dhoni does not withdraw his retirement after watching these oldies smash sixes. Ifti chacha is next.
  10. English weather almost every time sucks all the momentum out of cricket. Better not to hv any cricket than this garbage which ends with no result.
  11. Too many dropped catches (mostly sitters) by poms in the last 2 sessions. Looks like match fixing.
  12. When did the UAE tracks (where your players have been playing for a decade) become juicy green?
  13. Andu bhai took this thread too personally. Poyz are at the wrong place at the wrong time.
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