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  1. Despite a good show in India, I think Iyer won't get into the playing 11 in SA. As he has serious issues against short ball. Likely, Vihari will play. (Assuming hahane is not there)
  2. Obviously, there should be atleast a couple of non performers in the team to make Kohli look like Bradman. Pujara is already in the 11. How can we miss bahane?
  3. Looking at the Thread Title, I thought, for a second that I hv visited Pakpassion by mistake.
  4. During his commentry too, he keeps repeating same words, if he gets excited. Usually, he keeps repeating the last 2-3 words of previous sentence. Sounds like an idiot. Easily the worst commie ever.
  5. Imagine this clown leading our test team in an all important tour of SA. Our lower order won't bail us in SA, unlike it does in India. Mostly likely we shall be whiteswashed.
  6. If someone is not watching the match live and simply checking scores on cricinfo, he may start thinking that Duckula has redeemed himself with a score of 47. Anyone watching it live would know the reality. Oh wait........... Even Cricinfo says he was Out LBW Plumb on 20, but for NZ's brainfade.
  7. https://www.crictracker.com/better-stamina-than-hardik-pandya-fans-get-sarcastic-as-jay-shah-bowls-seven-overs-in-the-bcci-agm-game/.
  8. Looking at Duckula's dismissal, I got a feeling that he was trying to steal a run even before playing his shot. It's not his fault though. He was in a hurry to board the flight to SA. Sense of insecurity must hv crept in.
  9. https://www.cnbctv18.com/sports/bcci-clears-indias-tour-to-south-africa-despite-omicron-scare-11695822.htm. BCCI has given its nod to the SA tour. It's official now.
  10. https://youtu.be/isxZM1mOUrc. Let's not make fun of Duckula. He is a humble and honest guy. So humble that he himself admits he can't score runs on the field.
  11. This Dracula will kill all the enthusiasm of indian fans soon. Except for the OP.
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