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  1. Most people in out country have no civic sense.
  2. Rules exist for a reason. Indian team must follow the rule of the land. They are not gods from other world. Be good guests.
  3. She feels like a bomb-the-islamists-and-middle-east-type. Also a supporter for stricter and wider policing(she locked up lot of people as an attorney). If she does this, I will have to salute her common sense.
  4. As per my sample size of 10, NRI's are no longer connected to what happens in their homeland. It is an unwanted mandatory December Destination. Even my own brother who visits India every 2 years cannot wait to board the return flight. They might form a group to advance their common interests in US. But beyond that everything looks irrelevant for them. Look at this: https://www.thequint.com/us-nri-news/india-us-ties-of-low-priority-for-indian-american-voters-finds-survey Contrast this with jews, who want to give a head and kidney to boost US - Isr
  5. Trump must come out of the party of republi-cucks and start a party based on Alt-right ideology. But he is a intellectual feather weight with no loyalty. So Bannon and Co should find an alternative. The White libtards in american cities should realize that a nation cannot be based and run on a self-righteous ideology.
  6. One has to appreciate the united front put up by MSM/Global Corporations/Administration/Democrats to push Trump out. But it is a pyrrhic victory. Trump lost, but the ideology won. Media has lost its credibility. Silicon valley corporations had their bias laid bare. Liberals are new Comedians.
  7. Ours is an ultra diverse country. At the end of the day the main voting point is caste and region. Our politics will continue to look stupid. And this is what is in store for America.
  8. Moral of the Story: The next leader of Alt-right should be more strategic, cunning and polished than the current one. Donaldji might win, but the path looks difficult than I expected.
  9. vvvs, why are you defending democrats party so passionately? Is it because of fear of Trump and his supporters? What America, and in general west, needs is a leader who is a polished and strategic version of Trump.
  10. Are you part of Democrap Campaign team? How are you planning to handle sorrow if Trump Wins?
  11. It's a war between two totalitarian ideologies.
  12. This is the most unfortunate thing about these people. They need to adopt the playbook of Jews/Mormons and organize the private security groups to fight threats like these. Fleeing only emboldens the barbarians.
  13. Why has the student debt become such a monster? One has to see if it is purely due to students opting for education that simply has no market value. I believe it is so. Seeing this debacle, my respect for Indian parents go high. They push their children into fields that have a good market value.
  14. Every politician is a sociopath to some degree. Almost all of them have that Dark Triad. Your decision is based on a emotional knee jerk reaction. Many NRI's are oblivious to anything except their immediate benefit for immigration. They will vote for a candidate who will make their stay easier in USA, even when he/she abuses/undermines our Civilization big time.
  15. There is a good chance that the riled up right will turn even more right and inch ever closer towards neo-nazi ideology
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