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  1. Anyone watching the better call saul final season? Till now it has done a fantastic job of building up the tension.
  2. Man Man Man.. I was just joking. Every one has their opinion.
  3. Hitler was a very mediocre general. He was emotional, ideological and impulsive. All are characteristics of a BAD leader, leave alone general.
  4. Periyarites are experts in cut and paste history. Tomorrow they will say that Tamil's are aliens descended from other galaxy and all movies for eternity are all remakes of Tamizh movies.
  5. Spiritual strength scares the shoot out of Dictators and Tyrants. No wonder here.
  6. There has been a enthusiastic response from a section of White Folks. RRR will be released on big screen for a night on June 1st in select theaters across USA. All hail the legend SSR.
  7. This. Most of the urban yuppie crowd simply cannot connect to our native emotions and customs. I would add following Bromance Songs and Lyrics in Telugu Jr NTR Performance Alia bhatt cameo (She delivered her own dialogues in telugu. And she tried to match the stars in the final song) Vastly improved Ram charan Performance of child artists (The tribal girl and the younger rama raju) Of course Ajay rocked in his performance.
  8. NTRJr is one of the best actors in South India. If you compare to level of Daniel Day lewis, Tom hanks of course there is NO comparision.
  9. Yeah man. It is dammned irritating. Sometimes I want to give this shitty job, shitty city and go to a village and live on freebies.
  10. Some how I feel that this will be inspired by "The Departed" or resemble it's story line. Vijay Setupathi = Jack Nicholson. Fahad faazil = Lionardo Decaprio. Lokesh said that one of his favorite movies is Departed.
  11. SSR's movies are a bit OTT from start to end. But he weaves an emotional arc and most people do not feel that "kuch bhi!!?". Our generation really really loved his works. But, I have a strong feeling that the new generation is NOT so taken into his emotional ride. SSR needs to change or he risks becoming irrelevant. For example, look at this sequence:- Emotionally loaded scenes like these convince an oldie like me to ignore all the OTT stuff.
  12. It actually puts how costly homes have become in India. If only 10% earn more than 3L per annum, why the Frock does a small home, even in tier 3 city cost 50L or more? India is a low grade economy with zero work ethic, zero collaboration and zero appreciation for expertise. I think these are deep rooted cultural values and will not go away that easily.
  13. There is NO clean slate with imperialistic, intolerant and violent ideologies like monotheisms. Their only aim is the expansion.
  14. Only when that christian/muslim does not start his/her "we are superior" monotheistic bullshit. And only if he/she does not consider my gods as devils. FFS, I know telugu christians who are not even comfortable if I put the picture of sai baba on my work desk. I will be much happier around a Tamil Brahm than these idiotic fools.
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