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  1. The disease was like a kick in my balls. It has also helped me to balance my priorities of life.
  2. I am 40. It's young and old at the same time. Infact day 5 of covid was my 40th birthday. That day was spent in a very terrible way. I do not wish even my worst enemy this suffering.
  3. @Mariyam ... Thanks for the prayers of well wishers like you and other ICF Members, I recovered from Covid Fist 2 days of 101 fever and cough Next 4 days of 103 fever+cough+headache. Tried get through on Puny Dolo 650 mg. The fever did not get controlled at all. Joined a famous covid hospital on Day 7. They put me on Blood thinners, Remdesvir, IV Paraceptamol. They tagged me as a high risk patient and put a red band around my wrist. This is the time when I thought: "Mai to gayaa". And i was extremely guilty for not securing the future of my parents. All my insurance pr
  4. Barbaric. Disgusting. Uttery Shameful. Pakistani awaam, right from riksha puller to wealthy businessmen have the hate for non muslims. A country of draculas looking for opportunity to torture non muslims. A zombie country lurching ever so close towards a drop into a deep cliff.
  5. Yes. Persistent high fever and head ache. 103 F. Feeling terrible. Slight amount of cough as well.
  6. Times of India: Omicron variant has over 30 mutations, may evade vaccine immunity: AIIMS chief. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/omicron-variant-has-over-30-mutations-may-evade-vaccine-immunity-aiims-chief/articleshow/87962067.cms A massive and deadly 3rd wave coming up.
  7. And we are back to square one. We are a stupid species. Putting short term pleasure before long term benefit. And till date no one has the guts/integrity to point fingers at the chinks. CCP has compromised everyone. It is a bastion of asuric values. In a fair world, china must be put under trade embargo and its economy crushed by severe sanctions. Declare CCP as a terrorist organization.
  8. Thanks ash. Thanks everyone for wishes. Does a lot of difference
  9. I am feeling terrible now. Cannot even describe. Constant high fever, No sleep, Huge headaches, Cannot move out of my quarantine room. F**k chinese people. They have blood on their hands.
  10. This post 2019 govt has been totally clueless and stupid. Does not know anything beyond winning elections.
  11. I have been infected with covid 19. Please wish for my quick recovery guys . Feeling terrible. i took my second dose of vaccine in june 2021. Bloody hell the vaccines are a joke.
  12. It has to be seen how long does the rural sikh feudals resort to bullying tactics using their strong religious structure.
  13. See this interview. There is a very possibility that Captain convinced Modi to recede the farm bill to prevent security issues. Especially from 11:00
  14. Wrong. Indians are one of the most reflective and self-critical people. They simply ignore when you throw criticism. No reaction.
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