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  1. Kohli might be a good batsman. But he is even better in image management. Do not take him seriously.
  2. Once a player drops out, it starts a flow. Will not be surprised if foreign players start to leave. English and Australian players will drop out soon. IPL is neither a emergency service nor any frontline work, Players must be allowed to go.
  3. Virat is an example how a great team and support system can more than make up for a dumb/jealous/power-hungry leader. Even more comical are people calling his antics as "This izzzz newww indiaaaaa".
  4. No Hyderabad!!!!..... to the IPL People.
  5. He is a master troll. The greater thing we need to think of is the training that our curators have. It is always possible to produce a turners that take the match atleast to the 4 th day.
  6. I wonder what is the playbook for pitch curators in India. Do they have formal training at all? Or the qualification is being connected to someone?
  7. There is massive Hindu revival across the country.Hypocrite and Stupid People who are comfortable with abarahamic assertiveness but not that of hindutva will always make their brain bare for all of us to laugh at.
  8. Rules exist for a reason. Indian team must follow the rule of the land. They are not gods from other world. Be good guests.
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