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  1. This might actually backfire...decent chunk of farmers are struggling rn coz of this....if the issue just keeps on prolonging and if China doesn't cave in, then it's gonna backfire big time. Also, there is no guarantee atm that he is gonna get re-elected. It's going to be a close race.
  2. People are really delusional if they think a movie can become such a big hit with only guys watching it...Shahid isn't some star hero or anything...for a movie like that to become such a huge blockbuster, it's pretty obvious that even girls are liking the movie. Not denying that there aren't some questionable scenes in the movie but the thing is most of the girls I have seen on social media also seem to be liking it. So yeah this movie becoming a big success doesn't have anything to do with only guys watching it.
  3. this is so not true lol...most of the girls are loving the movie. A movie doesn't become such a big hit just because only men watch it
  4. There are some issues in Arjun Reddy(I haven't seen Kabir Singh.) but people are overblowing it...watch Baradwaj Rangan's take on it. He reviewed it really well, not a surprise as he is a national award winner in critics. The thing people are not realizing is that even Preethi is kind of a nutcase, not just Arjun/Kabir. I didn't like this scene but when the first time Arjun kisses Preethi, she doesn't say anything...she doesn't oppose it. Infact, it's pretty clear from the movie that she likes being dominated by Arjun. The guy is topper of the batch, handsome, good at spo
  5. How times have changed...we are relying more on bowling these days. Our current bowling lineup + 2011 WC batting lineup will win the World Cup comfortably...this current middle order is just a freaking joke. Without Virat, Rohit, this team's batting is just so bad & mediocre. Not much hitting options other than Hardik.
  6. World Cup should have similar knockout format as IPL imo - let first & 2nd placed teams play qualifier and 3rd & 4th placed teams play eliminator like how it's done in IPL...this will ensure that no matches are dead rubbers even if the top4 teams are decided much earlier...also rewards teams who have done well throughout the tournament.
  7. Bad ball from Shami...got lucky that Nabi couldn't connect properly
  8. Are Manjrekar and Ramiz drunk? Why have they been saying India has this match in bag when Afghan still have decent chance to chase it? I mean 35 from 4 overs is easily achievable, especially with a set batsman at crease. They were saying this even when Afghan needed 60 from 9 overs. Either just pure disrespect to Afghan or these idiots spouting bs
  9. Boring World Cup....I found even last WC boring..2011 was really good though....I guess I am just tired of ODIs these days. I hardly watch any ODI bilateral series. IPL and T20 World Cup for me are the only 2 things I look forward to in cricket these days, especially IPL...IPL is so much better, entertaining and also better planned than WC.
  10. Not much surprises when it comes to LS elections this time...expected comfortable win for NDA. I am mainly curios about assembly elections in my state this time (AP)...it's gonna be super tight. Even some reliable exit polls agencies have made contrasting predictions for AP this time. Personally, I think Jagan is going to edge this one....CBN has been acting strangely in last few days with all these meetings with 3rd front leaders. One thing for sure, I don't see either of BJP, Congress winning a single LS seat in AP atleast in near future. Congress though have royally messed up
  11. Both Dhoni & Lebron have similar record in finals 3-6 :)
  12. That last one was a clear LBW. I saw the replay later...that was a good decision
  13. If that's the case, why doesn't every IPL final end in a last ball finish lol...thing is T20 is a dynamic format which has lots of twists & turns. Just look at the last T20 World Cup..imagine if that India-Bangla match happened in IPL? Pretty sure everyone would be going OTT with fixing claims. Same thing with final where Braithwaite hit those 4 sixes...that's the thing with T20s. It's just way too unpredictable. Moreover, first appreciate the bowling man...Malinga just didn't give Watson, Jadeja any loose ball in final over...he just executed it perfectly. It was excellent death bowling f
  14. Umesh Yadav is the most brainless bowler I have seen in recent times...gosh it's so frustrating watching him bowl
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