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  1. Dhoni is good, but man, he gets too much credit for every little thing he does.
  2. Never liked his captaincy, but feeling sad for him seeing what happened in the past week or so.
  3. They will choke in semis or finals. Cannot be lucky like 2019 wc in every tournament.
  4. Aha..forget about 50s...no MOM in 100 games ... Pretty sure there must have been numerous opportunities for him to score quick 30s 40s...not even one impactful performance that deserved a MOM? Btw, how come he scored so many 50s for CSK by batting at similar position?
  5. Took a decade to score first 50 despite playing every T20I this record will never get broken like Sachin's 100 centuries.
  6. Exactly that's the reason why we should play 4 pacers. In hindsight, you can say Siraj was ineffective and a spinner should have played. But it could have been some other pacer. That's why it's important to play 4 pacers and hope 2-3 of them find their groove in the match.
  7. 69 million for Ind vs AUS 2nd T20... What's so special about this match... I don't remember.
  8. Seems like Kohli also has become an easy target for "high iq" fans.
  9. Pujara is better than Dravid in India and Australia. These two countries make up 60% of the matches they played in their careers.
  10. OK let's compare the fast bowling attacks then. 90s/2000s vs 2010s England - way way better in the last decade. Pitches have been more spicy too. NZ - Way way better in the last decade. Australia - Par. In fact one can argue the combined pace attack of Cummins, Hazzlewood, Starc/Cummins is better than McGrath, Gillespie, Lee. South Africa - Par. But Kohli has consistently faced very tough attacks in SA in the form of Steyn/Morkel/Philander/Rabada/Ngidi and going to face Nortje later this year. Never had breathing space unlike Sachin, who made
  11. Ffs Root had not scored a 100 at home for 3 years before this series.
  12. Mate, obviously Sachin was greater than Kohli. I just merely pointed out the reason behind Sachin's high average. He would not have averaged 65 had he faced the kind of attacks Kohli has faced since the latter's debut. Kohli may not have backfoot game, but yet he produced one of the greatest series by an overseas batsman(2018). Shows you don't need to have all shots in the book to be a great player. Technique is overrated.
  13. England had trash attacks before and Sachin made merry of it.
  14. Root is not better than Kohli overall. Ffs Kohli had a bigger series in England(2018) than Root ever had despite home conditions.
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