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  1. Glenn Philips seems to be not rated highly by IPL franchises. Hard-hitting player, done well across multiple seasons in CPL on those sluggish pitches, plus can keep too. RCB should go for him.
  2. You just the nail on the head. "Psychology experts" on here will have no answers to this. Even I am not a fan of Kohli's captaincy, but posts on this thread are hilarious.
  3. Australia declared their second innings mate.
  4. We are not winning it as it's difficult to score. Play for the draw you muppet Ashwin.
  5. Wth Ashwin. Keep your bat down idiott
  6. Disgraceful. Really feel for your partner.
  7. Having gone through the posts, being a neutral in this discussion, I find Zen's and McCoy's points a lot more convincing than others. There is a lot of bias for Sachin from Indian fans, which I think is understandable. It is similar to how Bangladesh fans hype Shakib, who is the first world class player for them. I also believe Sachin is overhyped. He was good? Yes. One of the best? Yes. But there were others who were equally as good, heck you can even make pretty good arguments for others being better than Sachin. In his 24 years of LONG LONG career, Sachin never had a "peak" lik
  8. I think people are going overboard with Kohli hate. We could have had 120+ lead in the first test had that Paine's catch was taken by Agarwal, and would have won the match easily from there on (pretty sure 36 all out would not have happened in that case). Having lost the first test, Australia would have been more motivated to win the second one to make it 1-1. Then the very you would be making threads about "Should BCCI have granted leave for Kohli?".
  9. I do not think there will be any draws. Both batting lineups are not too strong. We should win another one to make it 2-2.
  10. If he wins tosses, India are definitely going to win most matches, and if loses tosses, at least we will be competitive. What more you want? of course unless you believe we have the same talent as the Australia of 00s And WI of 80s.
  11. Australia will be all out today itself. Their score will be close to ours - 230 all out.
  12. First one was plumb, not sure how it happened out to be umpire's call. The second one-- yes, India was lucky to get it in their favour. But anyway, it's freaking Burns, who is Australia's Prithvi Shaw. His wicket does not matter.
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