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  1. Rahul this is the pitch where you need to score your usual 60(50) type innings.
  2. KL is just taking singles and letting Mayank take all the risks. Some things never change. Rahul is all set for 45(40) today.
  3. After Warner and AB, Buttler is the most consistent foreign player in the IPL.
  4. Loving it. As Mamoon says, Rahul and PBKS deserve this humiliation.
  5. KL Rahul: Hopefully we can learn from the last game. The first six overs are key, if we can bat normally. We need wickets in hand. There you go. Get ready guys for a blistering 60(52) from KL.
  6. Don't think they are that good. It's all AB/Maxwell. If they don't fire, RCB will lose 9/10 games.
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