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  1. Be careful about financial planners. Only use the certified once.
  2. As a kid I loved the fly past. Jhankis were useless. I think it is fun.
  3. Never be heavy in any sector even when it makes money. Split between stock+saving+real estate
  4. They are not asking for much. This is basic. I do 5K in sub 30 minutes when motivated.
  5. Shame on you. Is this how you people think? That explains the reason for the rush in passing these laws.
  6. Rahul should bat only. Pant can do the other part and Gill can be rotated.
  7. Agreed. Dhawan and Rahul should be in the mix.
  8. It proves that you twist words. I am for the betterment of small farmers. You teist words around. Show me where did I use the word communist? If not your apology in advance is accepted.
  9. I repeat that again and again so that it registers. A small holding farmer can never enter middle class. Bigger farmers may be fine. They do need to be moved away from farming but that requires intervention by GOI. Besides raising taxes can you offer a solution for parity???
  10. Farming no where in the world be that profitable. They have to leave farm to make money but the transition has to be enabled by government. No one has shown more respect towards farmers than I have. Look at the word your cohorts have used Atankwadis, khalistanis, iliterate, angutha chaap etc. Moreover farming will never be as lucarative as a corporate job till the farm size is in 1000's of hectare. Nice lofty idea but a farmer with a small farm size can never grow rich or maximize profits. It is just not feasible. I have seen poverty first hand and come up north and I sh
  11. To me IPL is the best tournament in cricket. Like I said I have watched enough Tests in the stands that I want no part of it. Moreover Natrajan owes his success to financial security of IPL.
  12. Culprits must be punished. Defacing a place of worship shows that you have no religion. Shame on these people.
  13. You do it once does not mean the norm. You do it day in day out than it is something different. Damage was done by Rahane, Pujara, Gill, Pant, Siraj etc with support. They are all specialists.
  14. This is what MSP is and MSP was there and will be there, and this law will not effect the MSP. I dont know how many times the same thing has been said. This %ge cannot be arbitrary, and this is decided by Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), which is a statutory body I maintain that MSP should be equivalent of a minimum wage. That can be easily calulated and does not have to be arbitrary. But MSP regime is not sustainable and you'll have to find a way to make farmers self reliant. You can't have a ssituation where all farmers are only dependant on government f
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