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  1. In punjab this can be fixed if RSS and Sikhs work together.
  2. Your hate for sikhs has clouded your vision.
  3. It is a shame but this calls for a strong center. Local govts cant do much.
  4. I agree with you. Hindus and Sikhs need to unite on this issue otherwise they will ruin the local culture. What do you think is the solution?
  5. You do know central govt has more power. Plus PM Modi has more credibility than the corrupt Badal family.
  6. Modi government need to do something about this conversion business. And this free offerings need to stop.
  7. That is not conclusive. Still no proof it is contagious.
  8. You guys have been from day one making an economic issue into a religion and caste. You will never get it.
  9. No proof it is more contagious. No proof it started in SA. Keep your vaccinations current and you will do well.
  10. Kapil Dev has been acting like a dumb sheet for a while. If anyone says that all the batsman need to start bowling then he clearly has been left behind. KD was very fortunate. He will not break into current Indian rotation.
  11. I can absolutely, totally and completely see why you abhor detest and loathe redundancy.
  12. Stupid. Dumb. Asinine. BCCI can have a policy on dietary requirements but they have no right to tell whether you can eat jhatka or halal. Bunch of morons deciding it
  13. Heads Guns of Navaronn Tails where Eagles Dare Heads it was.
  14. So they are employing the western method of stunning. The reality is once you stun there are no pain signals transmitted. So now they are also employing the western method and halal is a two step process stun + artery cut. Jhatka always was stun + cutting the cortex nerves. Anyway I there is plenty of scientific evidence that halal is the most painful. I would not be surprised if France is the first country to ban it.
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