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  1. ICF: Who was/is your celebrity crush? maniac: Growing up hands down (no pun intended) Raveena Tandon. Home run.
  2. Then he needs to step aside. I am tired of him and Anushka's love embraces. man needs to win some damn tournament.
  3. ‘Kohli holds two posts: one as player and captain of the Indian team and other as a Director of Sports marketing company which contracts fellow Indian cricketers’. If true this is serious stuff.
  4. Gambhir is right. Kohli needs to win or get out.
  5. They were a top notch at one time but there is parity now.
  6. Buying Rafael is a big mistake.
  7. Favorite food? Any other sport besides cricket? Favoite TV show.
  8. That has everything to do with the size of Indian economy. If you have top 5 economy in the world that is exactly what you will get.
  9. Sidhu was not the best bat but a top notch entertainer on and off field. Spinners were just a collateral damage in a days work.
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