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  1. IPL 2021: Shikhar Dhawan tops MVP list https://www.rediff.com/cricket/special/ipl2021-shikhar-dhawan-tops-mvp-list/20210421.htm
  2. Those times have changed. Zaheer was a flop against pace bowling and would feast on spinners. And in those days when Zaheer was playing there was mostly one format and that was test. So the players in those era learned to graft. Babar has to play fast paced game so 100 is a very good score. Zaheer with his weight was a liability on the field.
  3. Thanks for updating me. I am not surprised at all as he is the best in the world. The only team he cannot walk into is the one made by imbeciles on ICF.
  4. But the real question is that is he better than my favorite cricketer Dhawan?
  5. I have watched Zaheer, Inzi, Yousuf and Miandad. He is head and shoulder better than those four. Time will tell how his career goes but he is immensely gifted and a prize wicket,
  6. This is called oxymoron. This gentleman has likes and dislikes. He speaks from both side of his mouth.
  7. If anyone thinks India should not win it all is a lost cause. The winning formula: Take top 10 bats and top 10 bowlers from IPL and pare it down. It is not difficult to win WC. Make Sharma the captain.
  8. This is indeed the best cricket team ever. This is the best depth ever. Reason is that India is one sport nation. My Bengali brothers used to love football an they have given it up. I wish India engages in Football too.
  9. I can analyze the data but that takes time. Let me give you a simple requirement in the last T20. He did not do well in the first game and was dropped but Rahul who did worst was persisted. Do you now get the context. And I have said it a million times and I will repeat again, cricket averages as shown mean nothing to me. Nothng.
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