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  1. Did Belgium nottop the other group/ They are a good team.
  2. I agree. No need to rush the call. That decision should be based on IPL performance.
  3. But but he is the best allrounder.
  4. He needs to be dropped from all the formats till he decides to specialize. Either a bowler or a bat.
  5. Once again for the umpteenth time. Human body is not designed to be an allrounder. For bowling you need long arms, long legs and lots of atleticism. For bats you need hand eye corodination, bat speeds great vision. You cannot do both as this is a physically demanding sport. If you do bothyou can pck up injuries.
  6. I need to bump up my thread. Another one bites the dust.
  7. Velu!!!! Did your pole vaulted or wilted after this?
  8. Like I said I have not watched tennis in decades and have really walked away from it. Thouroghly enjoying the Euro cup and looking forward to Italy vs England. It is coming (diving) home.
  9. A game dominated by Swiss cannot be that competitive. I played tennis for decades and finally walked away. Never ever thought ofit as good entertainment to watch. Euro cup is really gripping to mw.
  10. Pujara and Rahane need to be replaced for the first test.
  11. They were not winning T20 anyway. Moreover Ashes is a contest for who is the third best.
  12. Sick hero worshiping. What is so special about MSD thatt you will take a bullet for him? Cricket is just another sport.
  13. Let us not spend too much time on PCB issues. We have losers like Kohli, Shastri, Gavaskar and now Dravid.
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