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  1. Wrong topic. Let me ask you is hardik Pandya an allrounder? Let us not derail this topic out of respect for the op.
  2. Rotating captains in any format. As a minimum three formats/three captains and next level would be like a T20 game can have 5 different captains for 5 games. I know it is radical but a single captain serves no purpose.
  3. This does not have to be a binary decision. All four should play with atleast three on the field at the same time.
  4. I know my views are not popular but captain serves no purpose. It should be rotated among top players from game to game.
  5. @Ankit_sharma03 I could not keep up today. How did Dhawan perform today??? Is he doing OK?
  6. Of the top three he is the top three. You still have problems.
  7. No 4 out of 50 odd is topping the chart. You have problem with one of the highest run scorer in the tournaments. You want to see him fail to prove that you are right. You have no objectivity. Can I once again call you a hater.
  8. I am glad you asked. https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/records/batting/most_runs_career.html?id=13533;type=tournament Someone who scores more runs, has better average and higher S/R in my book is a better player.
  9. And the term hater used is not taken lightly by me. Before the last WC you were on your ill informed rant why Dhawan does not deserve a place and he should not play and he is junk and more blah blagh blah from you and he turned out to be the best in the world. Show me if your favorite Ashwin has done anything like that. Never.
  10. Ashwin is back to his sucking ways more often than not. Dhawan on the other hand is topping the charts. Hater.
  11. Four years have elapsed since the T20 wc. His performance has improved and is currently playing better than Rohit. He has edge over mayank and the only player at this spot ahead of him is rahul.
  12. @coffee_rules and @Ankit_sharma03 if there is true objectivity the top two are Rahul and Dhawan. Followed by Mayank. This is as of today and I can defend that all day long. If some does metrics properly this discussion would not take place. I like Ankit but to me he displays nothing but superficial knowledge of the sport.
  13. This is nothing but bias. You think players dont show any improvement over time? He was the best in the the last WC ( I understand format and stuff.) He is capable of delivering on the big stage. Mayank has done well but Dhawan is not behind either. There is room for him and four of them can be rotated in top 3 spots. You need to keep playmakers in the team and he is a playmaker. I can make an arguement that he is ahead of Rohit as of now. I can make an argument that he is ahead of Mayank too, but my thinking is different. I want all four to play.
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