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  1. And he plays the uppercut, previously employed by legends like Sehwag and Tendulkar!
  2. This really is the crux of it. If a bowler takes wickets at a medium-level (FC cricket) and a high-level (A Team cricket), all over the world, then it makes sense that they will do in the highest-level.
  3. Yes, I say this every year but India need to ensure some of their top players are in county cricket. We saw how much it helped Pujara and it can help others get used to the conditions! It turned Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma into top-class world-leading bowlers and also helped RP Singh to be a series-winning bowler in England 2007.
  4. From watching clips - he seems a promising bowler. Nice relaxed approach, good bounce, etc.
  5. Oh I hope not - it'll be Unadkat's Test debut all over again!
  6. Yes - what an effort! Much like Mohammad Kaif - he will be remembered for a long time for his great performance at a crucial time!
  7. I've never seen that piece of analysis about how close they release to the batsman - what a brilliant piece of analysis!
  8. Weakness isn't necessarily fatal. Sir Alistair Cook was vulnerable against the corridor from right arm over the wicket bowlers but he is one of the all-time great openers.
  9. MI should get both. Boult and Bumrah take the new ball. Bumrah and Natarajan at the death!
  10. I think Wasim once said in ODI cricket he wasn't concerned with wickets, just keeping runs down. Unsure if I totally agree but it is an interesting thought, nonetheless.
  11. I didn't hear Harsha's comment. Unsure if he commentates on the Sky Sports feed in the UK. I watched today and it looks like Tyagi has a little way to go. His pace dropped a bit toward the end and for me, this is a sign that someone isn't consistent with their speed and maybe only bowls fast when in rhythm. It is no crime to be destroyed at the death, it happens to everyone. I'm sure from the IPL and before, the India management will have a keen eye on Prasidh Krishna, Tyagi, Nagarkoti and Mavi. They're all huge prospects. Interestingly. Saini seems to have more consistent speed
  12. To some extent. I think sometimes some bowlers styles can make the pace trickier to play. I remember I think KP saying that Brett Lee was easier to face than Shoaib Akhtar because with Brett Lee you could always see the ball and with Shoaib, the ball disappeared behind his back. I think Jofra's jog to the crease and then explosive delivery makes him very tricky to play. I think one thing is for sure, and that is that all batsman struggle once you get above around 152kph. Another thing for sure is that Tyagi is a huge prospect for India! Maybe India should try to send him to Englan
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