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  1. Sgattick10


    Shakuntala devi on Prime is a decent watch
  2. Sgattick10


    Brilliant show loved it..waiting for S3
  3. What about India..no survey done?
  4. My mom tells we made great tv shows but not so great movies in the 80s.. I hve watched a few reco by her like Malgudi days, Bharat ek Khoj, Buniyaad, Udaan etc though nothing can beat the great Mahabharata (BR Chopra one not the crap made by Ekta Kapoor)
  5. Who/which party is better for India. Democrats/Republuc..Biden/Trump??
  6. Has any of our libtards made any choo chaa about this in social media? Specially the 'islam khatre me hain' gang?
  7. Glad that your mother recovered..if u dont mind may I know your mother's age.. cos my mother is in her 60s now and its scary..also are the symptoms similar in all patients or does they vary? I hve paracetamol, vitamin c tabs at home..do anyone have any idea abt Ramdev's ashwagandha med.. I heard it helps in strengthening the immune system.
  8. Looks like it, Army seems to be khafa with him.. a coup might end his career in coming few yrs
  9. https://twitter.com/SushantSin/status/1279058252815233024?s=20
  10. China's imperialism, China the new East India Co. Last few months Shekhar Gupta's show cut the clutter has been quite educative..one good thing about him is he's a centrist, Pro India unlike the so called liberals or bhakts.
  11. Rana Ayub is the lowest of low scum..no wonder all the Pakistani journos follow and retweet her..these so called Pakistani liberals and some of our extreme leftist even call Barkha a Modi peddler now...bastards.
  12. Who is Cynthia Ritchie, the mysterious American woman who’s roiling Pakistan’s politics? Even as Pakistan grapples with a surge in novel coronavirus infections, many Pakistanis are finding l'affaire Cynthia Ritchie more rivetting at the moment. Written By Nirupama Subramanian , Edited By Explained Desk | Mumbai | Updated: June 9, 2020 11:08:49 am NEXT Cynthia D Ritchie, an American national has lived in Pakistan for nearly a decade. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/CynthiaRitchieglobetrotter) It all began on Twitter, on May 28, when Cynthia D Ritchie, an American national who has lived in Pakistan for nearly a decade, tweeted alleging that Benazir Bhutto would order her guards to “rape” women with whom her husband Asif Ali Zardari had affairs. Since then, the matter has spiralled, and drawn in more top-rungers in the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). On Saturday, Ritchie accused former Interior Minister Rehman Malik of raping her, and former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and another Cabinet Minister of groping her. Both Malik and Gilani have denied the allegations. ADVERTISEMENT The PPP, the ruling party in Sindh province, despite the massive setback in the 2018 parliamentary election, is shaken and has demanded that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) investigate Ritchie and the terms of her stay in Pakistan for her “very derogatory and slanderous remarks” about Benazir and Zardari. Sherry Rehman, a PPP representative in the Senate, the upper house in Pakistan’s parliament, posted on Twitter: “I usually don’t dignify such garbage, but this is libellous, heinous slander based on malicious lies. Attributing such filth to a champion for women’s rights, a martyred prime minister degrades the writer of this bot-handle more than anything else.” Even as Pakistan grapples with a surge in novel coronavirus infections, many Pakistanis are finding l’affaire Cynthia Ritchie more rivetting at the moment. There are plenty of PPP-haters who are savouring the moment, but an equal number are asking: who is Cynthia Ritchie? ADVERTISEMENT So who, indeed, is Cynthia D Ritchie? The Indian Express sent her a list of questions, but she responded saying her forthcoming “live televised interviews this week” would provide all the answers. From reports in the Pakistani media, it appears that she has been a resident of Pakistan for close to a decade. She has been described as a blogger, a filmmaker, and “a social media enthusiast”. ADVERTISEMENT Her Facebook page says she is from Louisiana, “has a Masters degree from Louisiana State University and additional graduate training at University of Houston School of Law, Pepperdine University and George Washington University in the faculties of mass communications, criminal justice, conflict resolution, clinical & behavioral psychology and strategic public relations”. Her bio says she works at “A Different Lens Production”, a filmmaking company. The Facebook page of this company has short videos from the Swat Valley in December 2019. Her blog does not show up in Internet searches, and although she has said many times over the past 10 years that she is making a documentary, she does not seem to have one made yet. In an interview to a Pakistani magazine called “Thexpatt”, titled “Chronicles of an Adventuress”, Ritchie said she had been visiting the country since 2010 “in the wake of the floods” of that year. Her visits, she said, were funded by Pakistani-Americans. The magazine called her “a unique cocktail of expertise, insight and sheer talent”, and said she had been “reshaping perceptions” between the people of Pakistan and America. She said in the interview that when she was invited to speak at universities, she liked to shock her audiences with “contra-positive” images about Pakistan. The American media, she said, was extremely negative about Pakistan. She told the interviewer: “It was from Pakistanis who said we need more people like you in our country to help to articulate who we are as a people, who we are as a culture, as a faith. … When people ask why did I choose Pakistan? I explain, I didn’t choose Pakistan, Pakistan chose me!” However, some Pakistanis smell something fishy in the story of the “pagal gori”, as “Thexpatt” described her, who is in love with the country. On social media, they describe her as “close to the establishment”, and ask how she has managed to get a visa to live and stay in the country year after year, with access to places that can only be given after clearance at the highest level of the militablishment that rules Pakistan. Cynthia D Ritchie with former Interior Minister Rehman Malik in 2010. (Twitter/@CynthiaDRitchie) Her Facebook page shows she is active in the lobbying efforts against India on Kashmir, but that is not what is riling those who suspect that this a broader design. Some believe she is a CIA mole who has developed deep contacts in the security establishment. Others think that she has been co-opted by the Pakistan military, and this is their latest hit job against civilian politicians, especially the PPP. “I can’t say whether or not she had the experiences she’s gone public about. That is something that remains to be investigated. Meanwhile, her accusations, coming at this time, divert attention from the main threat the country faces, the health and economic crisis arising from the coronavirus pandemic. The PPP-led Sindh government has taken the lead in trying to stop the spread, that the federal government has been opposing it tooth and nail,” Beena Sarwar, a journalist and human rights and India-Pakistan peace activist, said. “These allegations put pressure on political parties, make them lose face publicly, probably to divert attention from other issues such as the lack of governance,” said Ayesha Siddiqa, a Pakistani military and political analyst. Pakistan has nearly a lakh Covid-19positive cases, and 2,000 deaths. It may be also purely coincidental that the allegations have come at a time when the 10th National Finance Commission has just been constituted. In post-Covid Pakistan, its allocations will be extremely vital for the four provinces. Interesting!!
  13. Paatal lok is so brilliant, probably the best wb series to come out of India. Story, characters, dialogues excellent and so are the actors - Jaydeep Ahlawat, Abhishek Bannerji, Neeraj Kabi, Swastika Mukherji, Gul.Panag, Ishwak Singh and even the actors doing small characters like Cheeni, Chaku, Firangi.. all so good
  14. Dada its true though, we cannot have ostrich mentality, kashmiris hate all Indians(hindu) even the so called liberal (non terrorist sympathisers) ones..now they have got a pullitzer, want world leaders to recognise their struggle..in such situation what do we do..if Modi takes a rash decision he'll be slammed by cong and international leaders..and if he doesnt do anything, it hurts the army..so what is the solution? A practical one that doesnt show India in a poor way..
  15. Guys, I watched Broadchurch, The Valhalla murders, quite a good watch.
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