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  1. Ye kya hai, atleast take someone who can pronounce the names
  2. https://crictoday.com/cricket/news/virat-kohli-names-one-player-who-deserves-to-play-in-south-africa-despite-his-failure-in-test-cricket/ Wah this is like I scratch your back you scratch mine. Kohli wants Rahane cos he himself is failing and having Rahane will make look less bad. The same Kohli dropped Rahane in SA tour when Rahane was in good form
  3. What is so shameful here. Ajaz bowled really well and deserved all the wickets, not his fault that other bowlers were ****. 36 AO was more shameful.
  4. @express bowling aaj khush toh tum bohat hoge what a spell from Siraj. Couldnt believe Kohli didn't give him more overs.. He prefered Umesh over him
  5. Military dictatorship is better for Pakistan. Their civilian political parties are stooges anyway
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