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  1. I remember seeing an YT vdo couple of years back where Aussie commentators were talking about Gill and the massive cricketer that he is going to be. I am really glad that Kohli took m leave else Gill may not have got the nod.
  2. Tbh Washy looks like a far superior batsman then Jadeja, of course in bowling Jaddu is far ahead
  3. Lmao Ahktar, so boastful, life jhandwa phir bhi ghamandwa https://youtu.be/bs52nf9jx2U
  4. I wish we played Pakistan rn and beat them 5 nil or 4 nil or whatever
  5. Why is Rohit Sharma still retained? Kuch toh kiya nahi Aus me
  6. What a hero @ 23 he won a test a series
  7. Abay why such late reaction, I thot another one gone
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