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  1. Rahim, Sakib & Tamim all are better test batsmen than phoney irrespective of his form. It's a disgrace he has played so many tests for India & on top of that even captaining the side. Absolutely no accountability in Indian cricket.
  2. Nothing more to add about this phoney. Just imagine Iyer scoring a century in this test & then sitting out for Rahane
  3. Absolutely. The likes of Livingstone are even playing the T10 leagues & enhancing their limited overs cricket while we shield our cricketers for IPL where most of the damage is done by top 3 players & overseas stars. This nonsense has to stop & players should be allowed to play in leagues around the world, specifically batsmen. Indian women stars are playing & performing in The Hundred & WBBL, their game will enhance as a result.
  4. We can thrash them in bilaterals but they will smash this team in the match that matters
  5. Bangladesh lost this match just the way they lost the match against Lanka in WC. Too busy in fulfilling match ups & didn't bowl the leggie at all.
  6. One of finest batsmen of his generation, one of the most elite sportsmen to come from South Africa
  7. Highly mediocre match between two average sides. Pakistan are truly openers or bust.
  8. I remember during my lurking days on this forum, I distinctly remember reading a thread about NZ kid sensation Rachin, I guess it was started by @King
  9. I ll be honest I watch Indian cricket these days just for fantasy cricket, as you said India play such retrograde & boring cricket. Even yesterday the template was same as last 10-15 years.
  10. Chahar over Bhuvi as a swing bowler, Bhuvi still playing for India is a disgrace
  11. Why didn't he bowl? Another useless bilateral match for the bilateral kings.
  12. Not Rohit but definitely Kohli. Kohli fangirls can claim whatever they want but this guy is easily dispensable.
  13. Isn't Rahul himself the king of stats padding in IPL under the garb of responsibility?
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