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  1. It's reaching disgusting levels now. First, people were dissatisfied with the victory and now telling us the "fast" bowlers are feeling let down. BC hadh hai.These are professional cricketers, they don't have mood swings based on pitches. People will abuse the team if they lose, they will abuse the pitch if their fantasies of a utopian victory are not satisfied.
  2. Don't think that is possible with the Ahmedabad pitch. Turn is inevitable, red ball will bring some respite for the batsman that's about it.
  3. He has been impressive in those ODIs. No.4 shouldn't be juggled around with for atleast 20 more matches. After a long while someone is getting a chance to own that spot & has done reasonably well. If he doesn't evolve his game & work on those issues he ll get the boot, so win win for India. I think he has very good temperament & will succeed in long run.
  4. Harbhajan had his share of performances but he was always under shadow of Anil Kumble. He blew hot & col far too often & there used to be that nonsensical phrase used for his bowling in mid 2000s i.e. when he picks up a wicket early in his spell he gets a truckloads of wickets, otherwise he gets impatient. He enjoyed the support of the two captains he played under but IMO he never became the match winner in the mould of Kumble. He enjoyed the prospect of playing second fiddle in a bowling partnership. Secondly, Harbhajan always used to struggle when he came up against SL & Pa
  5. Interesting guess , I think there must be something else, Marriage ka bata dete shayad
  6. @Ankit_sharma03 is correct, Virat Kohli doesn't know the definition of backing a player. Even when he was under Dhoni/Smith for short period, Sundar was used more efficiently than Virat has ever used him in RCB.
  7. You are underestimating him as a batsman. He is obviously challenged by short ball but it's not that extreme. He has a wonderful record and has not anything wrong to get axed from ODI.
  8. Let's see if there is any official representation made. This statement might very well be frustration of getting blown away in 5 sessions.
  9. With red ball in next game, things gonna not that straightforward for the spinners, batsmen may get time to adjust. But I think this is just the inherent nature of this pitch as was visible in domestic T20 matches, turn is inevitable. However, if it's a shortened match again, it would be hilarious to watch the melt down of our very own supposed Indian fans rather English whinging. On the XI, I know nothing gonna change but there should be a batsman coming in for Washington Sundar. There is no need to go in with a 5th bowling option if you have no trust in the ability of that p
  10. It was the same year 2010. He was in different zone that year, big hundreds, fast hundreds, insane run of form. But couldn't replicate that in 2011 after SA tour
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