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  1. You should read his book, that's a pretty good read. Very honest assessment of his career and Indian cricket in those times.
  2. Dravid was the finest no doubt. I think he should have been made the captain in 2004, Ganguly was past his sell by date post Asia Cup in 2004.
  3. That also means that the King Kohli has learnt nothing. He takes pride in returning the notes to Kesrick Williams though.
  4. Dravid made a good point in this context when he was the captain. Many a players can bat at no 3 in ODIs but very few could bat at 5,6 and excel in that place. Dhoni was one of those few and he did a great job.
  5. Yep exactly. Choker par excellence and a complete failure as a captain. For all the records Virat has accumulated in bilaterals, Rohit overtook him as an ODI performer last world cup, when it mattered. It was not a surprise that Virat was man of the series in bilateral in WI immediately after the world cup
  6. Absolutely, in these lockdown days he, like most others, is using social media to stay relevant. Also on twitter/instagram/others, there is each kind, the abusing and the adulatory. If you are using social media to your advantage, then accept both pros & cons.
  7. Hansie Cronje himself confessed the bookie was exasperated by him as he was not delivering on the promises for which he was getting "money for gem". There are instances of Hansie accepting the offers and bribe but not fixing matches. Even the instances he brought up during the Kings Commission confirms none of SA players agreed to his offers and hence no fixing. Only match where there were actual claims of fixing was the Jimmy Amarnath Benefit match, on the heels of Titan Cup. Even that match, Hansie said was not a fix job. You have to respect Hansie for the fact he made clean breast of things unlike some so called legends of cricket, mostly from Pakistan.
  8. Do not know about Aus being no.1, however they did square the rubber with England, so well played and major challenges lay ahead to be called undisputed numero uno. India on the other hand was never top rank material and that NZ tour was the last nail in the coffin. That superficial tag had to go sooner than later.
  9. Aus reclaim top spot in test cricket
  10. Haha thats a nice concept. Some great questions on twitter as well these days.
  11. It is pretty good. Edifying and entertaining at the same time. Most of the issues discussed are real. Must watch.
  12. Yes and what is the achievement?
  13. Relevant to the day Which Indian cricketer from the WC winning squad of 2011 has a connection with Kapil Dev and Sakib Al Hasan in terms of individual achievement?
  14. All of them got run out on 99 in ODIs
  15. There will be lots of such players . Hint is something to do with their dismissal
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