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  1. Super Overs are getting way too common these days
  2. Got out against the only capably bowler on display lol
  3. Embarassing to watch Irfan bowl. Surely, someone in SL domestic cannot be worse than him.
  4. You are right actually, it's a confusion which has originated due to flip flop done by Rohit to play for Mumbai Indians. Club vs country issue in the light again
  5. Kusal Perera deserves an IPL stint, will be a great addition in any team.
  6. Oh got out, looks like Afganistan have already got the replacement of Shahzad
  7. Who the hell is this Gurbaz, tremendous hitter of the ball jeez
  8. Unprofessional from BCCI, Kohli & Rohit. Running Indian cricket like circus
  9. Rahul as wicket keeper batsman is another short term fix going on in Indian cricket. India has pretty good wicket keeping options coming up & they deserve a chance. I would love to see Samson getting games in this series.
  10. You have just said it yourself, this team is best among the worst lot at the moment (on paper we have lost that accomplishment as well). You have provided so many riders for those loses, what if what if, great teams overcome those moments/missing personnel & usually win those very moments to showcase their supremacy, which obviously this team ain't capable of. I also used to rate this side pretty highly as an all rounded side specially among the current lot of teams but the abject surrender in NZ was again a reminder of mediocrity of Indian cricket. Expecting consistent dominatio
  11. If Iyer is indeed the backup, it's a prudent decision. He has a very good first class record as well I think.
  12. That was a laughable post. You sounded like Ravi Shastri there. It is a very good Indian team with lots of loopholes irrespective of personnel.
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