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  1. No need of Bravo also. Curran is doing a good job. Hazlewood & Tahir have to play in this lineup.
  2. Watson imo is done. Watson at his best was the biggest MVP of IPL, however 2018 was his last hurrah. Overseas slot is precious commodity, you cant waste it on past it player.
  3. Pant should worry about Samson & Rahul out playing him. He came in at 3 today & I ll be honest I expected a 50 from him.
  4. Dhoni at the post match presentation said they will look at certain slots after this break they are getting. CSK has to think out of the box and make use of power play overs instead of ruining the chase upfront & making it difficult for the middle order. Also, strength of CSK in last 2 years was having multiple bowling options, which has not been the case so far. I think they should be go with following lineup : Ruturaj Faf Curran Rayudu Jadhav Dhoni Jadeja Shardul Deepak Chahar Hazlewood Tahir Time to get rid of has beens like Watson & Vijay.
  5. The funniest bit is CSK pinning hopes on Rayudu coming back & winning them games
  6. Rabada is an awesome bowler. 2 wickets per match fixed for him
  7. What a farce from CSK, people don't watch cricket to see their borefest
  8. I see this season of CSK going on the same lines as RPS in 2016.
  9. Realised and edited. One over for Dhoni's 3 sixes? What are the odds of Dhoni hitting 3 sixes against Rabada's pace? Ghanta
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