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  1. Rules are rules, they can't be mended for one individual. He should have travelled back few weeks back when Tye left.
  2. BCCI should cancel the tournament pronto. They are making the same mistake as PCB by allowing the tournament to go on after identification of positive Covid cases. This desperation to continue the tournament is nauseating.
  3. BCCI should atleast address these issues & organize a virtual press conference to give some clarity.
  4. Surely, this should be it for IPL this year, let sanity prevail & postpone the event indefinitely.
  5. This should lead to cancellation of IPL
  6. BCCI official (in ANI) confirmed Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier tested positive for COVID-19.
  7. Unconfirmed reports of Pat Cummins being tested Covid positive
  8. Even last year I thought Rohit used Bumrah primarily as a defensive option. But whenever he got him to bowl upfront, he got wickets. He will do that again if used agressively. He will be back, he is an absolute bank. This was an aberration.
  9. He has been an abomination. He is not bowling like an international bowler. I don't what's his role in the side actually because he ain't a death overs bowler.
  10. As expected, the phoney's innings was one of reasons for CSK's defeat
  11. Unbelievable hitting by Pollard, CSK have been MI's bitch for far too long
  12. Pollard is just looking for sixes, he knows even mishits will go here
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