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  1. I used to love the theme song as well, PHL toofani , hope they restart something on the same lines
  2. Yes aur abhi "one bad session only" bhi baaki hai
  3. What happened to PHL? It was a concept ahead of its times & even IPL came 4 years later than that novel idea. They should restart PHL like league, it will definitely get some viewers especially with additional factor of fantasy contests these days.
  4. Wonderful tribute by @Gollum for the legend, going out on a high is not common for Indian sportspersons & Sreejesh might have achieved that
  5. The guy already has a road named after him!!!
  6. Guys let's celebrate the absolute legend & star of Indian sports. A performance for the ages, consistent right through & someone who has usurped the tag of "THE WALL" Will always be remembered as someone who underpinned this hockey triumph after 41 years!!!!
  7. Yes @Gollum Mubarak, aaj se umpires ki maa bhen karna khatam
  8. What a great day for Indian hockey, after 41 long years!! Congratulations to all !!
  9. Missed the action, have to catch the highlights now
  10. Bang on !!, I stopped following after first half & then checked the score after some time & got pleasantly surprised Mazza aa gaya
  11. Congratulations to all fellow Indians, great day for Indian hockey
  12. Haven't followed the match yet but the scorecard looks promising. Let's see what King Kohli has to offer now
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