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  1. Hooda will be thrown out after this series, then someone new & then he will be thrown out. Going on for last 3-4 years. Top 3 ko malai khaane ka mauka milta hai bas, baaki sab gaye tel lene
  2. As per squad, India is still looking for T20 top 3 consisting of Rahul/Rohit/Virat. Keep making same mistakes, rinse & repeat.
  3. Missed out on Chahal , this joker also keeps his place, as worthless a player as one can imagine Hooda getting chance presumably due to the fact he can bowl, interesting & scary at the same time
  4. Wahi ghissi pitti top 3, wahi approach, Dravid is turning out to be an embarassment. No Shaw, Dhawan keeps his place. Yeah yeah he scored runs but should be phased out. Need different approach in the powerplay. Bhuvi still in T20 squad, iska Godfather kon hai ye bhi ek mystery banti jaa rahi hai
  5. ROFL ek match kya jeet gaye hawa mei udd rahe hain, BTW they nearly lost to Afghans in the same tournament. Despite all the hullabaloo about Indian team, they had a satisfying year in cricket, won in Aus, leading in England, one set back in T20 WC but that was highly toss dependent tournament. So, over-all not a bad year for India. Indian cricket is still strong guys, don't be dishearten, these defeats in bilaterals are not bad, if the right changes are made, we will be stronger. This was bound to happen as Virat is someone who had no foresight to build a team or identify new players or s
  6. Thats not enough performance & lol at swung the new consistently, BC ye kya reason hua
  7. Shaheen was pedestrian in Aus, average in England & ordinary in NZ last time he played there. Even Pakistan fans will acknowledge Hasan Ali was a better test bowler this year for them. Apart from making merry against WI, I don't recall any memorable test performance. In T20s, apart from that spell against India, I don't remember any worthwhile performance either. Honestly I don't know how he got this award. If any Pakistani deserved ICC cricketer of the year award, it was Rizwan.
  8. Iss lodu ko itna bhaav mat do bhai, this uneducated paindoo should not be taken seriously
  9. Vikram Rathour jiska naam sunke 1996 ki bhayanak yaadein taaza ho jaati hai, they have hired a man to throw down balls to batsmen under garb of batting coach
  10. Guys like Romario Shepard & Odean Smith will make a mince meat of Bhuvi's bowling if selected again
  11. Embarassing pick from Dravid, he has made some strange choices early in his tenure
  12. Congratulations everyone here, kaafi mazza aaya
  13. What has Dravid achieved by giving multiple matches to Dhawan/Kohli/Bhuvi/Ashwin in this series? I hope Rohit comes back soon & has some different ideas/team combos to offer.
  14. That is why Indian cricket has remained mediocre throughout & will do so for eternity.
  15. Once again a middle order batsman thrown into the bin while top 3 satiate themselves with all the ODI records. Even in a meaningless match, they continued with Dhawan & Kohli ahead of Venky & Ruturaj.
  16. I hope there is no covid scare & we see full house at MCG , however the match will be one sided either ways as usual
  17. He looks a very elegant batsman, him & Dhull have been really impressive & eye catching. That Harnoor guy is a very ungainly batsman.
  18. What's was this hype about Harnoor Singh prior to the tournament? He looks the worst out of Rashid, Raghuvanshi & Dhull.
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