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  1. Tim Southee in Super Overs (T20I) 6 v Aus Christchurch 2010 (Won) 13 v SL Pallekele 2012 (Lost) 19 v WI Pallekele 2012 (Lost) 17 v Eng Auckland 2019 (Lost) 20 v Ind Hamilton 2020 (Lost) southee was good in 2010 only
  2. So this match counted as tied match won in super over or won as match goes...cause in won matches it's not showing in statsguru...
  3. that was epic.. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. Where to watch highlights of this match does NZ upload highlights on utube like ECB ??
  5. Rather root is lucky captain whenever his captaincy is under immense pressure he gets this gift of winning 3-4 tosses in series....nhi to Apne Kaptan kuli...luck to hai hi nhi
  6. This is blow to our chance to win in NZ...pls selector Saini at least..this will hurt more than Dhawan's injury
  7. This is gold material for meme maker
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