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  1. Stupid selection, but I am fine as long as he doesn’t get a game & is discarded. If this guy gets a game when Rutraj isn’t able to get a game, Indian cricket is dead.
  2. I wouldn’t mind giving them grade A pay if it means they will stay away from the Indian team.
  3. Siraj lead the attack in Australia, we can’t burn out Bumrah & Shami in every bilateral. Let’s see how our bench strength plays out, would have preferred Umran Malik though.
  4. This! Deserving players are either benched & in the rate chance they get a chance they are either dropped or moved around to upset their rhythm. The only vision is how to extend the careers of have beens so they can remain relevant in IPL & pad their bank balances.
  5. MSD had this nonsense about process, the Kohli continued it, now the next in line is also singing the same tune. Well you can ignore results to achieve certain goals, for example you want to build a team that will be able to win the next WC. So in the process you try new things out that may result in failures, but we more or less keep giving chances to old players & fail to achieve any goals. Then lecture fans about how results don’t matter, only their bank balances matter I guess.
  6. how by playing Tuk Tuk cricket? he played tuk tuk at the top with punjab and ensure they lost. the team did the same in SA, based on what is he going to transform white-ball cricket?
  7. Pathetic leaking, what is the point of taking a dump on yourself? 1. he shouldn’t have been made the captain in the first place, his struggles in IPL with captaincy was there for all to see. If they wanted to give captaincy to a senior in the absence of Rohit, they should have made Dhawan the captain. If they wanted an youngster Pant should have been made the captain. 2. once the decision has been made, he needs to be backed for a period of time. Its extremely lame to leak bad reviews of the captain after a first assignment away conditions. Does anyone honestly believ
  8. at the moment Chahar & Thakur seem better options than SDP who breaks down often. At least the other two will give you 10 overs & bat decently, SDPwill not show up all together except may be in IPL.
  9. Exactly what was achieved in the SA tour in preparation for WC? wasted couple of matches with Bhuvi who will only continue to regress instead to giving Siraj & Krishna time in middle. Why did Jayant Yadav who will definitely not be in the scheme of things for WC get a game? What happens if Dhawan or Rohit get injured during WC? Instead of grooming a back up opener, we sent KL to the top destabilizing the middle order so the oldies could feel secure of their top order position. We have the wrong priorities as a team - secure positions for seniors as much
  10. Well, the selected team is still decent. But the team that played isn’t. You have Rutraj, SKY & siraj warming the bench while Bhuvi bowls dollies, KL goes up the order to keep the opener status quo, S Iyer seems to be struggling.
  11. Lol you claim there are no talents coming through & then when pointed out your argument is they are not yet Kohli or Rohit. Rohit himself couldn’t make it as Rohit until after so many stints according to you, but you want their replacements to be already a bradman or Rohit when they come in & claim they can’t even become a dhawan. How does that work? Astrology? The fact is our style of accumulation cricket hasn’t been working for sometime, either you can keep doing the same thing or try to change it. But to expect a favorable result in the very first at
  12. Lets say all of the wickets were shared between the three of the NZ spinners, would it have been thought of as an embarrassment? we scored 300+ runs & we got all out, we had to lose those wicket to some bowler it just happened to be the same bowler, nothing shameful.
  13. On the same track india scored 300+, there was hardly any ghosts in the pitch. if firangis can’t handle a bit of bounce & spin it’s not the curators fault.
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