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  1. The could have had more double headers.
  2. True. Once there is a breach we should stop this, it’s now going to be difficult to contain this. Better to shutdown before it turns into a full blown crisis.
  3. I wouldn’t put it past them but will the foreign team staff & players go along?
  4. Yes blame “the poor & people of lower caste”, whose financial situation demands they need to go out & work for their living. The fact you brought caste into this shows your level of education. it is the rich & ruling class who failed to plan for a second wave & let COVID spread out of control.
  5. Cancel IPL once the bubble is breached it will be difficult to contain this thing.
  6. **** bowling three full tosses in the last over... get lost from here!
  7. Duplesis drops the game. whats the need to fall down after every catch? the over acting cost him the catch.
  8. Thankur needs to try something different, change the angle come around the wicket.
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