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  1. This! Wack some of the balls above the heads of these close in NZ fielders, things will change.
  2. You wouldn't find conclusive evidence to overturn if you don't see the whole evidence.
  3. The video clearly proves that his bat hit the ground, the third umpire stopping the sicko right at the moment there is a spike but not running through to confirm whether this spike is from the bat hitting the ground when the hotspot says there was no nick is pure BS. why didd he stop the snicko as soon as he sees the spike?
  4. Cringeworthy celebrations flopped in the matches that mattered in the World Cup and then goes around showing of his brand after scoring a century in a meaningless bilateral! Shame on him.
  5. WTF?! such loss for India, rest in peace madam.
  6. Rishab does a DHoni with DRS
  7. If you could get the full strength MI you should be able to fill stadiums.
  8. He is going to serve his regiment during this time His is not retiring
  9. NDTV: MSD makes himself unavailable for WI tour.
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