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  1. Batted like a sheep in the matches against WI, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the wc and the warmup game as well. Doesnt look mentally ready compared to the likes of Iyer and Pandey who have overtaken him for the 4-5 batting slot in ODI's. Have not seen enough to comment if he can do it in Test cricket.
  2. Fuel prices arent affected by inflation per se. They are rather the cause for it.
  3. Media is showing its ugly face today. Some of the stuff Aaj Tak has shown today has been nothing short of despicable.
  4. Smith v Akhtar is an interesting one. Akhtar would surely trouble Smith but would lose steam quite soon and Smith could just wait it out and cash in later. Better would be Smith v Mcgrath or Wasim. Two genuises who can expose any chinks in the technique and can match up to a battle of attrition. The rest are pretty much slam dunk.
  5. No leggie is a big no for a T20 game. Or an SLA is needed. Bhuvi, Bhajji are not big wicket takers and even Ashwin can be neutralised. Only strike bowler is Bumrah. Also Pandya as the third seamer/5th bowler is pushing it. Well tbh no matter what team you pick they are no match for the foreigners. They are getting walloped.
  6. Such a sad week. Amazing effortless actor he was. RIP
  7. RIP...A true artist. He will be missed
  8. Biopics made in Bollywood over the last decade or so.
  9. NZ are absolutely Pak's bunny. Dont remember them ever being good against the Green bros.
  10. Gilchrist did well to get his feet out of the way in the first one. The sound it made when crashing into timber, imagine that hitting him
  11. Vickydev

    Fcuk China

    Chinese maal turning out to be faulty...I mean who could have predicted that
  12. Vickydev

    Favorite TV Shows

    HBO makes the best shows, period.
  13. Of the players I have watched, pure skills wise it has to be Akram. Being a lefty added to his benefit and there was nothing he couldn't do with the ball. Miserly and lethal.
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