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  1. These are like tennis ball cricket skills where a combination of middle and index/ring finger is used to genrate cutters and get movement. This looks like it has been adapted with a proper cricket ball here.
  2. Thats a nice illustration. Ive wondered why he didnt turn the ball big in either direction. Seems thats a compromise for this mystery
  3. I remember the cup..Ahmed Shehzad vs Kohli was the big one as far as most were concerned back then Why no Tim Southee and Williamson? the kiwi boys left out for some reason
  4. Washington Sundar..dont think he has done enough
  5. I think yes..there are other teams that are distinctly average.
  6. Yeah if the bowling machines could replicate what the likes of Bumrah, Rashid, Boult do then why not...but they dont now do they? And T20 is meant for good attacking cricket, there are other formats for testing a batsman's temperament. Wankhede is fine but Chennai matches have been horrible. If i wanted to see mediocre bowlers dominate batsman of the calibre of Kishan, Warner, Pandya, Russell etc i could watch the re-runs of PSL in UAE.
  7. The pitches have ruined it for me. Was really looking forward to this year expecting the Indian players to play aggressive cricket with the recent series gone by and WC spot in mind. Instead its just slow and boring cricket. What a shame.
  8. Yeah, the pitches are not conducive to flat out pace bowling. Only pace with movement has worked Also the domestic trundlers have really exploited the conditions well and fully maximised their abilities in trying to become death over specialists by bowling variations and yorkers. Cant fault the franchises if they stick with these guys. They are doing well.
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