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  1. Great one. Is it still the AIB guys involved in the CRED ads? They have raised the bar lol
  2. Vickydev

    wanted captains

    He basically comes in a combo offer with Hardik. Doesnt even get his own Dream XI ad. His best chance is Hardik being made captain and they can twin in as captains
  3. Vickydev

    wanted captains

    We have Sir Shane Pandya. He is doing an RR '08 with the Gujarat team, what more can we ask for.
  4. Ended up with too many slot deliveries. Carted as a result
  5. Yeah was special stuff. One of the best overs without a wicket this IPL
  6. Mohsin's cutters have troubled the best of them. He certainly gets some kick on those which makes it difficult to target. Dont know if its difficult to pick as well from the release, like Fizz's was
  7. Almost all teams will experiment with bilaterals in T20s not just with players but with approaches and options also, so they dont really matter at the end of the day unless its full strength hammer and tongs cricket like Ind-Eng earlier last year. IPL at the end of the day is a domestic tournament. The intensity of international cricket (for T20s it would be WT20s) is a lot higher, the best raise their games significantly mainly because a) the championships are not drawn out spread over 14 games or so, where one can pick and choose their moments. b) On average there are
  8. Agree about his strengths, there are certainly some good areas. His issues arise because of one dimensional nature of his batting, he commits very early to a line and length, just what aids him in playing high pace, like playing on a synthetic wicket would. If there is any sort of deviation, extra bounce or movement from that he ends up looking out of place. Ofcourse movement can trouble the best of them but its the having the ability to react late, that fraction of a second to adjust to different deliveries. Getting out to good deliveries is one thing but looking out o
  9. I imagine Gaekwad would have smashed the living daylights out of SSA and Boult there..lol. In IPL, Pandya and Kishan were tonking Cummins, Rabada and Nortje to the stratosphere in UAE. Venky Iyer was the second coming of Matthew Hayden. Its a different sport altogether international cricket. Lets not go there
  10. He is very average, one dimensional to the fullest. Any sort of movement he is a sitting duck, extra bounce around the channel he will struggle. Dont rate him at all even after his stellar seasons on those low and slow UAE tracks
  11. Rohit is the better actor. Bas vada pao rukwa do we have the next Ajay Jadeja
  12. One of the best batsmen in domestic cricket. Lovely player, great feet and pure gift of timing
  13. Mohsin looks like he can be handy with the bat, has a good setup. Could be a big option if he can refine that to a Rashid Khan or even a Boult level
  14. Mohsin is surely not run off the mill, but yeah he isnt the best young left armer in the country either. Has got some work to do but has great attributes for LOI cricket
  15. He started of the season looking for the consecutive 50s record( Had 4 or 5 of them iirc). Its not about finishing or anything it was about individual stats, everyone in Indian cricket is obsessed with them and his game showed he was playing for himself. Unfortunately for him, his weaknesses which are ample of them, were picked on by the opponents.
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