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  1. Highest bid for Harshal Patel
  2. More like Shaw needs to bring in movement in his feet. That back and across disappeared within half a season of the IPL.
  3. Made the technical adjustment and is getting rightly rewarded for it.
  4. Saini is the one who bowls the most floaters with his barrage of half volleys..Porel has out bowled all of the India A seamers on the tour of NZ and now in this game in SA. And Avesh's pace is also not that great in redball, while being nowhere near as consistent as Porel
  5. How does recently watched films list of 2021 have all of those made during the 60s and 70s?!! And I thought this thread would talk of some of the best new ones
  6. Porel is better than both Saini and Avesh. Should be brought in as Ishant's replacement on next SENA tours
  7. Its not like that. Someone like Russel Arnold has not been color discriminated why should it be for LS. Yes they would prefer better looking guys to be on camera, its the same everywhere. But then if you have interesting ideas or approach towards the game fans would love to watch you explain them. LS doesnt even have that, he is as dull and old school as they come
  8. Even though its just a sample but if its well representative of the population, then comparing with previous years, NFHS-5 metrics indicating higher financial independence for women, better sanitation facilities and electricity and mobile coverage are real positives.
  9. Trading crypto through leverage is a recipe for disaster. Investing only what one is prepared to lose is the motto and thats how it should be
  10. 2005 Ashes. That was an absolute monster of a test series. Two boxers going at it over 12 rounds throwing everything at each other...with spin, pace, reverse swing, gritty batting, attacking batting, superb captaincy...You name it, it had it.
  11. 3rd straight final for defending champs TN, Karnataka with the previous 2 wins..easily the best two LOI teams in India even without so many of their stars
  12. Pant going forward should be #3. He is comfortable against pace and will take them on even when an early wicket falls if its seaming around. And he also looks better once he faces a few deliveries. #5 is too low for him and there are lots of options to open Kishan should open and Rahul moved to MO
  13. Wont go too much into what this mental midget says, he doesnt have the guts to speak out of turn much less have a go at his masters..he is basically repeating cliches about Dravid and nothing else. Team above self yada yada...
  14. Vickydev


    Marsh, Maxwell and Stoinis are the definition of X factor cricketers. Having 3 of them playing well is cheat mode on
  15. Zaheer was smashed away to oblivion by Raina in IPL while playing for RCB....If there is no movement it is easier to take on the angle by LHBs
  16. Agree, a very well made movie indeed. The acting does go overboard though at times but apart from that cant complain.
  17. SSA is the top dog. The improvements he has made over the last year and a half is incredible. He has pulled back his lengths and has become so much more potent now, his yorkers have improved as well. Being physically gifted, if he stays injury free he has scary potential.
  18. Saurabh turns the ball big as well. He is quality
  19. They have really rewarded the domestic performer from prev Ranji cycle, likes of Upendra Yadav already preferred over Bharath..Aparajith and Sarfaraz getting their chances finally, hope they can pull off, classy players
  20. As a replacement for some of the useless bilaterals. Agree with the OP.....SL, Pakistan, Afghanistan are always going to be playing with their full strengths against us and go all out. Nothing wrong in taking on these teams as prep.
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