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    Vickydev got a reaction from Frustrated in Bring shaw movement (BSM)   
    More like Shaw needs to bring in movement in his feet. That back and across disappeared within half a season of the IPL. 
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    Vickydev reacted to Real McCoy in Thank you Test Captain Virat Kohli   
    Thank you, Virat (this is probably the first time I'm addressing him as such ). He was not a bad test captain but he had the potential to be the greatest captain India has produced. He knew he needed pace bowlers to win abroad. He backed them to the hilt only for his other idiosyncracies, biases in team selection and general stupidity to peg him down. He for the most part batted better as captain compared to his predecessors which is great and a bit strange. He is both new India and old India - new as in brash, aggressive, in your face battler, fitness freak, sledging, etc and old as in politics, team selection not on merit, making juniors uncomfortable, bollywood wife wanting a photo with the team in full regalia, etc,
    He could have been better if he selected without jealousy, nepotism, etc and made a strong core of 7-8 players that will back him up when needed. As they stand, he leaves without an heir apparent. KLR is not the one. We can speculate whether BCCI finally had the balls and finesse to ask him to resign but if you look at things as they appear, he found the right time to leave. Well done on the test captaincy and hopefully we get a few more years of improved batting to come like the one Kohli is known for.
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    Vickydev reacted to puneet28 in U19 World Cup Discussion   
    We don't let let players debut these days unless they are of a certain age. It has become like government job criteria. You need to have a minimum age before you play for India even though you are prodigy. 
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    Vickydev reacted to express bowling in The Legend of Ajit Wadekar   
    Mariyam ... that was a great read.  Loved it. !
    With so much information available these days and so much number crunching going on (  I am " guilty " of extreme number crunching myself ), the romanticism that was associated with cricket and most other sports is largely gone. Unless a bit of unprofessionalism is there, you will never see this kind of exciting happenings.
    The great Viv Richards had the habit of hitting 6s in the area where the bowler had placed a deep fielder. He saw it as a challenge and batted that way. Even in a serious test match, sometimes he took a ball from way outside the off stump and tried to flick it over mid-wicket, just for fun.
    Most international cricketers have far greater ability than they display in international or IPL matches. If you see them practice or play club matches, how much superior they are in terms of cricketing ability,  compared to the rest of us, would just boggle the mind. I remember, as a kid, Ravi Shastri giving high catching practice before the start of a match. Even with rather poor quality bats at that time ( around 1990 )  he was hitting the ball so high with 1 hand. He did it probably 50 times without even concentrating and casually chatting to the guy next to him. 
    Once I faced a club level pacer who was so quick that I could not see a single delivery. He injured one of thr openers nastily and he had to be hospitalized. I usually batted at No.5 but my Captain and Vice captain, who used the 3 and 4 spots, suddenly decided to promote me to 3 citing my supposed ability against pace.      I did manage to hit a pulled 6 just by fluke and anticipation and managed to stay unhurt that day. But if we saw this monster bowler on TV, I guess we will all laugh and call him a trundler. 
    Sorry, I could not contribute much about Wadekar as I wasn't even born when he played.
    But as I am sitting with a mug of steaming coffee in my office, on a chilly winter afternoon, I really enjoyed the yarn. Brings back lots of memories of the Unprofessional 1990s ( although your tale was from the late 1960s to early 1970s ).
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    Vickydev reacted to vvvslaxman in Rohit Sharma: I want middle order to prepare for '10 for 3' situations   
    Batting order will be
    1) Bumrah
    2) Siraj
    3) Shami
    4) KL Rahul
    5) Rohit Sharma
    6) Kohli
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    Vickydev reacted to rkt.india in South Africa A vs India A : Nov/Dec 2021 (3 Un official test at Bloemfontein)   
    Not a darter. He is Indian Herath. Guile and flight bowler. Traditional left arm spinner. Averages 23 in FC cricket. Sarvate is a darter
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    Vickydev got a reaction from Vijy in South Africa A vs India A : Nov/Dec 2021 (3 Un official test at Bloemfontein)   
    Fairplay to Saini..looked back to his 2017-18 self
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    Vickydev got a reaction from poyzzplaidwell in South Africa A vs India A : Nov/Dec 2021 (3 Un official test at Bloemfontein)   
    Fairplay to Saini..looked back to his 2017-18 self
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    Vickydev got a reaction from express bowling in South Africa A vs India A : Nov/Dec 2021 (3 Un official test at Bloemfontein)   
    Fairplay to Saini..looked back to his 2017-18 self
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    Vickydev got a reaction from Ravi_Shastri in Who is the most handsome cricketer to ever represent India?   
    Zak, Ankola, Ravi Bhai and Pataudi from the OP
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    Vickydev reacted to R!TTER in Declaration-gate II, another Dravid Conspiracy?   
    Now you're just showing your age 
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    Vickydev reacted to rkt.india in Speeds and Performances of Pacers and Spinners   
    Khush? You can't even imagine the feeling after Siraj's success, being vindicated after I had talked about Siraj being potential Indian bowler when he hadn't even played for Hyderabad. He was 21 and raw. Also got ridicule when he got thrashed in his early T20s. 
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    Vickydev got a reaction from beetle in National Family Health Survey-5: Fertility rate falls to below replacement level   
    Even though its just a sample but if its well representative of the population, then comparing with previous years, NFHS-5 metrics indicating higher financial independence for women, better sanitation facilities and electricity and mobile coverage are real positives.
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    Vickydev got a reaction from rangeelaraja in UNBIASED OPINION: India's 2001 victory against Aus or 2005 England Ashes victory - Which was the greater series and which home side deserves more credit ?   
    2005 Ashes. That was an absolute monster of a test series. Two boxers going at it over 12 rounds throwing everything at each other...with spin, pace, reverse swing, gritty batting, attacking batting, superb captaincy...You name it, it had it.
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    Vickydev got a reaction from raki05 in ICF nomenclature for Indian players   
    Pandya - (L)Au®a
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    Vickydev reacted to Adi_91 in What value does India (therefore the subcontinent) offer?   
    What India has to offer?
    Well, for starters India has a young population (2/3rds if I am not mistaken) in my age group driving a country that came back up much faster than the doomsday sayers were predicting about its economy post the start of pandemic. This country called India has defied odds ever since Independence. It had no business to be cohesive given how shamelessly the invaders had created societal divisions. But, India survived and we are still here, very much on path to becoming an economic superpower (not being patriotic but facts show this). 
    India was a poster boy of third world poverty back in 1947 (Indians below my age were dying of hunger, Life expectancy of about 27 years). It had no future, no takers, nobody paying heed to its problems. Now, this India is capable of not only standing on its own, but helping others in need. Case in point, 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, India helped her neighbours grapple with the horrific day with so many lives lost. This is called LEADERSHIP and standing up for neighbors in a hour of crisis when its own house was suffering with loss of lives. Something some big countries of the west failed to show during this pandemic even as India was battling a second and more deadly wave of pandemic.
    Sure, India is polluted, air is filthy in various cities. So, what do we do? I say, we tell people to do their bit as much as we tend to blame our politicians. India is built everyday by its wonderful citizens, businessmen who have the best interests for the country. I have seen India grow, thrive and its people still staying humble. Can't say the same about some rich countries of the west who are busy spreading infection and polluting the world faster than an average Indian does.
    I am not intending to compare, but this pandemic has exposed the hollow growth story of the western civilization and how they can crumble. India on the other hand, has shown the world what leadership of the future can be. Creating a world which is far more sustainable has been India's mantra. I have seen at a very young age what the west is and how they flatter to deceive. They are the ones who should be questioned as to what they offer to the world as they seem busy spreading the virus around and having no control over the current climate crisis.
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    Vickydev reacted to Adamant in Finally we are off.....   
    Daniel Sams, Sean Abbott and Kane Richardson won't be bowling for Australia. 
    Also The fraud might not even be picked. 
  18. Haha
    Vickydev reacted to Gambit in Sir Don Pandya (SDP) Game Changers Academy (T20WC 2021)   
    This is like naming Best Actor award after Uday Chopra.
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    Vickydev reacted to nsareen in Domestic Season starts 2021...   
    Hangargekar is 135kish which is good for a 18 year old.. I saw a video with his coach measuring it using a gun.. He is built like an OX very powerful, should be able to generate more pace if he stays fit in the next 2-3 years.
    Others are Saludeen ,Vijay Kumar , Vasu Vats, they are fast medium to me easily, looked quick through the air.. Rest are decent medium fast bowlers, it’s a decent batch of bowlers.. Thing to note is, Indian tall bowlers do not turn out to be quick , the real quick ones are shortish bowlers, it’s a trend in india since the last 4-5 years..
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    Vickydev reacted to nsareen in Domestic Season starts 2021...   
    Siddharth Yadav from UP.. Scored a massive hundred in challengers
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    Vickydev reacted to Malcolm Merlyn in Vikram Rathour, Paras Mhambrey, T Dilip set to be India support staff   
    Rathore has some serious lobby in bcci. He was selector than NCA coach than batting coach of the Indian team.

    Now entire team management is being changed but he remains.

    Not to mention that he became Indian selector despite holding a British passport.

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    Vickydev reacted to zubinpepsi in VVS to be Dravid’s replacement at NCA   
    sorry i dont have good opionion about VVS.. hearing him in the commentary and IPL this guy comes across as a dumb fk with no comtemprory knowledge of the game.. regressive and big chamcha of the establishment
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    Vickydev reacted to jf1gp_1 in Are Pakistanis More Happy That They Reached The SF Or They Are More Happy That India Did Not.   
    What sadder is how much we care about what they think
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    Vickydev reacted to Gambit in Hardik Pandya mega discussion thread   
    Robin Singh had more impact performances than him.
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    Vickydev got a reaction from Lone Wolf in Asia Cup should be played every year   
    As a replacement for some of the useless bilaterals.
    Agree with the OP.....SL, Pakistan, Afghanistan are always going to be playing with their full strengths against us and go all out. Nothing wrong in taking on these teams as prep.
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