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  1. If only Oman had held on to their catches...
  2. Khaleemullah, like the rest of Guildford 2nd XI ... ahem ... I mean Oman minus Jatinder (and possibly Aaqib Ilyas) doesn't have any timing. But now the pressure is off, and Nurul Hasan taking catches like Wriddhiman Saha
  3. If he is single, Jatinder definitely should find himself an Irish or Scottish partner
  4. Like London buses this Omani lower-middle order
  5. Any over rate penalty stipulations in the tournament rules?
  6. 50 off 4 overs. Going to need at least a boundary each over, plus one big over somewhere. Can't see that happening with these batsmen, who seem to find the middle of the bat only by accident.
  7. At least Ayyan Khan can run. Since Jatinder got out, hardly any shot has had decent timing on it.
  8. Damn it, Oman is like one international quality batsman in Jatinder and "Guildford 2nd XI" for the rest, to paraphrase our favourite 80s New Zealand all-rounder ...
  9. Oh noes! Jatinder was looking competent and settled out there. What a shame:-( To be fair, going by the kind of catches Bangladesh havd dropped by now today, it was surprisingly competent from Liton Das.
  10. This Jatinder Singh can definitely play, even if his technique is a bit rough around the edges. Reassuring to see, the player development infrastructure is certainly there in Oman. Just need to solve the problem of talent pool now to get to the next level...
  11. Interestingly, Jatinder Singh - despite not having a stereotypically Arabic name and not being born there - is very much a product of Oman's cricket system, as in he learned most of his cricket there and played age-group cricket for Oman. Must be heartening to see for those involved in cricket development there.
  12. There are many different aspects to technique. Trott and Cook for instance had very functional techniques which brought them a lot of success, but were not aesthetically pleasing. Chanderpaul's would be an even more extreme example. On the opposite end of the spectrum would be someone like Ian Bell, who was aesthetically pleasing but somehow failed to translate that into runs ...
  13. Since it said no matter how unrealistic, here's my "sentimental" XI: 1. Abhimanyu Easwaran 2. Sudip Chatterjee 3. Manoj Tiwary 4. Anustup Majumdar 5. Riyan Parag 6. Wriddhiman Saha 7. Manisankar Murasingh 8. Shahbaz Ahmed 9. Aakash Deep 10. Mukesh Kumar 11. Ishan Porel Might have get some of the lads from Sri Lanka or India to England first ...
  14. Not too sure about that -- apart from West Bengal, may be Punjab and Maratha might have a long list. The list for the remaining states might be pretty short More seriously, a reasonable approach might be to agree on a set of core topics/subjects to be taught universally in every state, and leave the remainder of the curriculum up to the individual state's discretion.
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