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  1. This match is before the WC 1983. Kapil scoring at 189.47 https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/16955/scorecard/64209/west-indies-vs-india-2nd-odi
  2. saik

    Brittle XI !!!

    Vijay Shankar
  3. For next match, I would like to see 4. Shreyas Iyer/Pandey 5. Rahul 6. Shivam Dubey
  4. Sundar should be in the LOI team instead of Kedhar Jadhav
  5. Darshan Nalkande is the top wicket taker in SMA so far.
  6. How will India enter the finals of world test championship if we play so less Test matches?
  7. Definitely a grazing field. Punjab lost 7 wickets to reach that score.
  8. My fav was 1992 and 1999. In the 90's we used to have different styles of coloured clothing for each series and tournament. We should try something similar instead of playing with the same old boring kit.
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