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  1. Sister, don't be offended. I have just pointed out their naiveness. May be my choice of word was inappropriate
  2. You can't blame rash driving, train won't run over you until you are in its pathway. Who idiot sleep on railway track, there are eyewitness and they said ,train was giving continuously horn from 2km away ,I'm not blaming them .they might be exhausted but this incident is pure negligence. You can't blame GOI .
  3. One of the finest actor in brothelwood. RIP SIR IRFAN.
  4. So is it justifiable to attacked him when he was with his family ? Hope those who support this will meet the same fate.
  5. I never understand this cowpiss drinker jib.I have travelled many rural area but yet to find one person who drink cow urine or have ever tasted cow urine.
  6. Why don't they eat their **** oohh maybe they already have
  7. Worst part is all my neighbourhood aunties in their nighties were making it ,into some cultural or festival events.I thought saala koi jagran ho raha hai
  8. All forum filled with kohli this kohli that.yesterday women's team had a great opportunity to create history but they crumbled like pack of cards ,but yahan kohli, kohli
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