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  1. To hell with this piece of @@@ but I got effected from corona on 7 October recovered on 18 October but still have many symptoms like whole body aching, constant fatigue, and short of breath whenever I talked more,I was totally terrified in diwali cause there was a lot of fireworks in my vicinity, the place become gass chamber but luckily I didn't effected.
  2. There is no single moderate Muslim as far as I know .there are terrorists and then ---'------------ ummmmm you know.
  3. Musa conceded 80 runs Musa ko zimboks ne khub chusa
  4. When your hair straight quickly rather than something else
  5. Ye kya bakch@@@di hai ,so a simple catch turned out to be some gymnastics, it reminds me DaDa who use to did summersalt in every single catch even if the catch was just throw down.
  6. Dhoni should have come up to the order ,when this backch@@I ends .ye saale chuski commentator abe it's his best strategy to escape from embarrassment.
  7. Next year csk try to get endorsements from gratuity funds and pension plans.
  8. It's fun to see all csk players huffing puffing, it's feel like some charity match with oldies
  9. It's an eye opener for KLPD fan ,he has always been mediocre and mentally fragile, even wc match after the departure of kohli and Rohit, he just needs to see off first spell but guess what he got out next over.
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