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  1. Sam Curran has problem against short deliveries,why don't they test him
  2. Sakariya should have been sent here,would have destroyed England line up twice today itself
  3. Carram Curran lijjat paapad,too hot to handle last time
  4. You need to be atleast there if there is swing,if you are well below that no amount of swing can save you,batsmen chal chal ke nikal nikal ke maarte hain
  5. More focus on power game, even that can be compensated But what would you do when there is blantant prejudiced umpiring,if im into rigging or forcing a result ,no art or skill possesed by a group of people can stop me
  6. Agreed,besides the runup constraint,it is the non compact ness of a javelin that makes sideon/knee dominance more feasible here in this manouver can't imagine throwing that thing being front on,even if they do it won't go too far
  7. How do you find their runups?true they have give it height but range as well Hip dominance is irrelevant for this kind of manouver
  8. Assume there is nothing of "hip dominant"lock and load up sorts, everything seems to be pure side on and knee dominant,more flexion,more reactioney power,arm rotation is not an issue here,thats why Bedi called most offies javelin throwers
  9. At one point of time(2013-2015) he was among top3-5 LOI batsmen in the world,had a devastating game in slog overs,i believe he was quite underrated,dare i say had all the talent but couldn't match it
  10. That was in reaction to Wahab Riaz dismissal when paxtan looked like making a match out of a 300+ run chase Riaz just got out off Starc only to troll him(that fan)
  11. First,eeeeeuggee respect to girls Sahruk and Kuli both in steep decline,one nearing early 60s another nearing retirement need bot armies to stay relevant these days
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