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  1. Polar opposite to the other thread title "Why Bhuvi is so loved?"
  2. We need wickets upfront,that is true In situations like this,it really helps,modest totals arly wickets act like boosters and induces confidence/energy
  3. It was pathetic batting,but why are we sparing the bowlers Bumrah is seen off,with Babar and Rizwan and a target like today they will always see off Bumrah Bhuvi has been struggling since 2018,still played Shami has never been a t20 bowler, We lacked bite and that was enough to put away Just like India if we had Pak 2 down with nothing they would have imploded with dew/no dew Wickets upfront matter,this has been our Achilles heels since 2017CT final,we reached a par score(with Pakistan chasing) we could have made a match out of it ,bowlers were equally shambolic
  4. Exactly,this was outright serving the match on a platter Bowlers were unable to pick one,maybe they needed this to shake things up
  5. Calm down paxtani. A paxtani should never be assured of his team's chances,so early in the tournament,never
  6. Shastri daru ke saath saath ye beizzati bhi pe jayega
  7. Yes we have a WT20 next year,we have to take hard decisions Kohli going Rohit coming in, isn't a long term solution either, Rohit himself is dreadful with the bat in t20s,you can have a look on his recent ipl stats Less said about Bhuvi,Shami the better Jadeja was a stop gap solution,treat it the way it should be Your thoughts?
  8. Slowers coming out of pacers like named above makes it even more difficult to put away in sticky conditions like these as compared to coming out of Bhuvi or other trundlers No one named Rauf here he did bowl superbly bang on target fast,did vary with slower ones if not for him India could have gone over 170+
  9. With T20 cricket being fairly fast he doesn't look relaxed or in control Whereas in tests he looks a lot more assured relaxed with time in his hand He should have left captaining India in t20s atleast early this year He is terrible with the bat as well,sad to see him decline like this
  10. Exactly,was he sent there to do what Shastri has been doing already Did he have no say on team selections? Bhuvi looked a sure shot ommision,but then he played Varun over Ashwin (i heard he was especially included for Pakistan) With Pakistan game gone what aces do they hold or this is the time to show his prowess
  11. Just asking ,can you list those blunders? I know he is clueless ,but would like to hear from you
  12. Yes,but Kohli leading and Rohit dudding around makes it infinitely impossible
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