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  1. Not permanent,they are temporary but also learnt they made a helipad there, Impossible to stay during winters
  2. They are in grey area,we used to patrol till f8 Chinese stopped us from going there, our claimed line lies there and chinese patrolled till f4,they were not allowed to go to the west side of f4 , Technically f4 to f8 is neither ours nor theirs,but they have camped there and blocked us Let me tell you about its history ,when we were busy in Kargill war in 99 our basic machinery was diverted in western border,China took advantage of it and built a road till f4,both countries troop used to patrol till f4 and f8( not beyond)untill April, Technically mere patrolling doesn't make it your area this is true for both sides,maybe we should/are waiting for winters to arrive or there is something on offer for chenes here, remember f4-f8 is disputed
  3. He is awwal darje ka fraud ,still can't reveal his sources who informed him about chinese incursion with 5000-10000 PLA troops in early May
  4. Reuters,BBC,CNN are all *ed up ,bought CCP stooges,they speak ccp's (false)narrative We should refrain from what they're reporting
  5. No ,they have been removed from pp14,they eye Daulat beg oldi,they stationed their troops their disrespecting the dis engagement meet,that was the time when CO Babu went there to do the same,but they backstabbed us
  6. Chinese have come prepared,not to back out,these chewts thought they will walk the talk and went unarmed to insure there is disengagement,never trust the Chinese and their "iron brother" porky
  7. They don't want their cpec project threatened which goes through our claimed lines ie PoK,they want India to completely ditch 370 abrogation
  8. When is BCCI/ipl governing council going to cancel Vivo's sponsership deal with it and Oppo's with national team Ganguly needs to answer
  9. I can recall one instance from last year's WC encounter against paxtan where Babar and zaman were putting on a threatening partenership and Kohli walked off due to some niggle he was seen relaxing ,Rohit was in charge, suddenly padosis went to self destruction mode and wickets went in a flurry,Kohli the insecure came out running as if nothing happened, Kohli won't let go his captaincy so easily
  10. Virat the Bollywood Kohli must be angry hearing this ,what to do to vent his anger
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