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  1. This IPL hasn't excited me at all,not once i have watched it this time,but lurk around here for you pace enthusiast guys,but seeing you guys post i can understand this has been very disappointing IPL pace wise as teams have shown extreme interest in bowlers having variations (trundlers) Has Tyagi played a single game?IPL seems to have gone reverse which will promote younsters to be Knucle Heroes,they won't stress their body for pace
  2. I never said anything about quality of his bowling,above poster mentioned about his pace ,i just talked about pace not quality,that is altogether different thing, pacewise he is one of the fastest in the world
  3. He's most unhyped pacer from Asia pacewise whom i regard as fastest at the moment from this region and that too based on longest format of cricket and not on some random 4over throwdowns
  4. Since we don't play them,there is a novelty factor with each Pakistani bowler A fast flatter googly is always dangerous
  5. Another good innings by Fakher Bowling looked innocuous,even the first choice attack had no clue where to bowl at him
  6. Tumhare jazbaat mai bakhubi samajhta hu
  7. Paddikal is good but his current version is no different from Dhawan,i expect a Dhawan like career for him in ODIs as of now,you said it right Kishan looks better in t20s We should make it clear atleast openers in LOIs should have high strike rate
  8. Currently he's Dhawan's like for like replacement Means you won't see any change if he's given an opportunity now at the top for us ,only thing is he is young and will improve
  9. Cricket is all about shot making ability now, seldomly you will find bowler friendly strips used in LOIs So this is where "hacks"will be more "consistent" in winning you matches compared to consolidators/stat padders
  10. Modern era cricket is purely about match winners,he is a match winner sure he may shine once in 15 matches but he will win you whenever he does Should not load sides with consolidators for a match winner or should be asked to change their game Really liked his innings,the way he paced his innings , well played
  11. Fakher maybe called a hack but this innings should surely motivate him , He shouldn't ever be dropped,he nearly won it Don't expect consistency from batsmen like him,it was infact a calculated innings
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