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  1. Rattu tota selectors, repeat same lines 2016,2021,2022 same story same climax Boobie getting a free ride and with every ride his stature/stocks(in the eye's of selector Shiromani Chetan Trundler Premi Sharma) only rises
  2. Im a big advocate of trying hour whole pool even fringe players before t20 wc Its a lottery format,no point of grooming one for the future In t20s,dynamics change in matter of six months,we should not be looking more than 6-12 months wrt to some guys especially in t20s Building acore seema overrated in this fast dynamic format,no one should be certainity while other fomats don't apply the same
  3. Selectors dont rate taking wickets more than fraud economical bowling (feeding off wicket taker's early strikes and not bowling in deaths) Don't need to play Boobie and Harshal together
  4. They keep on giving chances to wrong players in the name of "long rope" and can't see guys who are perfectly fit for a particular format T20 cricket should be planned with short term goals Even if you have few guys who can be your engine room for an upcoming solitary t20wc,you should take the punt and back them till that WC What if that clicks,you can't wait for a Butler/Livingstone/Gayle etc Harness the resources you have in your hands for that moment * of this process
  5. How is this sissy kela seen as leader?His timidity will rub off quite well to the side They didn't find anyone else to do the job Pandya ko hi bana dete
  6. Simple observation , The regular top 3 generally wastes 6-10 deliveries in the very beginning of their respective innings That amounts to 24-30 deliveries,that is huge loss of deliveries in this age of t20 cricket Their standbys are no different,which means selectors aren't putting their heads in this simple and most important aspect of the game Infact it has inspired most of the gen next to play anchor like innings in t20s Everyone wants to be an anchor Kl had huge potential,but he turned into a sissy consolidator, Gaikwad is no different Wor
  7. Kl and Iyer is a dreadful lineup for t20s ,given you have another batsman Gaikawad who takes 8-10 deliveries to start Indian selectors are still in 2000s
  8. Even Umran would have been selected with heavy heart from Chetan Sharma Im sure Ganguly has influenced the selection(as he loved his performance) What's this fascination with one too many trundlers,what is this hallucination that they bring control? This series will make one thing clear,ie these trundlers(no swing ,only cheap cutters) have a ceiling called IPL
  9. Barring Umran it is a Trundling attack ,hats off to Chetan Sharma,his luv for them needs special mention And Umran won't be played What is Boobie doing there?
  10. Pant is no kaptaani material he should let go his Captaincy Major redflag for Senior side selectors not to see him as potential leader or a Dhoni in him His potential should be harnessed to the maximum by playing him free as a player
  11. Just because he's LH we can't have one who is infact inferior to current Dhawan I haven't seen any dominating innings from Paddi even on belters yet
  12. Suhaan

    wanted captains

    He's following and that's why getting pathetic with each day
  13. Butler mhara Rajasthani Sher
  14. No better,he compensates it with his middle overs ultra slow batting Ruturaj atleast can accelerate,most Indian batsmen are susceptible against left arm incoming delivery Not fan of both,but Paddikal looks quite unfit for LOI cricket
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