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  1. Maxwell will find someway to gift his wicket to Dube to push this fraud in our t20 setup
  2. No matter how bad he bowls Kohli seems blank while operating with Umesh,no wonder he will start in first two tests with Umesh in Australia as well
  3. What to say Year 2020 has been such.... RIP Legend
  4. Nalkande no chance,even Siraj has almost no chance playing ahead of Umesh/Steyn
  5. Atleast he brought you here Nevertheless he bowled well
  6. Yaar t20 hai,no bowler gets spared It was more like Thalas 3 sixes yesterday when it was already lost, didn't mean he still is the best finisher he once was Match was won, Bumrah dropped guard against Cummins, didn't think he will hit him for 4 sixes
  7. What do you think brother,being his first match,will he get back to his high pace ?
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