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  1. He was already getting into groove slowly, bowled few deliveries above 145 this season coming back after 2 years Zip depends on nature of pitch too,being short he will need bare minimum bite to extract something If gets back to his regular pace ,his wicket to wicket line will be handful
  2. There is one Abhimanyu Singh Rajput plays for Baroda 22 years old Can't predict anything as of now?But is a good prospect ,has decent technique,have seen him bat up the order for Baroda iirc he came at 4,5 to bat And bowls with decent pace too He can develop his loi game too,look how well Pandya has evolved as a batsman
  3. But Natrajan is very disciplined and has variations,and has most promising performance for a left armer currently, don't see any other left arm option currently Khaleel needs to be consistent with his pace and doesn't need to overthink like Ashwin used to do Even Natrajan is quite consistent with his pace atleast in lois I like Sushant looked sharp this u19s more impressive than other left armer Akash,he too ahould be groomed, looking forward to IPL scouts to pick him for some franchise
  4. Shami is greatest Asian pacer pure skill wise,wish he had played more tests to stake claim This is my view,he is more devastating
  5. Kohli PR is working day in and day out to somehow make him the focal point of our success in Aus 36 all out is one legacy he left behind after building a "fast bowling"culture
  6. Quality or no quality Pakistani players should never ever be allowed in IPL Do we need them? No Do they need us? Yes So they are out in need,so they must be the ones who should be making sure,they don't hurt our interests,civilians, bravehearts,it is the only condition to fulfil Is it too much to ask from a so called "civilised" nation?
  7. Tyagi is in scheme of things but Im not sure about Prasidh Didn't he play in any A games to get into reckoning of any sorts?
  8. Jamodis generate more revenue for hosts so BCCI might be trying its level best to recover its losses from 2020
  9. So are we playing bilaterals at home at the same time? I didn't read the article,i thought they have asked to push or scrap Asia cup Ok. During these times squads are generally 20/20+,will mean having 2 squads of 20 each
  10. Kohli will make sure England have a chance with his ridiculous selections
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