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  1. If you think anyone who doesn't follow Kohli's way can stay as the coach, you are deluded. Look at what happened with Kumble.
  2. Said it earlier. We can play more matches this way and test our bench strength. There's more pressure and focus on results when you're playing for India than playing for India 'A'.
  3. They vote for Modi because the opponent is Rahul Gandhi.
  4. What do we gain? A bunch of butthurt ICFers.
  5. There's tennis ball leagues that draw better crowds than state-level games. Popularity isn't the problem.
  6. Probably to make a case for himself for the Test series which will be in England in August.
  7. England still has the club system where they try to sign foreign players to get more memberships and sponsorships. BCCI doesn't care if they play domestic games in empty stadiums.
  8. It's a catching problem if he does this in domestic or IPL too. He doesn't. Again, making a big deal of a small sample size.
  9. In the same comment you're talking about "droping so many catches in short career" and then complaining about only taking small sample size instead of seeing the whole career. Look at Iyer's catching in his whole career instead of small sample size. Who knows? From next series, his catching might not even be a problem. Either way, pretty stupid comparison with Rayudu, who's a much worse ground fielder than Iyer.
  10. And yet you have no problems doing that picking out stats of Iyer's dropped catches. Did you see Iyer batting in this T20I series? So you agree he should be in the T20I team then?
  11. Iyer is like Rayudu because they both drop catches, even though there's 21 runs difference in their strike rates? Next you'll say Pant is like Parthiv Patel by comparing their wicketkeeping.
  12. If you want proper comparison Rayudu has ODI strike rate of 79.04 and Iyer has ODI strike rate of 100.74.
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