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  1. Iyer doesn't play selfishly like Rayudu. He goes on the attack when he can unlike Rayudu who just wanted to stay not out and pad his average.
  2. 5'6". About 7" taller than Sachin.
  3. He will make for a decent commentator when his playing career doesn't work out.
  4. Pune Stadium is the most posh out of them all, even than the new Ahmedabad Stadium. Crazy how people underrate it because the construction of the 3 upper tiers was left incomplete.
  5. Moeen will turn into Murali on this pitch.
  6. In 2006, BCCI signed a 5-year deal with Zee Sports to air 25 ODIs per year in countries like USA, UAE, Canada, England, Singapore and Malaysia. That deal went sour, but should BCCI try that again? Obviously cricket rights for India's matches rake in big money. They already make big money from their deal with Star Sports for their home matches. If they hosted matches overseas and sold the broadcast rights and sponsorships in a separate deal, they could earn huge money from that as well. Especially now in the time of T20 cricket. You could host T20I matches in all these places, get g
  7. With the Punjab heavyweights missing out on the playoff spot last season, the KXIP think tank was expected to release some of their household names prior to the upcoming IPL mini-auction for the new season. As per the latest developments, the Punjab giants will reportedly unveil a new name and logo before the start of the new season. According to Sportskeeda, the Punjab-based franchise will make an announcement before the IPL 2021 auction on February 17th. Talking about the IPL mini-auction, Kings XI Punjab have enhanced their balance purse to INR 53.2 crore after releasing the li
  8. Sure but beating India in India is a much bigger deal than beating them at home.
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