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  1. If they truly cared, that's what they'd do. Families who have lost their sole breadwinner are not comparable to a sporting body that makes billions of dollars.
  2. I literally have "from India" in my profile name, a name that I've been using since 2010 in multiple forums of various genres, yet supposedly I'm ashamed of my nationality. Like I said, if you actually had done something for those families that you show your fake sympathy for, you would be talking about it with pride. But you couldn't care less about them.
  3. Hilarious, considering you have been responding to me this whole time, but what you can't do is prove what you do for the soldiers' families that you bring up when you argue against playing a cricket match. That's because you've done nothing for them. Your patriotism is all an act. First do something for them and then take the moral high ground. Until then, your words of sympathy for them mean zilch.
  4. You continue to avoid answering the question. Fake patriots getting offended over playing a cricket match but wouldn't actually do anything themselves for the families of the soldiers that they keep bringing up.
  5. If you indeed care about our soldiers and their families and did something truly meaningful to help them, you would be talking about it with pride, not seeing it as something that needs to be "proven". But it's pretty obvious you have done nothing for them which is why you keep avoiding the subject in every comment. Like I said, fake patriotism. You don't care about our soldiers.
  6. I can share a copy of my passport, but you will still keep dodging the question just like you did now and prove that your sense of patriotism is all fake.
  7. What have you done for those families on a personal level? How much have you donated towards them? What effort have you taken to make their lives a little more comfortable after losing their loved one? Focus your efforts on that. You won't though because you don't really care.
  8. I'm not talking about Scotland, Netherlands anyway. Like I said, I think they should try to develop cricket in poorer countries like African and Southeast Asian nations. I don't see IPL helping develop players from Scotland and Netherlands anyway so it won't make a difference. Lower-ranked nations need to develop players who are versatile and can play all 3 formats well, rather than produce players who can slog a few in T20 but get bundled out in 50 overs and Tests.
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