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  1. Kohli has failed to build a strong batting line up to support the top 3 because he gave chances to has-beens and never-will-bes like Yuvraj and Rayudu. He's a poor judge of talent. They had a good thing going with Kuldeep and Chahal and he ruined that because he wanted a deeper batting line-up.
  2. #ChinaGetOut Powered by Vivo lol.
  3. I thought so too until I searched @ChennaiIPL #cricket #iplauction on Twitter. I don't know what moron they put in charge of their official social media accounts.
  4. No. We just need a decent middle order.
  5. Rhodes as a fielding coach is overrated. I don't remember any team's fielding improving drastically due to his coaching.
  6. Don't know why people expected any different. Women's team is not that strong. Probably would've lost the semifinal if it wasn't a washout.
  7. What people outside BCCI say means nothing. By that time, Kohli will already be an old guy. He will keep people happy winning meaningless bilateral series until then. If it's not Ganguly but "his ppl" then Kohli will be safe. He would have to fail both home and away to lose the captaincy. They won't drop him if he has such a strong home record but losing big ICC knockout games.
  8. From who? Fans? TV experts? Kohli will go back home and win bilateral series after bilateral series and you'll be bombarded with stats about his great record as captain and this will go on even if he does poorly overseas and doesn't win any ICC trophies. Ganguly? Lol what is he going to do? He's only BCCI President for 4 more months. He's going to do nothing in that short amount of time. He most certainly isn't going to drop Kohli as captain. Even if he does put pressure on him, before he knows it, his term as President will end and Kohli's reign will go on.
  9. Even world class bowlers like Sylvester D'Souza and Sagar Udeshi.
  10. Bechare club level bowlers.
  11. I can bet you there will be no pressure on Kohli unless he feels the guilt himself and gives up captaincy. He'd have to fail in both home and away bilateral series to lose support of BCCI. He's the biggest player in the Indian team. Look at how BCCI are protecting Dhoni's reputation by not making a strong statement about dropping him even though his best days are clearly behind him. This will go on with Kohli until he's 37-38 and just like Dhoni he will continue to be captain until he gives it up himself.
  12. Not gonna happen. You should know this by now. Kohli the captain isn't going anywhere unless he himself quits. The only time they'll get captaincy of India is against the likes of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh (if Rohit isn't playing).
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